First, two headlines:

Logical, right?

That is also probably why EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is now threatening the Russian military with annihilation (apparently, Borrell does not realize that the EU has no armed forces or that Russia can wipe out the entire EU in a few hours).

In the meanwhile, in the indispensable nation, land of the free home of the brave, city on the hill, leader of the “(non-)Free World” and of the Axis of Kindness, the official “inflation sits at 8.2% as core prices hit four-decade high“.  Hmmmm…  How can one deal with this?

Why!  Send billions to a genocidal Nazi regime of course!

State Duma deputy, political scientist Oleg Matveichev cited statistics on the extent to which the West supplies Ukraine with armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition and ammunition. “As of today, Ukraine has received military aid worth 41.3 billion euros from various countries. The absolute majority – 27.7 billion – was given by the United States, and quite gratuitously. These are not loans, but direct support. Great Britain – by 3.7 billion euros, the European Commission – by 2.5 billion, Poland – by 1.8 billion, Germany – by 1.2 billion euros,” he listed. (source)

Logical, right?

In the meantime, the FSB has pretty much figured out how the explosives which were used by the Ukrainian GUR were brought into Russia: by using the Istanbul grain deal of course!

In the meantime, Russia has just released a new map of the country with her new borders and regions:

We can be pretty confident that this is a temporary map as Banderastan get’s further demilitarized and denazified.

Now the “world community” as “represented” in the UNGA does not like that map or what it stands for.  Does not like it at all, in fact.  So, predictably, “U.N. members vote overwhelmingly to condemn Russia’s annexation in Ukraine“.

This would all be truly hilarious if it was not so evil, hypocritical and dishonorable.  This is also very dangerous as the countries which participate in this farce are all showing either 1) their true allegiance to the AngloZionist Empire or 2) their total lack of courage.  Which means that they are not only removing themselves from any real negotiations, they are also painting themselves into a political corner from which they won’t be able to get out again.

To put it differently, the EU nations want to regime change Russia, which means that Russia will have to regime change them.  That is also what “denazification” and “demilitarization” means!

Of course, the example of Serbia, which voted against Russia, shows that a comprador regime never represents the interests of the people it rules over.  Besides, votes and declarations by non-sovereign states mean absolutely nothing.  The only vote which counts is the vote of countries with actual agency and sovereignty.

In conclusion, I will just repeat here what I have been writing for years and which I still believe to be true: Russia should simply forget about the West (at least for a decade or so).  I mean, of course, Russia needs to be fully cognisant that the West will continue its total war against Russia in every conceivable manner short of a direct and overt military attack (and some hyenas and former empires are even capable of that!).  And if the West wants to buy something from Russia – by all means!  Russia did not create these idiotic sanctions and she sure has no obligation or reason to enforce them against herself.

But the future of Russia is in the South (Mediterranean, Middle-East, Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, etc.) the East (China) and the North (the Arctic, the Northern Route, the Russian Northeast).  Russia is also making major inroads with various Muslim countries who, each for their own reasons, are really getting fed up with the infinite arrogance and incompetence of Uncle Shmuel and seek to collaborate with Russia.

As for the West, it is turning itself into a pile of compost (“Non-binary students up 582% in Maryland school district“) without *any* need for Russian assistance.

Why interrupt it?


As always, I will leave you with some week-end music.  Today the topic is “how to make something absolutely beautiful with something extremely simple?“.  The following compositions are all based on extremely simple basic elements, yet the end result is amazing in its lyrical beauty and even complexity!  I hope that you will enjoy this “simple” music.

First, Pat Metheny in a superb live version (old video, sorry!) of “Are you going with me“:

Next, John McLaughlin playing “Lotus Feet“.

And, finally Philip Catherine‘s superb “Homecomings” in two different versions:

Electric version:

Acoustic version:

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