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By Thorsten J Pattberg for the Saker Blog

For Asians, The Reward For Letting America Rule Is Erasure

In case you haven’t read Part I where I was balling with “China Studies,” it’s here. This Part is about “the Iews and US World Domination.”

So it was 2003, and I was perfectly fine at Fudan U in Shanghai at first—no American agents, no German coercion, no British profs shitting on my Hanyu plan.

The Chinese may be embargo-crippled poor, but—in a Buddhistic sense—they are also the freest sufferers on the planet. I know the lying press tells you the exact opposite, but I trust my eyes and guts: This place, Shanghai, with its pollution, harlotry, and endless partying, is the most uncommunist, anti-authoritarian host imaginable.

Iconoclasts know that the whole Communist hoax was pushed by the Iews and their helpers. I mean, even the Chinese communists read Iewish Lenin and Iewish Marx. It’s all Iehudah revenge for being repulsive, ugly, and hideous. Just look it up in the History of Communism, please.

The gaslighted and ideologically lobotomized post-Qings of the Manchurian denomination—they put a Qing woman into power, smoked British narcotics, and bodged to answer the simplest question: What is a Chinese?—were easily swayed away from and toward that new Iewish chic that promised to take revenge on Christianity and everything that is but remotely successful and works. The Chinese copied the Iewish Menu of economic collapse and mass starvation for three main reasons, I think: a) to torture treacherous Christian and/or pro-Western Chinese elites, b) to fight the Japanese devils who also thought they were Western elites, and c) to liberate Zhongguo from the White Man‘s Rule, racism yes, but not if the Iews say it isn’t.

White Man had overthrown Qing China, it is true. The Boxer Rebellion had all been about slitting Christian throats. Traitors sided with Christianity. The Japanese were on the way to becoming the best Asian Christians: “Go ye and make disciples of all nations.” [Matthew 28:19.] Nanking, Beijing, Shanghai, and all of Manchuria (Qing) were sacked by Imperial Nihon‘s God People. It was only a matter of time before the Iews said No. No, we don’t want any more 600 million Christians in China, and the Chinese Junzi [rulers] said also No, and the Chinese Communists now said No-no to organized Christianity.

We recall that Confucianist China—and less so Buddhist China—had been thoroughly Westernized by wave after wave of European and later American missionaries in the 1700s. They even claimed that Kung-fu-tze prayed to God and knew about the Flood. So of course the Communists took this “Christian abomination of Confucianism” and drained it down the revolutionary toilet of maokeng.

The entire Cultural Revolution that followed the exodus of the Christians and foreigners in China (1949 to 1976), with now the psychotic Communists sitting there among themselves, however, was bad and had ‘mental torture’ written all over it. It was alien. I just say: “World Government,” “Confiscation of Private Property,” “Dear Leaders” and “Community kitchens.”

That was in the 1970s. The worst is over. In the 2000s and 2010s, Shanghai people still live like mongrels, waddling down Haidian Lu in moo-moos or pajamas, eating duck feet, spitting, farting, and taking out their babies to poop on the sidewalks.

Then you have the newly rich capitalist class. They have even worse manners. They just cannot wait in line, cannot recycle trash, and they keep flashing their fake status symbols—German cars, Swiss watches, American fast-food—while half a mile down Maoming Road in the gutters lay the beggar kings and their deformed kids with heads the size of Turkish watermelons.

Chinese cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Chongqing resemble American ones, such as Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. The filth is endemic. There is unimaginable material wealth, too; it just so stays in the hands of the very few “super victims.” Tens of millions of faceless climbers. Chinese hives exude the survival of the fittest, so much unlike the ordered welfare states of Europe. I would say that Europe is more socialist than socialist China. Marxist-Leninist “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” is probably on a pre-18th Century France revolutionary level, plus modern technologies, of course, I am not blind:

I say it again, Chinese Socialism now stands where Europe stood before the French Revolution. It has no enlightenment. For example, China still has no full concept of “the individual” and “a full salary.” Cadres, servants, and peasants are all dependent on their feudal masters for instructions and for making a living. Those feudal masters are the Communist Party of China or CPC. Within the Party-State, everyone is free to use their guangxi or connections to find more streams of income, as well as to freely exploit the ranks beneath them. The State manages politics and the economy like a dajia—a Great Family.

Shanghai is an international trading hub. Cultural exchange is tolerated. Since there are so many foreign boutiques with their Omega watches, Gucci bags and Tiffany And Co. accessories on display in Nanjing Road, however, one should know two things about them: 1) this is Western money laundering [Western cartels “write off” overseas expenses, “buy” their non-existent collections to European prices, and claim millions of Chinese customers did it], and 2) those very few Chinese who do buy Western luxury items work for overseas companies and pay with Visa or Mastercard.

Nanjin road

To foreigners, Chinese society must appear lawless. A German consul once remarked that Bavaria has more regulations for lowland bovines [the common milk cow] than China has for the health and safety of her people. So next time you read in the Western lying press that China is oppressive, remember that the ordinary Chinaman is free to eat dogs, bats, and stinky tofu.

Getting a visa for China back in 2003 was child‘s play. I got mine at the Chinese Embassy in Edinburgh, Scotland. I just mumbled ‘Student‘, and they said ‘How many years?’ If a Chinese student wanted a German visa, however, the German consulate in Shanghai would have him cross-examined, deposit tens of thousands of euros in a designated German bank account, detail family relations, birth certificate, school certificates, civil status, employer consent, reasons for departure, show an invitation no longer than three weeks old, and present a German national as legal ombudsman. And to abuse the applicant financially, the Germans force him to present all his documents translated by a consulate-accredited translator and notarized by an attorney with Berlin credentials, which for a Chinese student costs a little fortune. Ah, and yes, the Chinese applicant has to buy plane tickets and book accommodation in Germany for the time of his visa stay in advance, and present the bookings to the wicked consulate. Western powers can‘t help mistreating Chinese applicants. It is a fact.

