This comment was selected by Mod KL  from the  post “Foreign Policy Diary – Turkey Seeks to Become New Ottoman Empire”. The moderator believes it gives an additional brief overview of Turkey’s real ambitions. It reveals more pieces of the puzzle, regarding Turkey’s true  intentions by projecting its power well beyond its borders – yet again.

Comment by Calchas


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Two more pieces of the puzzle, not mentioned in the video, regarding Turkey’s European ambitions:

First, Turkey has agreed in building a new naval base in Albania, effectively having a say in the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas and the Strait of Otranto, ie threatening the countries of Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia and projecting its power well beyond its borders.

Second, EU’s and especially Germany’s mad insistence in castrating the Greek Armed Forces by reducing its budget in the last couple of years, via the Troika imposed austerity, by at least 50%, leads to a very dangerous situation (the Greek Armed Forces being out of ammo and spare parts) and a big power void in the Balkans that no ‘European Army’ (as Schäuble called for yesterday) can replace. Turkey now plans and moves slowly to controlling and annexing parts of the Aegean Sea eastern of the 25th meridian east and any oil fields that lay on the sea bed, from north (Thassos Island) to the south (Leviathan Plot, south of Cyprus). The three very recent illegal Turkish NOTAMs claiming major Greek islands and national waters and airspace as stages for Turkish Navy maneuvers, all year round in 2016, along with the proclamation earlier this year that “there are numerous Aegean islands under Greek occupation” is a sign of a very clear and present danger for Greece.

Moreover, Turkey’s ambition is also to control and annex Thrace using the Turkic and Muslim minorities (ie Pomaks) there as pretext for invasion (see the example of Operation Sledgehammer – aka the Balyoz Harekâti scandal, which involved an invasion across the River Evros in 2003, up until the recent Turkish Army acquirement of numerous specialized large bridge laying tanks and the relevant Turkish 1st Army maneuvers in crossing the same river, the natural border between the two countries, in the summer of 2015).

These developments signify that Turkey is planning to expand well into the Balkans, recapturing lands that once belonged to the Ottoman Empire, as part of a new Turkic Empire. The only thing blocking and delaying its ‘narrow window of opportunity’ as it was called in the video, is the Russian involvement in Syria and the Kurdish uprising inside the country.

The EU and Germany on the other hand do all they can to show their total weakness by pleading with Erdoğan regarding the migrants/refuges flooding Europe and trying to buy him off, and at the same time, creating total chaos in the Southern Balkans by systematically destroying and liquidating a former stability factor in the area, namely the country of Greece – its infrastructure, its economy, its military and Coast Guard and its people. All this to save their own banks and scare off the Podemos in Spain and off course, to help some of their own will get insanely rich by this mega-heist. Take note: should Turkey fails to establish a Turkmen-jihadi state inside Syria, but somehow manages to suppress the PKK inside Turkey, Greece is the next battleground in the next couple of years!


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