Dear friends,

The 9th podcast is out: you can download all my podcasts from the Saker Podcasts download page:

or you can directly go to the 9th podcast download page here:

If you wonder why I promote these download pages it is because they have one of those nifty PayPal button which, I hope, will remind you that one of the purposes of these podcast is to remind you to support my work.

The entire podcast was recorded with a small handheld digital record (the Zoom H1 shown on the picture) and I hope that the sound quality is acceptable.  I tried to remove most of the car noise, and even though the recording volume is not that high, there is some clipping which I don’t know how to remove yet.

Finally, you can also listen to the podcast on Youtube (see below).

I hope that you will enjoy the podcast.  Please let me know.

Cheers and hugs,

The Saker

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