Unregulated China was wild China, a Wild Wild East. The ‘Chinese Dream’ was not yet born [that happened in 2011], but it felt that getting ahead in life was possible. Here in the Southern regions of China with its palm trees and monsoon seasons, we met gold diggers from all 200 countries and regions: the most beautiful specimen in the world as well as some of the ugliest; as well as millions of foreign students, a million of hustlers, artisans, artists, writers, and an unsurpassed cesspool of strange talents [go and read Larry Romanoff].

The sages of Beijing are a thousand kilometers away and hold little sway over the Yangtze River Delta with “Shanghai as its mouth that drinks the ocean.” Some call Shanghai the Pearl of the Orient. Others, casting pearls before swine, call her a prostitute. Shanghainese are the descendants of the Jiangsu River people. They are smaller in stature than their northern [Mongolian] brothers. Beijing people are as tall as Spaniards, on average, and Dongbei people come as huge as the Germans. The British and American slave traders in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries mostly trafficked Guangdong people to the West. The Guangdong people came to be known as “the Cantonese” or “the people of Hong Kong.” They are on average smaller than the Jiangsu people, think about “Bruce-Lee-size,” but no less skillful, resilient, and cunning. This early phase of colonialism gave Americans the false impression that all Chinese were Hong Kong dishwashers.

If there is one group that is smarter at money-making than Cantonese, it has to be the Shanghainese. They are loud, assertive, and cunning. They even speak a cunning language, Shanghainese: harsh, unintelligible, and racing like a pigeon.


The Communists and the Iews are anti-European, this much is correct. The Communists and the Iews want a world peasantry measured by languid Iehudahs, which is definitively not in the interest of Europe and Christianity oh no. So the Europeans spread the rumor that China was against Christianity ALL religions, and that all Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, and PhDs in Political Science should fight her.

If it can be believed, China tolerates all beliefs. She has millions of Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian places of worship. Unlike the crooked West, however, China wisely separates the Faith from Government.

Japan has a Shinto government; the government says the Tenno Emperor is a primordial fish.

Germany until recently had a Merkel government; the government’s name was the Christian Democratic Union.

The Vatican has a Roman-Catholic government.

Great Britain has a Crown-Church.

America has a White “King’s Court” House with a clear Zionist overhead: Both the Democrats and the Republicans serve Israel first.

It is plain as bread that Western governments lie about their religiousness. They may say it is NOT about Faith. But of course, it is all about Faith. Always has been.

World leaders

Since China is one big family, many family problems are solved privately. China historically needed fewer courts, laws, and outside interventions. It also needed fewer police forces than most Western nations. The police state, if you mind looking it up, is a Western invention.

China has one crime though that does not exist in America and Europe: corruption. Corruption is not a crime in the West. In China, it is: Heads roll, shoes shrink, and dynasties collapse.

The corrupt Bushes and Clintons and Bidens of America would be in prison if they did the things they do in China. In a good year in China, six hundred thousand (!) corrupt officials are punished, sacked, or executed. If a state official cheats the People, the People will destroy him. This variant of fa or justice is unthinkable in America where everyone is corrupt, including lawmakers, lawyers, and presidents. As for Europe, well, the French Revolution with its guillotines and purges of corrupt officialdom is a distant memory now. The corrupt European Union with its unelected European Parliament, since its inauguration in 1952, never had a single anti-corruption sweep. None. As to the corrupt regimes in Rome, Berlin, and Paris—well—they serve America, NATO, and Wall Street, collude with foreign interest groups, and frankly couldn‘t care less about their disposable citizenry.


We now know, in hindsight, that the Western Imperialists and the Faith never intended to create a multipolar or multinational world order. That includes de facto everyone in the West, all Popes that there ever were (Benedict XVI, Pius IX, John Paul II…), all Conquerors known from the history books (Napoleon I, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Queen Elizabeth II…), all US presidents, all US secretaries of state (John Hay, Dean Acheson, Henry Kissinger…), all economic planners and even our most pre-eminent thinkers (Kant, Hegel, and Joe Biden).

There were no more surprises in China relations than there were rivers flowing upstream or days when the sun was flipping a bitch. That one direction of the hunt, where it had to go: from the hunter to the prey! We know the intentions of all those Western leaders for a fact, because a) they wrote it down, and b) we‘ve never seen a Chinese leader doing crazy things in turn like bombing Cardiff or burning Kensington Palace.

With matters of facts out of the way, Imperialism has now returned to Asia. Britain was sacked by the Americans, and Germany and Japan were US colonized, yes. Still, even as mere ‘Lieutenants of the Empire’ they still feel big, act up, and think China was a cupcake.

Carving up China

US military mobilization in the South China Sea tells us that this time the West will throw at China all it got. Washington is mobilizing Berlin and Tokyo as the fall guy and the henchman. While VolkswagenDeutsche Bank, Toyota Group, and Mitsubishi Industrial Bank [and hundreds more] seem to do business in China independently and freely, they are effectively coordinated by Washington and US Foreign Policy. Berlin and Tokyo are vassals of the Empire, and their alleged “international companies” are constantly being smacked around by Iewish law firms and the perverted US iewdiciary. And since America not only makes the rules of the hunt but also prints the money, Anglo-Zionist financial cartels such as BlackRock, Vanguard, SchwarzmanMorgan Stanley, or Goldman Sachs now “manage” most of Germany’s and Japan’s private wealth and savings, too.

 Ordinary German and Japanese people believe they labor for “national pride,” as if Amazon Germany or Amazon Japan worked in their best interests. That is not so: The USA ruined the Japanese economy in the 80s, and the German economy long before that. And ever since the USA negotiated a trade corridor to China‘s vast resources in 1978, Washington lost interest in Germany and Japan, these two suckers. The relative wealth of both Germany and Japan stagnated. All new technologies since then have happened in North America. And so what if the Japanese had smart toilets? What were the Japs gonna do with them, invade California?

