You think I am kidding?

Nope!  See for yourself:

In other news,

  • Pavel Klimkin, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared that “the Ukraine won a battle, but not the war yet“.
  • The US spokescreature Ned Price declared that the US now sees more, not fewer, Russian forces along the border than before.  He added the invasion could happen “anytime”.
  • Both of Germany and the USA have declared that there are no mass graves in the Donbass and that there is no genocide there.  You got a love it when leaders of GERMANY and the USA begin lecturing Russians about the meaning of the word “genocide”!  Its not “genocide” when they do it, but it is “genocide” when others do it (or even don’t, like the fake “Srebrenica genocide”!)
  • GOP Senate members are proposing more sanctions from hell.
  • There are reports of a sharp increase in attacks against the LDNR.  LDNR forces have received the order to return fire.
  • The Nazis from western Ukraine have not sent a “friendship train” to Mariupol and the Donbass (a similar “friendship train” to Crimea resulted in the Crimean uprising).
  • Blinken has declared that the US saw no withdrawal of Russian forces
  • The website of the Russian Foreign Ministry seems to be down from a DDoS attack

Want more?


Once the Russian invasion does not happen on the 20th, I suppose that the Ukies will celebrate yet another victory.

And the US will move the next invasion date by another couple of days.

Right now there are numerous reports of artillery fire, anti-tank weapons fire along the full line of contact.

There are also reports of a surface to surface missile attack.

LDNR civilians are filming it all on their cellphones.

Nobody in the western media seems to notice.



Biden has just announced that Russia will attack under a false flag in the “next few days”!

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