Note: Having listened to this 2nd part I am particularly impressed by two statements of Sheikh Imran Hosein in particular: first, that the highest authority of the Quran allows for a free choice of religion, something I was not aware of, and second the Sheikh’s absolutely correct stance that the first ones to make a list of wrongs committed by Orthodox Christians against Muslims should be the Orthodox themselves.  There is not only an impeccable logic to this, but is it also the correct moral stance.  Heaving heard this appeal, I will now personally try to study this issue and I will also encourage other Orthodox Christians to do the same.  I can already think of several historical examples, but I want to do some more research to get as complete a list as possible.  Once I establish it, I will then post the results here, on the blog.  If anybody reading this is interesting in helping me in researching this topic, please send me an email.

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