Forty years later, Washington is using his colonial Lieutenants as proxies in this all-out war on China: containment, isolation, and regime change. And if Berlin and Tokyo failed to engage, there would be painful repercussions. You never hear much about their wellbeing these days, but in all earnestness, they are finished—mentally and physically abused. In Japan, nobody can afford a house or a kid anymore. In Germany they worship Black cocks and the genocide on Whites. They also invent new laws to protect the Iews from saying anything mean about them.

The Chinese, meanwhile, took Iewish money but wanted to split profits 51 to 49, you know, for “the Great Family,” or even, God-forbid, for “partnering up with the Iews, replacing the useless Brits.” This was something not even the Soviet Union under Communism had tried. Frankly, the audacity of the Chinese both shocked and fascinated our planetary planners. Saying that you are as much a Iew as any Iew without being a real Iew amounts to antisemitism. So the Iews said we manage China alright, but the delusional Communist Party of China has to go!

In the 2010s, the Americans moved in. Full-blown take-over. Either China abolishes its government, or it will be sanctioned, ruined, and erased. It is American World Hegemony or World War 3. China, your choice! It cannot be stressed enough: American cartels have plans to dominate biotech, communication, space, weaponry, chemistry, lawmaking, environment, food, energy production, culture, language, and education… IN CHINA! Then America would steal China’s resources in self-defense. The audacity! You might roll your eyes, but only because you cannot comprehend it. You were not supposed to say or even to think it, but only a few biological aberrations are born psychopaths with the desire to torture and kill millions of people, and you are statistically not one of them. It takes thousands of years to evolve mind control. The great manipulators once lived in Europe. Now, most live in America. And from here, they think of nothing else but world control. Try to think of that. You can’t even! And then they steal America’s resources, too, and abort your children, again in self-defense. And now you know who you are up against, and what your chances are.

The timing is right. Such momentum we probably see only once or twice in a thousand years, like when the Europeans raped, then killed, all Neanderthals; or when the Europeans raped, then killed, the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs; or when the Europeans made the desert people celebrate white Christmas. World Domination is so close at hand, don‘t you see it?

Once the Great Raid is accomplished, language becomes meaningless. There will be no quarrels over words or the meaning of words. Take “democracy,” which has already become pointless, because everything the Iews do, say, or want is democratic, while everything the Iews do, say, or want to be not democratic will then be nondemocratic.

In Communism [or Socialism], everything the Communist leaders do, say, or want is communism—until it isn‘t, also declared by Communists. The breakdown of the mind occurs when thesis and antithesis equals… the thesis. It will be as if the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain collapsed into each other, and our farmers retarded us back into plants that the Iehudahs then feed to their goats. You didn’t know that the discontinued fungi in the wild were once a retarded tribe, did you?

“Globalism” is another term that has lost all meaning. Just like “Universalism.” You cannot be NOT global or NOT universal. It makes no sense to say something or somebody isn’t global or universal. Immanuel Kant never left Königsberg. The United Nations was always in New York. China was always in China. Everybody is global and universal on the globe and in this universe.

Question for Finish Nokia, Why are you in China? To take over the Mobile Phone market in China of course. Question for American Citibank, Why are you in China? To operate banking operations for the middle-class Chinese of course. Question to Swiss Nestlé, Why are you in China? To take over key Chinese food supply and the dairy industry, may I?

Luckily, those foreign Imperialists were repelled. China built her own champions such as Huawei for Mobile Phones, ICBC for banking, Yili for dairy products. We could give hundreds of examples where Western take-over in China failed. US eBayAmazon, and Uber may have destroyed their respective native industries in Europe and Japan, where regimes are corrupt and regulators are afraid of being rated antisemitic anti-democratic. But not so in China, where leaders would be executed for selling out their own Renmin, their People.

Below are images of what you see when stepping out of a Japanese subway station:  American SubwayMcDonald’sKfCMarvelNetflixStarbucks, and DisneyiPhones everywhere. And the supermarket shelves are stacked with Heinz ketchup, Pepsi cola, and Kellogg’s pops. Japan has zero manliness left. All manly men were killed by Americans in the War. Japan is pretty good, tough, at drawing cartoons of little sexualized girls that look like European preteens.


Now you might say, the Empire is magnanimous and allows Japan‘s regional managers to manage Sony. Well, the Sony Group is just a legal name for a large sector of the Japanese economy that functions as an appendix to the US global entertainment industry.

All US colonies are given something to do: German Bertelsmann Group is doing digital media not for Germany but the US Empire. Even smaller Western colonies have huge responsibilities: British Shanghai and Hong Kong were given the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Cartel Corporation or HSBC. First Shanghai fell back to China, too bad, so HSBC was suddenly just Hong Kong British. When Hong Kong also returned to China, HSBC was quickly called back home. It had always just been a fake [Asian] Colonial front and always belonged to the British Empire. Same in the US colony Taiwan and its Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC. Feminist Tsai Ing-wen was asked to touch his darkness, upon which US Donald Trump pumped up the hype of “democracy chips” from Taiwan, the “largest freedom manufacturer in the world.”

Think. According to the United Nations, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, there is only one China, which is the People‘s Republic of China. But this would make TSMC a China firm. Washington would never allow this. TSMC is a fake [Taiwan] Colonial front and will always belong to the US Empire. All colonies of the Empire are given certain tasks, like forging rare metals or digging diamonds, or laundering money in that region almost tax-free. But nothing belongs to the people in those nations, and local hires have no say in running those fake [National] Colonial front operations.

Did you know that German and Japanese are not even globally recognized languages? Isn‘t that phenomenal? According to fake wealth reports forged by our unselects at the World Economic Forum and the World Bank, those colonies are… What rank was it?… the world‘s 3rd and 4th richest economies? They must be very influential, right?

They are not. It is all a lie. Know this: If the Germans or the Japanese have anything to complain about their US occupation—the perils of the ‘Human Hierarchy’, illegal Killer Drone Strikes launched from Ramstein US military base, massive US coercion of Japanese officials, election meddling—they have to file a report in perfect American English [of French, for the German Rhine valley cunts]. A German or Japanese document has the same legal force as one in Zulu or Swahili—none.

