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Thank you Russia! It’s nice to see what “Mission Accomplished” really means

by Scott

Dear Auntie, Victoria,
Please send more money now so we can fight the Infidels
[or at least run back to Sweden].
Allen’s Snackbar

Europeans have their “values,” Russians have their principles. Russians genuinely believe that morals and ethics cannot be calculated in terms of prices and values. While the Westerners are bargaining with their “values,” the Russian are standing up for their principles. This uncompromising stance for principles like national sovereignty, and trade without sanctions, makes the Western elites go barking mad.

Just like 500 years before, the Western elite keep beating two dead horses of the Western hegemony: religion and ethnicity.

The Pope’s September visit to the US clearly shows that the locals were not familiar with the Catholic Church. They knew that the Pope was some sort of celebrity, they just didn’t know in what movie he acted. In Washington, a predominantly Muslim black community just mostly ignored him, like they ignore any old evil white man. In New York, it was like an episode of Sex and a City, Mister Big Comes to Town. His visit to Phila was like an episode from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, called The Gang Meets the Pope.

The Pope should know better than to pop up in an old Quakertown like Philadelphia. The security was so over the top and in-your-face ferocious to scare people away. With the clear contempt for its own citizenry, and a hidden contempt for the Vatican, Philadelphia authorities did everything in their power to keep pilgrims from showing up for the Pope’s visit. Either that, or they read my ramblings about an outdated Philadelphia sewage system. Either way, they build an actual Pope cage around Center City. It took hours for the very few Catholics to get in. Many of them were left outside. Somebody claimed that by using images of the crowd, they estimated the pilgrims numbers being between 80,000 to 100,000, while the law enforcement claimed that they had 800,000. Why? Because the city needed to justify the cost of the security operation, paid for by the minuscule city budget.

200,000 Irish held separate Irish Day in Atlantic City, New Jersey the same weekend. Why didn’t they make their pilgrimage to meet the Pope? Because to be Irish for them is more important than to be Catholic. And don’t let me started on the Philadelphia restaurants that overbought produce and stayed opened, while no one came to eat. An owner of one popular restaurant compared the Pope’s visit to the devastation that left by the hurricane Sandy, in terms of his restaurant’s revenue.

There were, however, people who couldn’t wait to meet Pope. They are called “Western trained moderate opposition.” It’s a new buzzword for NATO mercenaries destabilizing countries and regions. I kid you not. In chat rooms and on twitter, Daesh terrorists are talking to relocating to Europe. I would say that some of them are going to end up in Rome, while the others in Ukraine, considering that Kiev junta has made an announcement that “Ukraine is ready to take part in housing refugees.” Being a part of Europe, warts and all.

Russia Gets Real, Pentagon Freaks Out, Jihadis Head for Germany
Russia gave the U.S., NATO and their mercenaries 60 minutes to get out of Syria.

Most of the Jihadis … are frantically shaving off their terrorist beards and heading for Turkey and ‘safe passage’ to Germany” writes Joe Quinn

Due to the Russian presence in the Middle East, the US and EU mercenaries are saying “let’s temporarily leave Syria and move to Europe, where stupid unfaithful sheep will give us a place to stay and money.”

Jihadis Head for Germany? Surely that should read, Jihadis are heading back home to Germany. Of course, also to the UK that has “sent” tens of thousands of Jihadis, as have nearly every EU country, and not to forget the thousands from America, Canada, and Australia. As for those who came from Russia, the Russians say that they will be dealt with on the Syrian soil.

Good news, many British, German and French families will get their members back. Yes, those “children” who went to the Middle East to serve as “Jihadists,” even though everyone understands that they are not jihadis anyway, but a mercenary army. Why do you think so many Europeans and Americans joined Daesh/ISIS/ISIL? For the climate? In search for antiquities? Because they were bored? To topple Assad? Assad has done nothing to them. They are, “gastarbeiters,” who went to these remote battlefields for a good pay, and with apparent promise of safety. With the Russians coming, the Western mercenaries are going back home.

