Dear friends,

The Russian Saker blog and Russian Translation Team is being completely reorganized.

The previous Team Leader of the Russian Saker Blog and the Russian Translation Team had to stop her work due to health problems and another person has now stepped in to take over this absolutely crucial function: Eugenia.

Eugenia can be reached directly at the following email:

A number of key translators of the Russian Saker blog and some of our brother in arms, specifically Tatzhit Mikhailovich and Vox Populi Evo, have decided to all pull our resources together to try to collaborate on translations.  First, we will help each other with translations and, second, we will try to make sure that we do not duplicate our efforts.  Still, there is so much work to do that

We are now looking for volunteers who can translate RU->EN and EN-RU (for the Russian Saker blog)

If you can translate from Russian into English or from English into Russian, and or if you want to write for the Russian Saker blog, please contact Eugenia at

Thanks a lot for any help,

The Saker

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