Translated and captioned by Leo.

A few months have passed since the end of the World Cup, which our country hosted. In the Western media, enthusiasm from the fans subsided, and the dull anti-Russian propaganda began again. But it is being countered by ordinary foreign tourists.

A couple of Britons – Katie and Robbie – started an online report on Twitter from their journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. Katie, however, due to British education, is calling our railway miracle the Trans-Mongolian Railway, but we will forgive her.

Interesting, of course, is not the knowledge of ordinary Europeans in geographical names, but how their published photos and videos tear both Western and domestic liberal myths to shreds.

One myth, for example, says that “fine food is only in Europe.” The Briton categorically disagrees.

“The food is amazing! It’s all fresh and homemade.”

Apparently, the British call everything homemade food whenever it is not fast food. Our people are accustomed to real homemade food, routinely arguing with Russian Railways (state company) for bad cooking and prices. But for the British, the dining car turned out to be a gastronomic paradise.

There’s a whole series of tweets with photos of food and tea in branded cups with cup holders.

Moreover, it is often in contrast with the scenery outside the window

to emphasize the comfort of the Russian train.

Another myth that yelling idiots like to make is “the Russian service is terrible.” Let’s hear from the British tourist.

“And here’s Elena, the lovely woman who runs our carriage – here she is giving us ice cream. The staff are wonderful! She works with her husband Igor – he’s been so nice to us.”

“People are asking and it’s the most amazing thing we have ever done! Please can British Railways hire Igor and Elena – they are wonderful.”

That is, it follows from the tweet that the British staff was not close by human qualities. What a horror. Angry orcs inhabiting Russia, and in every way oppressing parmesan-loving elves, were able to be liked by the tourists. Here’s another. Judging by the faces, there are obvious “vatniks” (Ukrainian slur for Russians).

No, not the one on the left. On the left is a Briton named Robbie, Katie’s favorite tourist man. But here is, by the way, the confirmation of a non-myth, and the true truth that getting involved with Russians in terms of war is not worth it.

“It’s pretty chilly outside. Minus 31 degrees Celsius apparently. And there’s men smoking in SHORTS on the platform!”

I can not help but remind us of Theresa May’s Christmas greetings to the British military, allegedly they “protected the waters and the sky from the Russian invasion.”

Did she even see Russians? Well, these ones who smoke in shorts at minus 31 degrees? Judging by everything – no. Maybe at least the tourists Katie and Robbie can tell her when they return.

“And sometimes you see a road or a person and you can’t believe it. How did they get there?!”

So it turned out, Katie. Exactly how tomorrow, thousands of Russian paratroopers could end up in London, if they are ordered to. And no chattering from May, and no “protection” from the British military would prevent this. But our country is very peace-loving, and the rulers of Britain know this very well, although they say the opposite in words.

I’ll tell you about another myth, which the British tourists disproved, and perhaps, we’ll finish on this.

“And yes – we have WiFi. The train is really modern, clean and well equipped. We’re watching War and Peace on an iPad! When we’re not watching the view.”

So wait a minute. But after all, there is no life outside the Moscow Ring Road, which means there can be no Wi-Fi. There’s supposed to be only the crooked black huts, and also crosses on which the crows sit. It is every creakle that absorbs a mother’s milk.

It is terrible, terribly unexpected to find out that Russia has changed a lot since those times, the ideas about which are tirelessly broadcast in cozy places by “people with good faces.” But who will they find out from, the British themselves? That is, carriers of European civilization, who, however, do not know the name of the railway on which they are traveling, but now they are sure that Russia is beautiful.

However, to learn this, you must stop reading the London newspapers and stop listening to Theresa May.


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