The last batch of 70 ‘moderate rebels‘ (Division 30) trained in Turkey turned their weapons over to Al Nusra and quit last weekend, right after they returned to Syria.

Their commander issued a statement on twitter explaining their actions.
Statement: “U.S. = bullshit”

It’s time to start listening to Muslim clerics, who lost their voices and got blue in the face repeating that Daesh version of Islam is nothing but a sick parody, one that only the enemies of Islam could cook up. ISIS is as Islamic, as Nazis in Germany were Christians.

ISIS essentially is a production of some Hollywood studio, like Mickey Mouse and Spiderman.

These two articles are for comedy:

Too Scared to Pray? ISIL Cancels Prayers for Fear of Russian Airstrikes [source]
“Friday prayers postponed!” The ISIS terrorists in Raqqa, their “capital,” are so afraid of Russian airstrikes, that they cancelled the Friday prayers. All the mosques are closed, until further notice. ISIS “has started to implement a plan to turn off electricity in a number of areas of the city when planes are overhead.”

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense Facebook page,
Islamic State fighters are in a state of “panic” and more than 600 have deserted [source]

People are asking some questions:
First, the Su-34 fighter jets use satellite intelligence, why bother the population with turning off the lights?
Second, who provides ISIS with electricity? The US “coalition”?
Third, why would “jihadists” cry and panic, when they see bombs dropping from the sky?
Isn’t it strange that, during the years of US “airstrikes,” they did none of this and generally moved around with impunity?

Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to introduce in Syria Chechen special forces to fight terrorists and mostly to look for those Chechens, Ukrainians and Georgians who sold themselves to Uncle Sam [source]

Islamo-fascism and European democracy, what do they have in common? Xenophobic rejection of other cultures.
This past week we witnessed the battle of speeches at the glorified Toastmasters International club meeting, a.k.a. the UN Assembly.

During the President of Russia’s speech, the Western part of the UN Assembly looked like they came to celebrate the funeral of their favorite cat, while the Eurasian representatives couldn’t hide their satisfaction, as if this dearly departed cat was peeing into their shoes far too long. In a staring contest between the delegates and Bibi, the Prime Minister of Israel blinked first. Most likely, he was thinking about these his people, who always hold his feet to the fire.

The Kiev junta front man, Poroshenko’s call to give him even more money was met with a stone faced silence. Obama in his sulking fury announced the US intention to support “good terrorists” against Assad, Russia, and Iran, shattering a narration of the U.S. “war on terror.”

To help Obama to find his footing, “Moscow is preparing a UN resolution proposing a coalition against the Daesh.” Will the United States expose its cheating hand by voting against it in the Security Council?  You betcha.

Just today, to get back to the Afghanistan government for talking to Russia and Iran, the U.S. bombed and incinerated the large hospital kills at least 9 doctors and 3 Children, Calls It “Collateral Damage”

Putin’s Global Game Changer

After the speeches, Putin and Obama sat down for a nearly two-hour conversation, after which the US president could not even rouse himself sufficiently to emerge to speak to journalists. The Russian president conducted an exhaustive press conference on his own. [source]

• Incumbent PM Yatsenyuk is more likely to be replaced by Sergey Lyovochkin, former head of ex-president Yanukovych’ administration and member of “Opposition Bloc”
• Kiev admitted that it had committed war crimes in Donbass:
• several stories on this topic appeared over the course of a single day in the Ukrainian media, from the admission that Oles Buzina had been killed by commandos from a special forces unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,
• to an acknowledgment of crimes committed by “territorial” battalions
the resignation of Evelyn Farkas, the Pentagon’s top official overseeing military relations with Russia and Ukraine.

The ”policy makers” really act based on their Personal Agendas
Among all these important changes, the ousting of Evelyn Farkas should be addressed with the attention.