The distribution of power among nations in the only world we have is not linear but gaussian. Japan and Germany may take 3rd and 4th place in forging $$ for the Empire, but Berlin is 1000 times more powerful than Japan because Germany is more West than Japan. As to the distribution of power in the Human Hierarchy, that distribution becomes poisson. A Poisson distribution or “the winner takes it all” is a perfect rendering of nature’s lottery and the horrifying inequality in stating what we all experience, namely that 10 million samurais are not equal to the loss of a single child of Solomon.

Chinese documents, on the other hand, have some serious legal power. Mandarin could be a winner if it wasn’t for the weak Chinese leaders who never enforce it. Mandarin is one of six (sometimes eight) official languages in the United Nations. China can say ‘NO’ to American take-over of China‘s film industry, music industry, game industry. Any Chinese court document could halt traffic in North America, yet the Chinese have no courage to do it. The Americans, however, are ruthless. They abuse American power, taking tiny Asians over a barrel, and dictate to the planet American names, brands, and binding definitions. The US colonies, meanwhile, have no choice but to order everything that’s on the American Menu, and eat it. The last time a Tokyo governor said “Japan Can Say No” was in 1989, upon which Wall Street collapsed the Japanese economy and initiated the 1990s most horrible and prolonged recession. Some spare time linguists have calculated that the German and Japanese slaves spent 800 million years combined lifetime on monkey-aping the language of their American masters.

So the Iew-beaten Germans and Japanese hate the Chinese for their sovereignty. It is a primordial, vicious hatred. It is the hatred of vicious savages. It is the savages in Plato’s Cave who killed the only man who freed himself. It is the savages of Communism who would rather purge 20 million wholesale than spare 1 single freethinker. Every new year that passes when sovereign China sends another man to the stars or builds another aircraft carrier, it kills the Japanese from the inside. Hatred will lead to war. In 2022, Berlin dispatched Eurofighters and a Bavarian warship to the South China Sea. Tokyo loved it. Washington cheered it: One asshole wants to team up with another asshole and prepare for war with China. The US High Command in Tokyo ordered its German subordinates, led by Lt. General Ingo Gerhartz, to immediately apologize and fly American F-15 fighter jets next time. Don’t you dare show up with self-made Euro-trash, Lt. Kraut! BUY AMERICAN! This really happened, in September 2022! And in a subsequent, larger-than-life exhibit of absolute submissiveness, the General Kraut cut off his thick doedel and handed it over to the US Boltons like abused Theon “The Reek” Greyjoy on the telly show!

When you are reading this, the German soul has been sold. Most East Germans watch US television dramas [HBO‘s ‘Game of Thrones’, AMC‘s ‘Breaking Bad’…]. Meanwhile, the Americans have cut Germany off from cheap Russian energy and Chinese technology. American hedge funds have bought hundreds of thousands of housing units and are manipulating the housing markets from Berlin over Frankfurt to Munich. But fear not: “The world will know that free men watched Netflix ‘The Walking Dead’, Season 11!

All information is now American. Europeans and Japanese hear nothing about the other 7 billion human beings, except through the US lying press and US fact-checkers. The Empire has only contempt for China that doesn’t abide by the lies of Reuters and Associated PressDeutsche Presse Agentur, German Spiegel, British BBC, The EconomistCNN, MSNBC, the Atlantic, Newsweek, and The Financial Times. They all publish the Master narrative: Germany and Japan are [slave] model colonies. China needs to become a US partner vassal, too:

 Embargo the CPC regime and tap the 96,000 Communist Party members, destroy their reputations; patrol China’s coastlines, remote islands, and key ports with nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, and two trillion dollars worth of mobile battle groups. This is America. For humanity to heal and coexist, America would have to leave the planet. There is no better solution for mankind.


Let us talk about the China-Hands a bit more. The China-Hands are the bridge builders from the Western shore. They see clearly that they are building a one-way bridge, though, the bridge of Western world dictatorship. There is nothing on this bridge that was designed to favor China or work for Beijing as a partner of equals. Listen to 6000 years of the human experience: There is only one Chosen people, and it is not the Han Chinese! There isn‘t even one single Chinaman in God‘s holy scriptures. Listen to the past 400 years of Western crimes. Trust your guts. Trust the guts your mothers gave you: The Americans have encircled China with 8,000 nuclear warheads and crop-killing bioweapons. They have used them before, you know. They are going to use them again.


Cryptically described as the ‘New Pivot To Asia’, America has subjugated the yellow races. There is no doubt about it. Taiwanese people were given US Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo emails, Twitter handles, Facebook accounts, Linkedin profiles, Youtube karaoke. They were given the choice between US Microsoft or US Apple software for all their writings, complete with a USNSA(National Security Agency) surveillance back door. As a US token of greatest reciprocity for their sacrifices to the Empire of Lies [and Sanctions], Taiwan people were just asked to acquire $14 billion worth of US Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Harpoon torpedoes and all those US weapons to kill incoming mainland Chinese.

And how does the US explain the military occupation of Chinese Taipei? By saying Chinese are subhumans, but not your type of Chinese who buy our weapons, silly.

This is utterly diabolic, but it is just the way the West conquers: The demons dispatch skilled agitators and missionaries, or sometimes just march in with 1300 “China Experts” in tow [Ronald Reagan in Shanghai, 1984], spread the Iewish victim disease, and thus endlessly provoke the place [the Tiananmen Massacre Psy-Op, the Holocaust in Tibet, the Jasmine Revolution, the Umbrella uprising, and so on], in the knowledge that soon the owners of that place must react. No sane person can take Iewish abuses forever, or tolerate the lies and the horrible subversion of order, nation, and family.

We are falsely told, back in the West via the Iewish mass media, that our poor human rights journalists in China are endangered and that we have to dispatch several battalions of “China Experts” to protect Iews associates all over the world and remove the leadership of that shitty land, Zhongguo, steal their Chinese women in self-defense, and install a pro-Western puppet regime that rubber-stamps US Mickey Mouse and Captain America.

