The presidential debate has generated a lot of comments here on The moderators have read many different views. The moderators all found this comment by  TooLegit2Quit well worth reading, it one of the many responses to Saker’s Debate rant. It is being published in Commenters Corner for wider readership.

Comment by TooLegit2Quit

I have somewhat of a different take. While I generally agree with both Saker and Pepe, that Trump performance (in content) was a bit of a disappointment. I must confess I did let out a long sigh a of relief when it was over.Ahead of the debate my main concern wasn’t if Trump was gonna win it or not, my main worry was that he was gonna come out, guns blazing and completely make mince-meat of Hitlery to the point most people, particularly the press, would have deemed it to be over the top and cruel.

Top this with a perhaps completely overwhelmed and hyperventilating Clinton crying, or fainting in front of the cameras on live television, and voila! The already established meme that Trump is a nasty piece of work and a bully would have gone in hyper-drive and that’s all we all would be dissecting and talking about right now.

Let’s not forget: Clinton is a woman (she always plays the woman’s card, and she did it at this debate too), she’s tiny compared to a towering Trump, and now the public also perceives her as ‘frail’ because of her health issues.

All those points gather sympathy from the viewers no matter how much they might despise the woman or not. They can’t help it, it’s a natural human response to side with a seriously disadvantaged opponent. Pit a frail old man against a lion in a gladiator arena, and I can guarantee you, no matter how much the audience might be comprised of die-hard animal lovers, they won’t be rooting for the lion, let me tell you!

This is my theory of maybe why… Trump advisors told him to go easy[ish] on Killery, and to definitely mind his mouth.
If that was indeed the case, sadly and reluctantly, I have to agree with them. It would have been a major PR disaster for Trump if he went medieval on her ass, because no matter how right (or wrong) he was on the issues, the press would have ignored those and concentrated on his ‘rude’ delivery and/or harsh tone.

We’ve seen this before when they constantly misquote him, for example; leaving important key parts totally out of the conversation.

Like… Trump comment [paraphrasing] that he wished the Russians hacked Killery e-mails, because that’s the only way the American public would get to know what she’s up to (or words to that effect). The comment was obviously made tongue in cheek – and we all know a good tongue-in-cheek comment is only effective when it carries a degree of truth, same as sarcasm – never the less… the press run with the story that Trump was a Kremlin mind-controlled Manchurian candidate.

This last part ties-up with Pepe’s article about this debate, where he highlights Clinton saying: “words matter.” Well… to me it sounds more like a threat on their part.
Meaning… words matter and since the entire establishment is behind me, not you, we can take your words and make them mean whatever we want them to mean.

After all wasn’t this Pentagon guy recently saying… [in regards to the bombing of the UN aid convoy] “The Russians are responsible for this strike whether they conducted it or not.”

[First found that quote here, but I’m sure a lot of other sources picked up on this]
Top US General Warns Syrian “No-fly” Zone Means War With Russia

I mean…. do we understand the far reaching implications of such statement? It means; whatever the US says – goes. Period.
And whether the Russians (or whoever we point our exceptional little finger at) are really to blame for whatever we hold them responsible for …if what we’re saying is true or not, is immaterial.
We call the shots and that’s that.

This is the phase where psychopaths, typically – after grooming and duping their victims with their fake charms – like to expose themselves for what they truly are.

What can I say… Putin better start to dump a bunch of his Political Scientist advisors in favor of hiring the best Psychologists and Psychiatrists he can get his hands on. And fast!

But to close, the main point I’m trying to make is; these are the same “people” the Trump campaign is facing, and to be fair… I don’t blame them for their treading carefully at this point.

There’s a whole mine field the other side already laid down in front of them, one false step and they’re gone.

Can we all just drop the BS and finally admit that is the most dangerous game of chicken EVER played? Millions if not billions of lives hang on the balance. I’ve just had about enough of snarky remarks about the state of the decrepit western culture, the western economy that is forever about to collapse, but it never does… the elites running scared, the various officials being “incompetent” and clueless about what they’re doing, the panicky ‘empire’ not knowing what to do while Rome burns… (etc)

And I tip my hat to Lavelle last Cross Talk episode [for those who follow my comments, you will know I’m not uncritical of him when I disagree] but his last show was one of the most mature [and therefore: most realist] he did so far.

Let’s hope, in the mist of everything else that is going on simultaneously: like, earlier today’s RT breaking news about the US threatening to break-off diplomatic lines with Russia on Syria, or the Dutch-lead MH17 investigation releasing their so-called new findings, which so far… seem to be pointing their fingers at, who else? But Russia… Plus… reports about Gulf States arming the Syrian revels whether they’re moderates or not with manpads capable of taking down low flying aircrafts… I’m hoping, flag-ship programs like Cross Talk are finally getting serious and down to business.


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