Dear friends,

Ever since I moved to the USA in 2002 I have been listening to Bonnie Faulkner and her amazing show “Guns and Butter”.  If you don’t know who Bonnie Faulkner is, then just go through the archives of her show.  You can find them here and here.  When Bonnie contacted me to ask me to be interviewed I was nothing short of elated: she was a real hero of mine (she fought for 9/11 Truth with tremendous courage) and I immediately accepted.  We recorded two shows.  I am posting the first one today and I will post the next one as soon as it is mixed and available.  I am very, very happy with the result, and so is Bonnie.  We agreed to to this more often :-)

Here is where you can listen to the show and download the file from:

You can also do that on the Guns and Butter website:

I hope that you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Hugs and cheers,

The Saker

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