The secret Syrian peace agreement just signed by the Russia and the legitimate government of the US leaves many guessing.

The first knee-jerk reaction coming from the different power players in the EU and US demonstrate an acute bewilderment. In terms of the certain groups inside the Pentagon, something like a military mêlée against their own Commander-In-Chief is being observed.

“EU leaders and Turkey have expressed hopes that a US-Russian peace deal for Syria will help stop the violence in the ravaged Middle-Eastern country, but America’s generals say they won’t cooperate until they see “implementation” from Damascus and Moscow. “

Since this agreement is secret, and we don’t have any “leaks” yet, the reactions of most analysts and experts have been tepid at best (with the exemption of Cat Motya.)

For those of you who are not familiar with this brilliant Russian military analyst (or, a department of brilliant military intelligent officers) Cat Motya runs a blog with about 1.2 million monthly visitors.

With his formidable following, he is a decisive supporter of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies. He is also a Russian Orthodox Christian, which is a fact crucial for what he sees as evil in this world.

The following is his analysis of what he calls a new situation that is taking place immediately following the Syrian peace deal. The translation is mine. I try to capture and preserve the Cat’s unique literary style.


“… OK, let’s start posting. We have a new situation, as your Cat has told you prior, that after the summit we would have a new situation. The only question is “what exactly will it be.”

Now everything has become clear, and we will post here about the most important aspects of this new situation. We will post information about the other positions. What I am personally curious is that the mice is intensely f-ing with my blog and all its software, including the gadget for donations for the Cat’s sausages,  trying to take it down. I suspect that they know what I am going to write.  Why are they trying to break down my blog? It’s not going to change the situation… nothing will change… mice are mice… bastards, what else is there to say.


So, what we have here is a super interesting situation. A situation that has no precedent. Especially concerning relationships between Russia and the USA. We couldn’t even imagine that this even theoretically could take place. Yesterday, the Cat had a strong feeling, and had waited for the completion of the meeting, watched it and rejoiced, but simultaneously got very worried. So, I will try to post everything in order.

Before, I place everything in order, one important thing:  Putin has become the one and only world leader, there is no one else and that’s the reality. Whoever will come on after Obama’s place won’t be the world  leader, no matter what he or she does…they will be second… granted, of course, that they won’t commit a collective suicide before their elections… but that’s a different story… I will sort it out for you, and it will become clear where we are currently, and what to expect in the future.

The celebration of this historical agreement by Kerry and Lavrov started immediately, and that’s why it is symbolic. Again, it’s very symbolic that the journalists got vodka with pizza. Vodka from Lavrov, and pizza from Kerry. Here we have to understand that this was planed and prepared beforehand, and that this was shown to the viewers intentionally.  This was a SIGNAL…to whom? This IS the important part.

The News Situation: Russia and the USA have a common enemy, and it’s located inside of the USA.  This enemy has a power, this enemy is very dangerous, this enemy has done everything to prevent this summit from taking place. But the meeting took place to show this enemy that the enemy has not achieved its goal.


I am going to go and have some coffee and will continue posting upon my return. Return later to read all of it together… a cat with Stripes will be guarding the blog, because the mice are going ballistic as never before.


From the most important:

The most important elements of this very important agreement is kept SECRET.
The most important is being kept secret because there is a power that will do anything to destroy it and to leave this agreement without a result.

This power has already done EVERYTHING possible to prevent this meeting from taking place.

Kerry himself was forced to hide the information about the place and time of this meeting.

Lavrov described this power as those who introduced new sanctions against Russia before the summit, and immediately after it, TO MAKE THIS SUMMIT IMPOSSIBLE. They did this to make it impossible for Russia to sign a peace agreement, which was, despite of everything, signed and will be kept secret, to prevent this power from interfering into it.

This situation is almost mirroring the one with Erdogan, only instead of Erdogan we have Obama and Kerry – they both are the legitimate state power – entered in a UNION with PUTIN despite of all the resistance of the powerful force inside the USA.

Enemy has been openly notified: this is the WAR against YOU!

Everyone has been notified that if something goes wrong in this Syrian tail-spinning, it’s the ENEMY, and not the US and Russia. It was also declared that both sides will do everything to prevent the enemy from getting knowledge, from meddling, and from interfering.

In essence, Obama and Kerry have trusted Putin and chose him, and not their own, because they are instead-of-theirown.


It was agreed and declared that the army of Netanyahu Al-Nusra will be destroyed.  Al-Nusra is the army of Netanyahu… Further, it’s outlined what exactly this army was supposed to do: for realization of so called Plan “B” – to topple Assad’s government during the instead-of-ceasefire. Hahaha… The Cat told you before that the Plan “B” won’t be taking place, and that it would be our plan “S” that would be taking place. (Plan “S” – suck it.) And now this plan is taking place officially.  “There won’t be a plan “B”, said Lavrov. “There will be a plan “S.” hahaha…

Mice went into attack mode immediately. They are not going to give up until the very last moment. They will be defecating everywhere…they will try to create something inside the Syrian situation that will unleash a HUMONGOUS WAR …. however, Kerry and Lavrov let the mice know very openly that they know about this and are taking this into consideration.

Now, to make this situation even easier to understand: Remember what the cat wrote about the inside situation in the USA in relation to Kerry and Obama. I am going to remind you briefly one more time…

So… for about a year,  Netanyahu has been explicitly expressing his disdain for the president of the US and his government. It wasn’t just a simple dislike that was kept in silence, like probably by many people.  No, it wasn’t like that; He OPENLY demonstrated that he HIMSELF, instead of Obama, would get everything he wanted from the USA. He himself, without any official invitation peddled to the US, spit on Obama, went to the Congress, made a speech there, asked for what he wanted, and they GAVE IT TO HIM!  He himself directly told to the US senators what he wanted them to do, and they did it!

