The man on the left slaughtered hundreds of citizens in Fallujah and destroyed nearly every building, in an act of revenge. (It took two attacks —  Exceptional).

The man on the right liberated 1400 cities, towns and villages from ISIS and AQ, killed 86,000 terrorists and is beloved as are his troops in Syria.

The man on the left is called Mad Dog. He is losing 7 wars simultaneously right now. The man on the right is a Russian. He has won a war the man on the left hoped to win but was afraid to fight. The man on the left has joined the losers, trying to save them for more wars. The man on the right intends to kill the rest of the losers.

(As Sister Ambrose, sixth grade teacher, used to say to us: “Compare and Contrast. 300 words. You have ten minutes. Absolute silence. Paul — don’t let Kevin copy from your work.”)


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