“Imperialism” is bad, they say, but only in the textbooks. In the real world, we are told by the media, it is the will of the people and the glory of democracy. In this invigorating spirit of necessary conquest: Everything we read about Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet is Western propaganda warfare. If you read China News in the West, it will make your blood boil. This is intended so.

It started again in 1979 when the US government under Jimmy Carter established diplomatic ties with China’s earth and soil, not with the Chinese government. That was the first insult, right to the face: The Carter government called it “establish relations with the PRC.” The PRC is China the soil. The US government, from the very opening of this new historical chapter, did not recognize the Chinese government at all, which is the CPC. Can you imagine the pain from such brutal diplomatic… bullying? But the Communists took it! Deng Xiaoping said something to the effect of “it doesn’t matter if the cat is neutered as long as it catches mice,” or something like that. Do not know. But the Chinese subduedness was once again very remarkable.

To be sure, the Iews had been away for some time during the Mao era, but now they were back, and immediately claimed that a Iew named Sidney Rittenberg had been Mao’s advisor during all that time, AWESOME! Western missionaries returned to China. The languid Iews rolled in. Milton Friedmann for monetary policy, Henry Kissinger for foreign policy, and Zbigniew Brzezinski (married to a Iew) for Soviet isolation. Harvard‘s Roderick MacFarquhar (married to a Cohen) and Ezra Vogel for fake ‘China Studies’. The Iews in New York kickstarted the Dalai Lama and made him visit Iewish concentration camps. There was great euphoria. China was taken off the list of worst countries, and now had always bravely fought alongside America against the evil German Nazis and Japanese War-Criminals, and even saved 20,000 Shanghai Iews as if that was no big deal, respect! Remember that the Communists met in 1912 in Shanghai for the first time and founded the Party? Me neither. The Shanghai Iews now say it was they who drafted New China, but were then suddenly put on trains. [Good luck winning that argument.]

Mao and Jews

The restart of relations indeed rocky: The Council for Foreign Relations, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Davos Forum, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Form, all run by Anglo-Zionist supremacists, had a harder time than expected in assimilating China. Beijing joined the World Trade Organization only in 2001. And it was only in 2007, when the 20,000 Shanghai got their holocaust museum. But then again, the US Iews loved Chinese communism so much,… just NOT the delusional CPC con brigade. To the real world rulers, for the true founding fathers of Christianity, it was only a matter of time before the CPC regime collapsed [countdown in 1981, 1989, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2012, 2022…meh]. It is unbelievable but true: The US is grooming the renegade Colonial puppet regime in Taiwan for its eventual return to Beijing.

The next outstanding mention should be US Hollywood run by Iews. Hollywood specializes in fake stories, revisionist history, and mass formation. The film studios and movie bosses just loved China. Imagine Steven Spielberg‘ holocaust epic Schindler‘s List (1997) being played in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai over and over again. That said, the CPC was immediately suspicious of US propaganda, not just Iewish ideoloation but also the glorification of war, sex, and degeneracy. The Iewish studios were given quotas. Worse, the rest of America accused the Iews of helping Communism. Hollywood played both sides: the Chinese regime was called antisemitic undemocratic, and Western critics were called antisemitic racist, same thing. [It always amounts to the same.] You can read about the Communist-Hollywood love affair. They mostly hired writer Iews for writing praise for the film Iews. Just consult Erich Schwartzel‘s ‘Red Carpet Hollywood in China’.

Next is Western scholarship and education. Since 1945, the six million Holocaust survivors were obsessed over rewriting the histories of, in chronological order: Egypt, Rome, Europe, the Middle East, the Soviet Union, and soon the Republic of China. They had already managed to rewrite US science disproportionately Iewish. And they planned on doing the same to history, literature, and ideology. We are now informed that “Cristobal Colon” was a closet-Iew Columbus whose 1492 voyage was financed by Spanish Iews. They just pretended to be Christians, which served two purposes: 1) to slaughter American-Indians and blame it on Christianity AND to blame the Spanish Inquisition for making them lie. This might sound ridiculous to some readers. Can they do that? Can they just assert that any historical person that was European in reality was an agent Semite? Sure they can. You have no idea.

During the Cold war (1949 – 1991), Iewish scholars gradually erased the stand-alone term “Christian,” because it was deemed anti-Iewish. The revised European tradition is now a group-think, for Christianity and Iewdaism are intertwined and inseparable as the new ‘Iewdeo-Christiany’ and its Iewdeo-Christian heritage. This was fantastic because so many elite Christians could now also become Platonic Iews on account of their new Iewdeo-Christian co-identity. In the past, writers had to marry Iewish women (Iewdaism is passed through the maternal lineage) in order to command massive global notability, and/or engage in homosexual acts with Iewish boys, like Nobel Laureate Thomas Mann. Somerset Maugham was clever enough to be homosexual Iew AND insert Iewish characters into his novels.

While in world academia you had to be of Iewish lineage (Einstein, Freud, Darwin, Marx, Kafka, Adorno, Arendt…), it became increasingly more possible for bigots to enter the Iewish establishment if they were willing to prostrate themselves before its cause. Take Ernest Hemingway, who became the “First Man of American literature” for inserting a Iew into his first novel who kills fascists. Max Frisch got his Nobel Prize for his ‘The Andorran Iew’, later republished just ‘Andorra’. Hermann Hesse was Lutheran, but was driven enough to know that the Iews own world literature, so he wrote heaps and piles of what his biographers later called “unequivocal support of Iews and against German antisemitism.” That won him the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Famed Günter Grass wanted fame desperately, so he wrote about the terrible sufferings of Iews, Sinti, Roma,… and about German guilt. In post-war West Germany, a pro-Iewish portfolio was essential for any artist. But Grass really stood out as a shameless opportunist and mainstream writer sans principles. The regime promoted him like no other, and he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999. But there was a blot in his curriculum: Grass had also been a shameless opportunist under the Nazi regime. When he was 17, he joined the armed Hitler Youth. Now, what to do? Apparently that wasn’t the death sentence of his career once we understand that the Iews need a constant flow of sinners and scapegoats. Mr. Grass was sentenced to lifelong atonement and, starting in 2000, was sent on a tour of penance across America and through the entire Anglo-Zionist press. Eating humble pie for years and years and apologizing for Europe’s collective guilt was far more important than his writings ever will be. [This is also career advice.]

