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On November 15,  President Putin supported Viktor Medvedchuk’s proposed prisoner exchange between Ukraine and the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

Putin met with the Leader of the Ukrainian Choice – People’s Right movement Viktor Medvedchuk during his visit to the Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery.


President Putin also talked on the phone with the heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics for the first time since they declared independence from Ukraine after the anti-government putsch in Kiev in 2014.

After that truly groundbreaking event, everyone expected some large provocation on the territory of the republics or in connection with them.

So, on November 20, when the liberal media began a fake news campaign about the “military revolt” in Lugansk, no one was surprised.

From the beginning, we received a slew of unconfirmed information about “storms” of some official buildings in Lugansk, and “unmarked military forces taking over.” The method of disinformation has been identical to the false flag campaign that we witnessed in 2014. Only this time around, people didn’t react to anything publicized by the same group of liberal fake news distributors.

So far, the Russian government has not commented on any of the rumors.

The Ukrainian side prepares the staging of the shelling of Kiev’s “ATO” forces positions, using Kiev security forces dressed in military uniforms of servicemen of the Republic. This statement was made at the briefing in Luganskinform by the official representative of the Lugansk Republic militia Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko.

“We became aware of the arrival in the area Svetlodarsk arc three vehicles with the Ukraine armed forces servicemen, disguised in uniforms of the soldiers of the People’s Republics, as well as a large number of representatives of Ukrainian mass media in order to organize and stage  for the broadcast of the scenes of false flag attack and shelling of the Ukrainian armed forces positions,” said the Colonel.

Previously, the Colonel Andrey Marochko reported on multiple attempts of false flag attacks done by Ukraine on their own positions in order to accuse the Luganks Republic armed forces in a violation of the seize fire agreement.”

Marochko also reported on the attempt to enter the territory of the Republic done by a group of saboteurs from the58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade (0425, Sumsk Region). Three of them were killed in an explosion while walking on a mine field and two were injured. This took place in the direction moving from the village Krumskoe towards the town Frunze.

To cover up this militant group retreat, the Ukrainian side opened fire from the large caliber automatic weapons like assault rifles and machine guns.

The Republic accused the Ukrainian side of the destabilization of the situation, despite the fact that the Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukrainemonitoring group Alexander Hug was visiting the republic at the time.

A previous attempt by Ukraine’s armed forces sabotage and reconnaissance group to enter the territory of the republic was conducted on November 21 in order to carry on with the terror attacks on the population. Several militants were captured by the republic’s armed forces.

Igor Plotnitsky dismissed Igor Kornet from the post of the post of the Internal Affairs minister.

On November 21, Immediately following his dismissal, Igor Kornet made a video statement saying that he remains on his job.


On Nov 22, the site of the People’s Militia was hacked and information was posted that Lugansk Republic called for mobilization and a war against Donetsk republic.

The information was a fake, and was taken down almost immediately.

The fact that the web site was compromised makes any information posted or missing as being unreliable. At this point it’s not entirely clear who is responsible for the information posted on this official site.

Then the information came that the Prosecutor General was kidnapped and killed by strangulation, and that the people involved in his murder were arrested. The office of the Prosecutor General continues to operate according to the spokesperson for the office David Kats, the head of unit of the civil and arbitration process Julia Bunyachenko, and another head of unit, Sergey Kravchenko.

The video of their press conference was posted on the Lugansk republic official website.

Once against, battles and storms are taking place in media, not in real life. I recommend you to visit, and Sputnik News to get updates on the situation in the Donbass republics. Try to avoid visiting the Ukrainian web sites with .UA extension.

On November 23, the MGB ( the State Security) of Lugansk republic reported detention of a dozen people. They are charged with treason and collaboration with the Kiev authorities, working under the direct supervision of the Ukrainian special services.

Nov 23th, a humanitarian convoy from Russia arrived and was unloaded in Lugansk. Previous convoy with 4.5 tons of books, 135 tones of baby food, 27 tones of medical supplies was delivered on October 26.

My personal opinion is that since President Putin talked to Igor Plotnitsky as the head of the republic, it means that Plotnitsky is the head of the government and any attempts to dismiss him is an anti-government revolt. Only citizens of the republic should decide who will be the next head of the Lugansk republic. Until the next elections, Igor Plotnitsky should continue to do his job.


The Kiev regime terror activities

In Ukraine, the Defense Ministry issues a permission of beards for the militants serving in their armed forces. A link has been published by the RT.

This can mean only one thing, that our suspicion about militants who until recently fought for the US and allies’ proxy army in the Middle East called “ISIS” are being relocated to Ukraine.

On November 23. TASS reported that Russia’s government has lodged a note with the US Department of State to protest the migration of Ukraine’s Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) website, which discloses journalists’ personal information, to US servers. There has been no reply from the US to this day, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the media on Thursday.

“We have dispatched a note to the US Department of State with a description of the Myrotvorets portal. Also, we demanded it should be denied hosting services, because the operation of this so-called peacekeeping resource has harmed many journalists already,” she said. “So far there has been no formal reply to our message. We keep this theme in focus.”

The illegal websites run by the notorious Ukraine’s secret service SBU and supported by NATO collects and makes public private information of people they call “enemies” of the Kiev regime. The website also calls on the extremists around the world to commit the terror acts against those individuals on the list.

A web site called Myrotvorets, a.k.a., so called “a center of Investigation of crimes against national security of Ukraine,”  a database that collects and makes public personal information of people who are being politically persecuted by the fascist junta in Kiev. Many people, including a Ukrainian writer and historian Oles Buzina were killed after their information was posted on this site.

A “nslookup” command with the input “” confirms in its output the registered IP Number to be “” (screenshot) server type nato hpws/2.1 is located in Fort Worth, Taxes.

Screenshorts of the whois records and IP geolocation. and A screenshot of an announcement of Buzina’s murder on April 16th, 2015, posted by

 A mirror site to is InformNapalm(dot)org that identifies itself as “volunteer intelligence community, complements information of the Military Prosecutor’s Office.” Independent researchers have noticed that in all cases including InformNapalm(dot)org the information about the civilian population is being stored on the NATO HPWS/2.1 server located on the Fort Worth military base in Texas.

A few days ago, I received a screenshot with the Myrotvorets advertisement of the Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN owned by Poroshenko president of Ukraine. Currently managed by the Rothschild Asset management.  The advertisement says: “Buy two cakes – help to kill a Russian.”

On November 18th, I tweeted this screenshot to the President Trump.

The twitter blocked me from seeing all the replies I have got for this tweet: m”This conversation has too many replies to show them all.”

I also tweeted this screenshot to president Putin’s Twitter account

I also re-tweeted this Mirotvoretz screenshot to the Russian Mission in the UN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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