I am posting this video with the following caveat: please try to overlooks/ignore PJW’s phobia (in the sense of hatred and the sense of fear) of Islam.  PJW is absolutely correct when he says that Islam is on the rise, but then he goes on to repeat the Zionist canard about Islam being a threat to the West.  It ain’t.  Zionism is. Besides, the only truly dangerous form of Islam – Takfirism – is federated, organized, financed, trained, supported and always rescued by, you guessed it, the AngloZionist Empire.  If the Empire just left the Muslim world alone it would deal with Takfirism by itself, far more rapidly and effectively than (what) the West (is pretending to be doing).

But that is not something PJW or, for that matter, Alex Jones are ever willing to mention and this is why these two are objectively aiding the Zionist narrative about Islam and the West.  It is also very characteristic that in this video PJW mentions the French author Eric Zemmour who is currently the living embodiment of what Alain Soral correctly called “National-Zionism“.

Still, this video is interesting because PJW makes a very good inventory of what is really taking place in the West today.  Oh sure, PJW is, just like Jordan Peterson, is first and foremost a reactionary who is an apologist for all of Western civilization, including the most horrific phases.  Just like most Americans don’t hate war, but hate losing wars, so do PJW and Jordan Peterson not have capitalism or imperialism, but they hate to see then lose.  Big difference!

Anyway, check out this video, if only to see that an apologist for Western civilization like PJW sees the same trends as folks like Dimitri Orlov or, for that matter, myself.

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