And this was just the emergence of a Iewdeo-Christian Europe. Now the Iews and their helpers had inserted themselves into all branches of power and influence in the New World, too. And the Christians of America, to say the least of their past crimes, didn‘t like the “silent transformation of America led by organized Iewry” either. White Americans had been mostly Christians of the Puritan or Protestant denomination—very hard to break in spirit. But the Iewish told them, over and over again, that Europeans were guilty at birth, evil by design, and racist to the core. In short, most Americans are both European and Christian, thus antisemitic.

Hell Spawns and Devils

So the immigrant Iews from Europe started to plant open falsehoods, glorified corruption, homosexuality, all sexual deviancy, criminal Blacks, miscegenation, Fake News, Deep State, Marxism, and Socialism. Most US billionaires and the ruling caste are afraid, believe it. Sure they played along. The goal is world domination, remember? So much to dominate. Still, many are in disbelief that so much money [and power] can even exist. But it does. That so few people control absolutely everything. But they do. The ruling elites in this country know everything about favoritism and nepotism, and they are sly opportunists who lie to the peasants all the time. But even the psychopathic 1% of America’s ruling elites are terrified of the cunning and conniving of the Iews. God what they made us do: discontinue the Germans, end the Soviets, terrorize the Arabs, slaughter the Palestinians, maim the Iranians, subdue the South Americans, starve the Africans, kill kill kill. The Iews have ruined America, we just don’t confess it yet. Our elites feel panic because they fear the Iews found the Chinese to be smarter than Americans, and of greater use, and abandon us. We need to know this situation about the criminal Americans before we can analyze their brutal intervention in Asia.


Warlord Washington had cracked China open once and for all, and from within, after so many failed attempts before: The Colonial Age starting 1784, the Slave Trade in 1790, The Opium Wars in 1839, the Christianization in 1850, the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 (of which the US profited the most), the Imperial Age starting in 1899 (John Hay warned the Europeans: Do not abort this project!), the Western Overthrow of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, in Chinese Civil War in 1948, the Korean War in 1953, the endless provocations during the Cold War, and so on. It pains me to list all these humiliations here if it wasn’t for the turn and the prestige: China had done nothing of this sort to the United States. It is therefore evident which civilization is the most innocent and for which side the Iews will eventually root.

Now to the role of the Iews and the media. Since Iewishness is the state ideology in the West, all media corporations, public or private, founded by Iews or not, require complete subservience to the interests of the Iews. Since most people cannot possibly know these interests in every case, they must remain silent. You can test this. If you work in the media, just go to a meeting and say a sentence with ‘Iew’ in it, say ‘Volodymyr Zelensky is a Iew’. This alone will deny you any prospect of career advancement. If you then go on to explain what in your opinion ‘the Iew’ has done, you will get demoted and charged with hate crime.

The Anglo-Zionist media cartels such as Wall Street JournalBloombergNew York Times, the Cable News Network CNN, and many more are the info-organs of US state ideology. They have always delivered anti-Chinese propaganda, but this time their designated “Press Soldiers” had to be let in on deep state intelligence. The reasons are straightforward. A New York Times propagandist with a Harvard degree and a fake Pulitzer Prize has more power over China than a five-star general of the US Armed Forces. We are coming back to the “Press Soldiers” in a minute.

The missionaries, meanwhile, set up joint ventures, say, with Peking University, Tongji University, or Tsinghua University. They call themselves the ‘Stanford Center’, the ‘Schwarzman Scholars’, or just some innocuous ‘College of Engineering’. In Shanghai at Fudan University, we had the ‘American Center’ which in reality was a Christian mission, huge on Bible Studies, Christmas, and proselytism. Later, in Beijing, we established a ‘World Ethics’ Center, which in reality was a Catholic front operation run by former members of the Vatican.

The Faith has always been pretty subversive, right? The joint-venture directors, all government puppets, do one thing but say another. The greatest scheme in International Relations, however, has got to be the so-called Non-Governmental-Organizations or NGOs. Most Western NGOs are 100% governmental organizations. I should have mentioned “NGOs” earlier when I talked about meaningless words like “Democracy.” When the Christian Socialist Regime in Berlin says “We introduce the Democracy Promotion Act,” it really means a crackdown on dissidents. When the Democratic Republic of Germany announced yet another roundup of “the enemies of democracy,” they actually meant stomping on the people’s faces. Western “Non-Governmental Organizations” in China are the government, always always.

Take the Party-affiliated ‘Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung’ in Beijing. This is a German tax-payer-funded state propaganda arm of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany in China. Yet when those distinguished regime cadres organize cultural events, they pose as harmless assistant teachers or art lovers.

Other examples would be the ‘Free Tibet’ racket or the various ‘Free Hong Kong’-themed groups, all puppeteered from London, or the ‘World Uyghur Congress’, orchestrated from Munich. I can’t think of any sane reason why foreign governments hand out free visas and €40,000 start-up funds to Chinese separatists and then not say we also meant it. But apparently, this is what it ultimately purports to be: There is a government, and then there is the non-governmental government.

In Europe, everything and everyone is the government, especially schools, teacher exchanges, and professors. Fat chance they are taking bribes left and right, legally I mean. America is very different. In America, much is privatized, especially schools, teacher exchanges, and professorships. Many elite academics from America are free entrepreneurs, multimillionaires, and ingenious hustlers. A French ‘Professeur des universités’ is a public servant and earns exactly 3,102 euros a month [$3,024]. This increases to 4,532 euros with experience [$4,418]. Taxes will be about 50%, very socialist. An American professor at a private university such as Duke, Yale, or Columbia University, on the other hand, can easily earn $30,000 to $90,000 a month [30,771 to 92,313 euros]. He won‘t pay more than 22% in taxes because he is a self-employed entity, which means he can write off business expenses. This and private Americans can have unlimited sources of income. This all means that, if you paid attention earlier, the Communists and the American elites are a match made in Heaven.