Acceding to Politico, this neo-conservative and ultra-liberal opinion shaper:
“She has advised three secretaries of defense on Russia policy, providing steady counsel on how the U.S. should respond to Russia’s aggressive actions and has been deeply involved in securing $244 million in support for Ukraine,” the official said. “In addition, Evelyn has brought fresh thinking to Southeast Europe policies — supporting Montenegro’s interest in joining NATO, expanding defense cooperation with Georgia, and increasing multilateral cooperation with the three Caucasus nations.”

Another senior defense official said the administration would likely have a hard time finding a replacement.

Evelyn Farkas is a lieutenant of the American Security Project, co-founded by John Kerry.  Don’t ask me how the Secretary of State can also run a lobbying company.

Politically, she has been a twin sister of Victoria Nuland, an Assistant Secretary of State who is known for the trail of carnage she leaves behind wherever she visits a country or a region.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas authored a curious book, Fractured States and U.S. Foreign Policy in Iraq, Ethiopia, and Bosnia in the 1990s. According to her publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, the book answers questions like “When does the US support partition of a warring or failing state? Why has the US supported partition for some secessionists, or irredentists, but not for others?”

Farkas is called to be one of the “essential US officials in the continuing standoff with Russia over Ukraine.” In a testimony last year before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Farkas took a hard line on Russia, promising to deepen the “crisis’ that she and Nuland among others midwifed: “As the crisis deepens, our European allies and partners will look to the United States to demonstrate resolve and to reinforce solidarity across the continent.”

That answers why these ladies invented this “crisis.” To make the Europeans to look at them longingly. Would the current askew glances qualify?

Some random “conservative” blogger called Farkas ousting being “The Most Frightening News of the Year.

What just took place is the ousting of just one member of the neo-con cohort of strong American Jewish women, like Nuland, Powers, Farkas, and Yellen, who has done everything in their power to push the world towards the total conflict, and thus contributed enormously to the rise of the New Russia.

An old pal of mine kept marrying women who were not Jewish to the great chagrin of his mother. First, he married a Russian woman. When, after years of bloody ethnic conflict, Russians got finally fed up and left, he went straight ahead and married a Dagestani woman. Upon meeting a hundred or so of her new Dagestani relatives, his mother called her former Russian in-laws and told them they were relatives and should stick together and help each other. Everyone, myself included, asked my pal why would he torture his mother like that, and why wouldn’t he do what she wants, which was to marry a Jewish woman. His response was, first, she doesn’t know what she wants. Second, growing up he was so traumatized by his domineering, crazy, evil mother (his words, not mine) that every Jewish woman remands him of her. Just a thought of getting intimate with any of them is like getting in bed with his mother, makes him want to puke and run.

He shrewdly manipulated a crowd of Dagestani Muslims into intimidating his mother into staying away from his new family, so he can get some peaceful existence. Speaking of intercontinental politics playing out on a personal level.

The European and North American countries let these strong and smart women run their foreign policies in regard to the Eurasia, the Middle East, and Russia. And run they did! They have been running foreign policies like their own families: with the iron fist, xenophobic sociapathy, and biological hatred of everyone, who is not of their blood.

We have to thank all the Jewish women, including John McCain, working in the U.S. government foreign offices and defense, because without their tireless efforts to insult the Russian people, and to antagonize the Russian politicians, and to bring down the Russian businesses, Russia would still be a sleeping giant.

These women brought to the U.S. foreign policy their signature toxic portion of white trash bullying, lowbrow ignorance, and racist intolerance that turned the American international image into unmitigated disaster.

In short twenty years, they manage to turn the USA into a laughing stock of the entire world, hated by many, and despised by all.

My dear comrades, people matter! Behind every law, behind every war there are individuals with their personal agenda and personal set of believes. It’s time for us to stop addressing our woes to the faceless mechanisms of power like the State Department, or Bundestag, or Knesset, and to hold an every individual involved in policymaking to become personally responsible. Then the world might get a chance to survive.

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