Okay, I will admit it.  I am biased.  Not only is Scott my Director of Research, but he also is somebody I care deeply for.  And yet, even though I am biased I don’t even have to appeal to my bias to say that I absolutely loved “The Enemy of the State”.  Friends, this text is extremely well written.  I began reading it late at night (during the day I am simply too busy to read) and I wanted to read just a few pages before going to sleep.  No such luck:  I could not put the book down!  I read it in one shot and I loved every second of it.  I won’t discuss the plot or characters, but I will say that the text is powerful, at times hilarious, at times stunning and at times even frightening.  What Scott describes in this book is something which very few of us in the West are even remotely aware of.  Scott also uses this opportunity to share with us a wonderful illustration of how real Russian women think and behave, especially when threatened.  Reading “The Enemy of the State” I remembered the many Russian women I was privileged to meet in my life whom Tatyana, the hero of the story, is such a powerful prototype for.

Enough PR!  The book is fantastic, it is written by one of the most dedicated members of our community so I really want to say just one thing: get it ASAP!


The Saker

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