You probably don‘t know this, but China is a Christian nation ever since the 16th Century. The missionaries didn‘t report this. The missionaries reported that China persecuted Christians.

Europe is a Iewish nation since the I’hudi murdered Jesus Christ. The Christians saying “Uh-oh, BUT… Jesus came back as an Undead” is just a silly cope. It became a violent religion, the only Religion in the world. Muhammad was just another prophet of that same Religion. Islam is but the repurposing of Christianic garbage at the lowest order. But Iewdaism came before Religion. It is a secular Cult older than the Greeks.

The conquerors claim all the credits. It is difficult to blend in with the Chinese in Shanghai if you happen to live or work with Westerners. The Puxi district of Xujiahui is the former French Concession. Here, a lot of American and European expatriates live like neocolonial viceroys. If they are with the local women, they point to the cars in the streets and say, “See, we invented this!” Then they point to the airplanes in the sky and say, “See, planes in the sky, we invented this!” “We also invented medicine, science, and seated toilets.”

At the Chinese Academy of Science in Shanghai, our Institute accommodated about 30 men from Europe [just one woman], all paid full Western salaries in their home countries while abroad. They did not speak Chinese, they were in their late 20s and early 30s, scholastic type, computer nerds, below average looking, and many of them would never have gotten laid with a slim woman back in their home countries. Yet, here in Shanghai they somehow attracted very young local flowers. There was this French breadshop on Yueyang Road, and the nerdy manly researchers from Europe said, “See, we invented cheesecake.” And the local flowers ate cheesecake from that day on.

Few outsiders know this, but Americans and Europeans abroad never mingle. Americans are way above Europeans in the global hierarchy, and, once the Chinese have figured out who is who, are treated very differently. For example, my former American director was paid half a million dollars for co-founding a research institute at Peking University, while a Swiss-German director had to pay two million dollars from his own pockets to do something similar, and even then nobody respected him. There are also inter-European differences that cannot be erased: For the Chinese, the British rank at the top, followed by the Germans, the French, then the other Romantic People, and last the Poles, Czechs, and Slavs.

The missionaries had inserted themselves into Education in China, much like the Iews inserted themselves into Education in America. Shanghai‘s prestigious Nanyang School, founded 1896 by the Guangxu Emperor himself, suddenly got itself an American co-founder, missionary John Calvin Ferguson. The 1905 founder of Fudan University was a Jesuit Priest of Chinese origin who had started his career at the French Catholic College in Xuhui. The three 1907 co-founders of Shanghai’s Tongji University were the exception: They were physicians, very German.

Those are all historiographical falsifications, of course. Those mysterious Western founders played no actual role and did absolutely nothing in the process. Many just inserted themselves, as all power-hungry sects do. Nobody can verify whether they were “real” University Presidents or anything. We can only believe what has been handed down to us in writing… by the very same people who ran the scam.

We might as well go with the Shanghai expatriates and say that “Chinese universities were founded by Western people,” and “All of them!” just to save us time.

You don’t believe it? Take Peking University. Peking University was founded by American missionaries in 1915. It was a Christian college, on Christian terms, and back then was called Yanching, soon misspelled “Yenching.” You can still find the twin ‘Yenching Institute at Harvard University’. When China expelled the Western evangelicals, Yenching college became truly ‘Peking University’. [It still isn’t in Chinese, which would be Beijing Daxue.] Peking University opened its campus to foreigners again under Deng Xiaoping, but let that brief interruption not deceive you: Peking U is still more American than it is Chinese. Its academic freedom is unmatched and it isn’t even remotely as extremist and censorial as Harvard.

Peking University is subverted by Americans and a few European [Christian] Lieutenants. Chinese see a Western scholar and want to marry him. It is a metaphor. Or a passport. You will never hear or read this in the Western press, but the Western agents meet in secret in their foreign missions or at the three major Foreign Correspondents Clubs in Shanghai, Beijing, or Hong Kong, and carefully plan for weeks ahead on whom in China to promote and whom to sabotage. [They also cross-reference their own books, articles, and colleagues, but this aside.] Most operate in small squads (up to 12 members) and platoons (made up of four squads), just like physical soldiers. They have lieutenants and commanders and Chinese helpers. A platoon is assigned a mission or an influential group, say the entire academic staff and visitors of Peking and Tsinghua University (they are located opposite Zhongguan Village Road), potentially about 40,000 persons of interest.

It is easy to do case studies on this. I did it between 2010 and 2014 with the Harvard squad, which included about 12 people, professors, journalists, and English teachers (CIA), all of whom graduated from Harvard or were affiliated somehow. So they hung around in Beijing and watched all persons related to Harvard University, wrote news, reports, hit pieces, and infiltrated many events.

In Peking, you have the academic world elite, diplomatic envoys, billionaires, American family dynasties, and American Central Intelligence Agency affiliates freely bussing in and out of Peking U City. There are three, four, and five-star hotels, resorts, secret passages and bunkers, and festival halls. Again, you will never read a word about this. You will know, however, that the Western squads were always present and colluded with the Powers. That’s because they drew attention away from actual important events to totally fabricated click-bait and the most contrived China-bashing.

As a rule, every time you read a China piece at all, it will be a) insidiously anti-Chinese, for example when a Peking U fake economic professor, Xia Yeliang, was caught idling, disrespecting students, and bragging about his American connections. The Western press immediately promoted him as “an outspoken hero of academic freedom” and “the voice of Chinese democracy”, secured him a multi-travel destination CIA action pack, a brand new Professorship at Wellesley College in America, and a 6-months news loop in 36,000 media outlets across the globe. And b) it will be a distraction from what was really going on at that time at Peking University. The case of Mr. Xia took place in 2013 when a massive ‘turnover’ was underway. A new incoming troop of Harvardians and Stanfordians, US advisory boards, press soldiers, and other CIA clientele. The US forces in China, just like in Japan or Germany, are not sitting ducks but “rotation units.” The previous bunch of China experts departs; a new bunch of China experts settles in.

