First, here is the promised map:

I won’t comment on it, Andrei Martyanov gave you the full story for today.

UPDATE: another map I found here:



Now the my question:

I also need an non-censored video hosting site.

YT is beyond and below hopeless.

I tried BitChute, but they are not publishing a video I found on YT and wanted to repost there.  The video is Ukronazi President “Ze” participating in a homoerotic music video, so far, YT has not censored that magum opus (yet), but BitChute does not want to release it.

Is BitChute also going down the “Woke” path??

Are they also afraid of the homolobby?

Anyway, here is that video:

So my initial good impression about BitChute is in free fall.  Here is where they are stuck all day today:

So if you have any suggestions for a truly free video-hosting service, please let us know.

Thank you


PS: ain’t that video a gem??  ;-)

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