Okay, it appears that the Dutch voted “NO” on the association wit the Ukraine.  RT says that exit polls report a 64% “NO” vote.

That is the end of the entire Euromaidan project.

Either the Eurobureaucrats will accept the result and act on it or they will have to declare it “only consultative” and ignore this result.  If they do that, they will further discredit the entire enterprise and the blowback of that will be even worse.

Frankly, at this point the Europeans would be better off to use this vote as a pious excuse to forget this entire episode a dump an already semi-dead Ukronazi Ukraine.

As for the people in the Ukraine, they will probably begin to realize that they have been totally had by the Europeans, badly, and that absolutely nobody needs them or cares about them.  Welcome to the real world!  Sorry for the pain, but you should have used your head before believing in all sorts of self-evidently delusional fairy tales.

The Saker

UPDATE: this is how the BBC is reporting the result of the elections – in small letter, at the bottom of the page, under and article about France banning sex for money, and even “reject’ is in quotation marks :-)

See for yourself:

BBC about Dutch vote

Don’t you love the BBC?


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