Dear friends,

Today, with the kind permission of my dear friend Sheikh Imran Hosein, I am post his monograph “The Qur’an, the Great War in the West“.  Not being a Muslim myself, I obviously take no position on the Sheikh’s interpretation of the Qur’an, as that is something which only an educated Muslim could do.  Likewise, I would request the same of you, especially if you are not religious at all.  The following document is a Muslim view of a specific topic, presented here to inform you and offer you a different point of view, but not an invitation to express your likes and dislikes or, even less so, vent your disapproval of the contents.  We are told since our youth that having an opinion is a right.  This is not so.  Having an opinion is an ability which results from education and expertise.  In the same logic, I do every much invite my Muslim readers to comment on this text, its methodology and conclusions.  Of course, the same goes for any non-Muslims if they are versed in Islamic law or Qur’anic exegesis.

I have posted the above educated by my bitter past experience with posting religious texts which some take as an invitation to just spew sophomoric clichés and personal phobias of things religious.  This is, alas, especially true of Islam.  This is why I want to make it clear that I consider the Sheikh a loved and respected friend and I shall tolerate absolutely no personal attacks of any kind on him.  Please stick strictly to the discussion of his arguments.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Sheikh for allowing me to post this monograph on my blog.

The Saker

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