To understand this well, just imagine the mirrored situation:

Valtzman (a.k.a. as Poroshenko, a leader of the Kiev junta) declares that Putin is no one, goes to Petersburg, goes to the Senate and makes a speech there, gets applauded, asks for money to buy weapons and gets it.

After that he breaks into the Duma (Parliament) talks to the Constitutional Court judges, to senators, gives them a list of what he wants them to do for him, and they do it all.

They openly do what he said… Imagine that Valtzman asks for in the sanctions against Syria, and despite of what the President and the Military do in Syria to help the Assad government stay, the Senate and Duma would openly do everything to destroy it per Vatzman’s request.

We all are furious and frustrated, because this would be SIMPLY AGAINST THE NATIONAL INTERESTS OF RUSSIA, but our parliament and Senate would defecate on us, because they love Vatzman that much. Can you imagine?

Keep in mind this fucked up situation that takes place now inside of the USA.

In other words, today we practically openly entered into a coalition with the legitimate government of the US represented by its president, also it’s commander-in-chief, against Zion,  the world micehood, that so comfortably nests in the US and in other places, from Micerael to Ukroland and the EU…
We have to remember that it’s an extremely important and very complex process, and that we are helping the US to gain its independence.

I understand that it sounds weird, but that’s what it looks like. Who else understands what just has taken place? That we have signed  an agreement against EVIL. Netanyahu understands, and his government, and military of Micerael, the rodent elite that sits in the US Senate, and in the US Department of State, in the Supreme Court, and in the CIA, Pentagon, etc… They have understood everything.

From now on, you mustn’t listen to anything the instead-of-media is saying.

You mustn’t believe a word they are saying, to be precise.

Even when they squeal that Obama said this, or that, don’t believe them, unless you can read lips and see for yourself that he indeed said it.

Again, it might sound a bit odd to you, but it’s true. It’s the Time X for the world mice-hood. The situation is extremely complicated, because they are EVERYWHERE.

Everything and everywhere needs to be divided.

It’s autumn now. Obama has signed a secret agreement with Putin. Kerry has been covering his tracks in his own home country, which is fucked up. How could this have happen? But, it’s a beautiful thing that it all came to this inside the US, and that now we have an unwilling, but an ally nevertheless.

If before Kerry and Lavrov were working separately with pieces of this puzzle, masquerading the aims, that weren’t even common, now it’s been revealed to the enemy. The US President is forced to rely on the Putin’s word, because its impossible to rely on anyone inside of the US.

The group of people that supports Obama has entered the war against mutants inside the US, BECAUSE they don’t have a choice. They went full monty against the inside power, and have revealed themselves completely and declared to the enemy that it cannot be trusted even with the information, because IT WILL BE USED AGAINST THE NATIONAL INTERESTS OF THE US.

This situation is nuts.

Now, the interest of Russia and the official Washington merged in one very important aspect: in understanding of who IS the enemy. The correct identification took place.

Only the official Washington has the Constitutional rights to conduct the foreign policy. All the others have no authority to conduct the foreign policy using the name of the USA, but they did. Now, the elders inside the US need to undertake some steps to bring the foreign policy to the Constitutional legal standards. Actually, every McCain has been conducting his own international policy  according to his own interest, ignoring the official presidential policy.
When the elders shipped bags of cash money to Iran to buy weapon to battle with EVIL…mice Media revealed everything and screamed about this all over the world.

When the elders were pushing a peace agreement with Iran, with our assistance, netanyahus and mccains actively fought against it, but WE MADE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER!  Mice got their poop all over their faces. Now, those bags with money tuned into weapons , which, at all probability, Persians bought from Russia, which was agreed beforehand with those elders by Kerry and Lavrov. I hope I am expressing myself clear. Everything is so tangled, that I have to untangle it section by section.


Moving ahead… At some point the Cat wrote about groups of people in the US, some in the military, some FBI, CIA and other people in the law enforcement, that are fucked by the mice up to their throats. I wrote that these people were going to act on our side, when the time is right. The time is here. The time is right now. It’s enough just to read what the US veterans are writing, and you will understand what’s going on over there. They are utterly fed up with the mice tail-spinning, and openly, OPENLY speak in support of Putin, because they want to break free from the mice yoke at any price.  We have approach a boiling point.

This is just in… He calls for cooperation with Russia probably after being briefed on Motya’s Syrian Agreement post.

The Syrian peace agreement will become the law at the symbolic time. It will take place on the night of the September 11th. At 9.1.1. So, after 9:11, the next second is the new time, because the old time has passed.

The breaking news on Saturday was that Israel conducted the air strikes against  the Syrian Army in coordination with the Al Nuzra terrorists’ attacks. —

The mice media in Russia reported this as an “unexpected turn of event.”

It has never happened before, and now here it is again, as they say in Russia.

I can only imagine what kind of turn of mentality will happen to people who still believe mass media. They thought that the mice were saint, and suddenly they are not saint any more… good grief

Don’t forget another tail-spinning – the world micehood initiated the bloody mess in Egypt. We took some very certain positions there, you know all about this. But mice is mice, they are insane and greedy, and their brains are twisted, so we should expect the next strike there.

Obama has warned as much as he could during the declaration of the Disaster preparedness month, that could be attacks inside of the US.  Do you understand who is capable to conduct them?


Putin said: “Truth always wins in the long run,” and that’s what happened

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