by Larchmonter445 for the Saker blog

Ramzan Kadyrov, President Putin and the Moral Sensibilities of Russian Society are the targets du jour of the Rabid Russophobes and the Khazarian-American-Rothschild Globalists. Sanctions and outrageous cultural warfare are the weapons flung against these targets.

The RRs and KARGs have been working assiduously in all sectors of Russian society, especially Media, Athletics and Arts, to achieve the destruction of these men and others, as well as to uproot the cohesive unity of Russian nationhood. These Hybrid War tools of remote manipulation are headlined as Human Rights and Sanctions, the new “Rules” that Russia (and China, but that is for a later exposition) violates.

We see the devastation of Russian Athletics with completely fraudulent doping charges from the corrupt IOC and WADA, the discredited agency of lies and fabrications of “evidence”. Perhaps, in a later article I’ll dismantle that brew of Canadian and U.S. paid for calumny. But, its work is done. Russian athletes have been smeared and tarred with accusations without proof or due process.

The intent is clear. Destroy the self-image of triumphant excellence and post-facto ruin the Olympics of Sochi when all their efforts including war in Donbass could not stop its greatness in real time.

In the arts, what we have today is an onslaught of urine, feces, menstrual fluids, and laws (the Rules) passed by a totally corrupt American Congress, pronouncements from the various UN resolutions of the General Assembly subsets, and the enormous MSM of the West, owned and operated by and for the RRs and KARGs.

The first big sensation was the Crucifix in urine. That began with Andres Serrano, American photographer, Moscow, December 2005. An aberration? No, it was the breakthrough for the hybrid attack on Christianity. Testing Human Rights, no less.

Pussy Riot in Orthodox Church where they sang an a cappella version of a song entitled “Holy Sh*t” at the cathedral.

Importance of this cathedral? The Christ the Savior Cathedral hosts part of the Holy Tunic, a robe which is said to have been worn by Jesus Christ before his crucifixion.

Primary target for Pussy Riot is President Putin’s relationship with the Orthodox Church.

The Pussy Riot used the crude epithet “Sran Gospodnya“, which has been used to translate “holy shit” in Hollywood movies, but is rarely used in idiomatic Russian; it literally translates as “shit of the Lord”. They later explained “It is an idiomatic expression, related to the previous verse – about the fusion of Moscow patriarchy and the government. ‘Holy shit’ is our evaluation of the situation in the country.” They referred to Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I, as a “suka” (bitch) and accused him of believing more in Putin than in God.

Then there is Natalia Poklonskaya and her defense of Nicholas II who is defiled in the Russian film “Matilda”. She has condemned the film and worked to prevent its screenings in Russia.

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Here are her charges against the production.

The trailer insulted Orthodox Christians and even Muslim residents of the North Caucasus;
— Russia is presented in “Matilda” as “the country of gallows, drunkenness and fornication”;
— the purpose of the film to make a “Russian Maidan”;
— the main character look like a rat;
— Lars Eidinger starred in porn;
— the wife of Nicholas II shows the hysterical witch;
— “Matilda” discredited Russian saints;
— screening of the film will cause the Apocalypse;
in “Matilda” a lot of “Hollywood scenes”, including shows bare breasts ballerina.

She is mocked in caricature art. Of course, obscene with a dildo replicate. What else?

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The highest art forms of Russian culture are savaged. The ballet, just recently, in honor of the greatest male dancer, Nureyev, offered a sensationalist rendition of the dancer’s life and loves with other males, adorned with full frontal nude Richard Avedon photos.

Then recorded in the world’s press as heroic art honoring forgotten or forbidden “heroes” of Russia. A ballet dancer without peer, but not a hero by any measure. Except to the RRs and KARGs.

One might suppose that consuming bodily fluids of another male that carried AIDS virus was somehow “heroic”. Or perhaps being impaled and inseminated with the deadly spores was patriotic. That of course is the Western culture’s new Rules to live by.

Only the deviant and pathological could construe Nureyev’s greatness in his personal sex acts, active or passive. Thus, the NYTimes immortalizes the abomination in its review.

I would post photos of the performance but the reader might be at a meal table.

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As for Ramzan Kadyrov, declared by the RRs and KARGs the menace of LBGT and minister of torture who is President of the rebuilt and resplendent Grozny and generally peaceful Chechen Republic of R.F.:

This “monster: has been rescuing women and children from Syria and Iraq and reuniting them using a clever (and obvious to the sanction-slingers at U.S. Treasury) trick. He asks people to search photographs of refugees and imprisoned in Syria and Iraq, in camps and jails and hospitals for signs of their missing. Then he arranges for their safety and transport back home to family and village. The absolute terror of family reunification! Quick, Sanctions!

Added to that is his advance of millions of dollars to rebuild mosques destroyed in Syria by godless radical terrorists paid for by the RRs and KARGs and their security agencies and militaries. Imagine the dastardly human rights violations of rebuilding houses of worship.

And then, the red berets of the Russian Military, the Military Police—many of whom are Chechen’s Spetsnaz integrated into the full military police units, most of which are now led by Kadyrov’s men. These Chechens are inserted into the big cities and towns to liaison with the locals and, as Sunnis, create an easy bridge with the vast majority of Syrians. Trained to Kadyrov’s standards of loyalty and self-discipline, the military police have made 2500 reconciliation agreements and vast swaths of De-Escalation Zones (DEZs) work to end the Syrian war for tens of millions of Syrians and all the great cities of the nation. (One can easily see how this is a violation of human rights, fostered by Kadyrov, no?)

The dread of having powerful men as security assurance, self-disciplined soldiers, whose honor and integrity is unquestioned—well, this is an abomination to the West.

America and Europe has no equivalent force. Their troops rape children in Africa, women in Okinawa (sometimes killing the unwilling females who resist the Exceptional hegemonic fornication by force), and generally fail to secure peace anywhere.

I can’t think of a single place, since WWII. Dominican Republic, Haiti, any African nation, any Asian nation, nowhere in Central Asia, and South Asia. Where the hell has the US and its vassals or the UN done a clean, honest job of peace-keeping or policing? But Kadyrov is the problem for Human Rights?

The RRs and KARGs are sucking for air. They are hypo-ventilating at the thought of a man of dignity become emblematic to young Sunnis beyond the Chechen borders.

Not only is there Putin’s image and reputation as savior of the Middle East and Syria, but now there is Ramdan Kadyrov who is a superhero in the flesh to women and children and Imams and believers, all of whom want peace and friendship with Russia.

“May God Forbid”, the godless RRs and KARGs pray aloud, and wail at the thought of another good Russian on the world stage. Sanction this bastard! And demonize him in every way possible.

Merry Christmas to all. Especially, to all believers whatever your Faith.

Putin and Kadyrov have come to town. And they are bringing Peace, Truth and Joy to many tonight. And putting lumps of Donbass coal in the stockings of the Rabid Russophobes and the KARGs.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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