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Comment by Dan

What a great dog and pony show!!!! We haven’t seen one like this since…………I can’t remember. For those older than me [I’m 80], perhaps you can recall a bigger circus. And, I ask, for what purpose? Why are we getting bombarded with all the BS details of a never ending crusade by the controlled MSM?

The first thing one must recognize is that the UNITED STATES is not a country. Its a bankrupt federal corporation owned by Rothschild/Vatican mafia whose ultimate goal is implementing the New World Order whereby said mafia will maintain the self directing authority to de-populate [a kinder sounding term than genocide] the world by 90% according to the Georgia Guidestones, or if you prefer, 50% as stated by Jacques Cousteau.

But, there’s a problem. The snag being that a fairly good sized part of the population is starting to awaken from their slumber. Not only are they aware of the criminality taking place in their back yard, they are seeking means to expose it and defend against it. You see, the MSM is a totally controlled element of the mafia but, thus far, the internet has been a two edged sword. We knew computers would soon mean the end of all privacy and that has occurred. On the positive side, those who smelled a rat in the pantry now had a tool to search for information and a means of passing it on to millions of other who were opening their eyes.

The mafia hates this as the people are getting wise to such things as the worthlessness of voting and a big percentage, recognizing that no matter who we put in office, it isn’t long before all campaign promises begin to smell like yesterday’s meals on wheels. The outcome of that recognition is that folks not only quit voting, they don’t even bother to register to participate in the meaningless endevour–voting, or, some like me have actually rescinded their voters registration.

Why is it meaningless? Because the mafia always owns both horses in a two horse race. We have never had an election in my life. We have always been subjected to attempting to pick out the least harmful of the choice laid before us. Picking from what the Controllers have ‘selected’ cannot ever be considered a free election in a representative government. But, of course, that’s the problem. we don’t have a representative government.

Ok, so the big question arises: Why Trump? Why would the mafia put in office someone who espouses ‘draining the swamp, lock up the Hildebeast, build the wall, etc.? After all, if they didn’t want him in he could never have gotten past the Soros magic vote counting machines. If he did get in by some error on the mafia’s part [extremely unlikely] he would have gotten the ‘deep six’ treatment afforded JFK, RFK, and many others who are seen as a threat to the mafia’s agenda.

Putting Trump in office is the mafia’s slickest move in my lifetime. It accomplishes a lot for them. First of all, remember all those folks that started to awaken and also started making plans on how to defeat the agenda? With Trump appealing to those enlightened souls, there is no need to band together and form any type of union that would interfere with the NWO’s plans. The knight on a white horse [house] has arrived and we can now look forward to an ousting of all those criminals who have been playing us for fools.

Seems like their plan of pitting the awakening right against the imbecilic left is in full swing and its doing what it was intended to do. The ranting moronic left is being given ample air time on the controlled MSM to invigorate the unthinking dolts who find the MSM is the easy button solution for their thinking, or lack thereof. The diatribe from the right is in place to appease those who are able to tie their own shoes. Both sides are being positioned toward the most antagonistic views of their opponents. Ahh! Division, hatred, squabbling and chaos, just what the doctor ordered. The mafia always makes its biggest strides during chaos.

But what’s all this crap about building a wall. You may have noticed that most of Trump’s promises have been waylaid by the ‘no cow farts’ left and just enough Republicans to see that nothing serious happens to our benefit. Just why all this emphasis on the wall? All the sympathetic blather form the left seems almost comical since they don’t share any of that sympathy for their own constituents.

No, there’s something much deeper involved in the ‘wall’ issue. You see, under international law the United States, a de-facto regime, must have the support of the governed to have standing. Just how does a de-facto regime obtain proof of that support? By tallying up the number of registered voters. Registered voters obviously support the regime or they wouldn’t register to vote. They’ve been conned into believing ‘their vote counts’. That’s the main purpose of the dog and pony show. Rouse the population into fighting factions who, all of the sudden, feel a renewed sense of urgency to head on down to the voters registration office. The right can’t stand the thought of being guided by a bunch of empty headed numb nuts and the left must do their duty as they have been prompted, since all the other show biz crap hasn’t prevailed in dumping the Trump. They have been encouraged to press on and vote against The Donald because he is evil or he plays dirty, or he is wealthy beyond belief, or because he wants to stop the poor Soros sponsored illegals from inundating our system, or because it has been fantasized that he is in cahoots with ‘the wicked witch of the East’, or he likes sex with attractive women or he has ugly hair.

Unfortunately for Dems, even their adherents are seeing the insanity of their position and have also started dropping from the polls, so what can the Dems do to ameliorate that happening? Yep, you guessed it, keep the borders open and with a lot of free goodies as enticement and wowee!!, we’ve got a whole lot more folks [who gives a damned if they are illegals] voting for the Dems.

The Hildibeast would look so cute in stripes–up and down since she has gotten so porky feeding from her largess.

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