Mr. Xia, a foreign asset, badly wanted to be transferred to the USA. He had developed mental issues. Colleagues and students had noticed this when he taught at Guanghua Management School. This had been going on for months. He simply wasn’t qualified for this position. When Peking U wanted to fire him, Mr. Xia threatened to drop the truth bomb. The Western curators moved in and made this a diversion story about “one man and his strive for Democracy in China,” no less. Over 200 foreign agents rotated in 2013 and 2014, unmentioned. The next foreign term at Peking U started off quietly and unremarkable with two Iewish guests of honor, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of US Facebook) and Madeleine Albright (the Council of Foreign Relations), followed by Michelle Obama and 200 people entourage (the First Lady of the United States).

You have noticed that I spared you the names of the Harvard squad. This is how it works, sorry. If you are in China, you know who these foreign agents currently are. If I drop a name, they will be called back to the Western capitals as war heroes, win a Pulitzer prize, get a University tenure, and will be inserted into China History.

Meet the senior science editor in China of America’s [and thus the World’s] most renowned science magazine: Science Magazine. He was dispatched to Shanghai, complete with family members, furniture, and a stupendous salary pack worth twenty times the salary of his local peers. He does not speak a word of Chinese, yet he is here in China, in 2013, to open and promote Science Magazine’s presence in China. Who is this man? Could they not scout a Chinese native speaker or a Chinese-American scientist for their Science Magazine office in Shanghai? You know who this is because you know what he is.

I sat down with him. I had a complete list of Western academic publishers who enabled Western colonialism in China, from the Humboldt Forum over Cambridge University Press to Dutch Brill and hundreds of “trusted” journals that actually shouldn’t be trusted at all.

The entirety of ‘China Studies’ is a Western invention. The Science editor was dispatched to Shanghai in China to find and promote pro-Western American-speaking Chinese academics. Only pro-Western contributions are published or referenced—always with a Western co-founder so that China won’t get ahead—and only those Chinese researchers who are represented in Western publications are said to exist. Millions of Chinese scientists in the world must labor toward that US monopoly on knowledge, or else won’t have a career.

You don’t know this, but over 20,000 Chinese departments and schools have the word “Philosophy” written on their door plates and certificates. Philosophy is a Western syndicate. It is a Western word and concept. It came to China from Europe over Japan in the 19th Century. There was no such thing as “Philosophy” in Chinese writings before Western Imperialism. These days if Chinese students refuse to use this word, they can’t even graduate.


What should the Chinese do? We have 100,000 Chinese students in the United Kingdom today, and we have 300,000 Chinese students in America, and perhaps another 30,000 Chinese students in Europe. Let me quickly explain what these numbers mean in the world’s historical context. Just try to imagine what 100,000 German students would do to China; or what 300,000 American students would do to China! Did you know that 2,500 Englishmen were sufficient to conquer Jamestown and subjugate the American North? Or that 20,000 British ruled the entirety of today’s India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh combined?

If I had no experience with the ‘Human Hierarchy’ and you told me that 300,000 Chinese elite academicians crossed the Asia-Pacific and enrolled in US Berkeley, US Stanford, US Harvard, and so on, I would have yelled: “That’s it! America is finished!”. But America is not finished, not yet. Western people and Chinese people are not the same, the ‘Human Hierarchy’ is real, and the missionaries, the Shanghai expatriates, and the US Science Magazine editor had made their point very clear, I think, that we are dealing here with a country of 1,400,000 servant people.

How else is it possible, I ask, that maybe a couple of hundred Western people control ‘China Studies’ and manipulate the entire history of China? Have you no self-respect? How can you live with Western total global domination and the dictate of a few Chosen Ones over your precious, all-important celestial civilization?

It is evident that humanity can and will be run by only a small self-selected group of superhuman people. The distance between this group and the rest of humanity is not linear, not gaussian, but poisson. It means they get all and everything while the rest gets nothing. This is exactly what Iewdaism is all about. They are the Chosen ones, the rest of us have to bend down. That is what Communism is all about. If Leaders get everything, the people must own nothing. Christianity and Europe were hijacked by the Iews, and they carried these parasites to America and Asia. There is no such thing as a 1% or 10% or 15% parasitic idea. Those who have it, are infected.

I mentioned Germany and Japan a lot in the beginning section of this essay [and Britain, but sink that]. Both nations colonized China in the past too. But they commanded little respect. Because they were not the chosen ones. They were destroyed and colonized by America, which by now had Iews building a-bombs and spinning the holocaust. So they should have learned a valuable lesson about repentance. But this, apparently, is not so. Not at all. All the people of their time who genuinely felt regret or remorse about their crimes and consequential enslavement have passed of old age. The younger generations of the Germans and Japanese are American brainwashed.

Instead of turning against the US colonizers, they are getting marching orders to destroy China [and other Asians] and humiliate people even lower down the global hierarchy seven ways from Sunday. All the while, Tokyo and Berlin have lost all hope of ever bouncing back and regaining their sovereignty. And while we are at it: Most Japanese and German media, publishers, and corporations are US-servile. Because the Americans, naturally, select only other pro-USA American-speaking Germans and Japanese for promotion, the non-conforming rest of their human stock might as well emigrate to China. To them, it is the freest place now.

Then, sometime in the future, a Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, will become the new Emperor of China. In a shocking story twist, he will expose the Iewish take-over in the West, drive out the Christian Imperialists in China once more, and set in motion a global antisemitic  yet liberating process by which Europe falls in love with Asia and live happily ever after. You know that it’s not true. Because that story would actually be interesting. Xi, unlike Mao and Deng, has never been photographed with a Iew. What it means: A good ending has no place in the History of China. Europe is never going to tolerate Asia. Live with it. Accept it.

China is the only civilization that can push a button and lit a thousand universities ablaze. The China-Hands have identified about seven Western media and press houses that belong to only ten organizations run by the Empire of Lies [and Sanctions]. That’s it. They control the world. If there is an attack, make it their last.

Evil World Empire


The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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