By GH Eliason for The Saker Blog

What happens when Intel community figures decide to make you an enemy of the state? How about if they aren’t satisfied with the elected government? Dive in and let’s find out.

Lawsuits and Jail Time 

Take the clear examples shown below to heart. Your congressmen and senators hire cyber terrorists to manipulate their own constituents in ways that only benefit lobbyist’s clientele and their own reelections.

Let’s allow the Intel community players attacking people in the US and EU as well as other protected groups like journalists publically expose themselves.

The US is at a critical juncture and in danger of losing itself to cyber terrorists posing as protectors at the gate. Private industry and lobbyists have infiltrated the Intelligence community to the point that the difference between private contractors and government agencies is no longer distinguishable. There is no longer a line left for them to crossover except being held responsible for their crimes. Let’s help them cross that line too.

The practice of farming out government responsibility in Intelligence and Security work has removed legal responsibility from the agencies who now call private contractors that aren’t under restrictions to act in what would be illegal conduct against US and EU citizens. It has gone beyond the pale now that it is having real world consequences. Private contractors are acting as judge, jury, and in some cases, executioner.

This is why Tobias Feakin, a senior analyst at ASPI said-“The process of the private sector becoming offensive actors in cyberspace has already begun. Where this leads is uncertain, but it’s hard to imagine it being particularly positive.”

The Tallinn Manual for International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare defines cyber war as war. Cyber terrorism is terrorism. The medium doesn’t matter (conventional, nuclear, space, cyber, economic, etc) and the response can and should be in the real world.

Even though it is not a legally binding document, it is a practical resource for legal advisers on issues that up to now have mostly been tackled on ad hoc and case-by-case basis. “Tallinn Manual 2.0 is an invaluable tool for governmental lawyers responsible for providing legal advice in mainly two situations – first, when their state has become a victim of hostile cyber operations and would like to know its response options, and second, when the state is planning to engage in cyber operations, but needs to ensure that it does so in compliance with international law,” Vihul emphasises. Estonian World

In other words, Tallinn II is the resource in use in court. The manual is clear once an attack happens the response is not limited to “in kind” or even needs to be proportional. For attacks that don’t meet the threshold of war, jurisdiction jumps down to national and local levels. That’s exactly where we want it.  

State and local law is what governs how robust a defense against terrorism normal people can actually muster. Further, because attacks are anonymous and online, if you found the perpetrator 5 years after the fact, it may as well be happening in the present. That’s how the legal aspect reads.

How does your local law define a terrorist or terrorist act? Its definition will be like an act of political violence or intimidation that causes damage or death to a group of people.

You have to ask yourself how hard it is for someone like Weisburd to put a journalist working in a warzone on drone list. The answer is it’s already done. Weisburd testified before Congress on its effectiveness.

I next turn to Mr. Andrew Weisburd, and he has been engaged in counterterrorism and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence since 2002, primarily focused on the use of the internet by al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist organizations and movements. He has been a provider of expert services to a variety of organizations since 2003 and has engaged in research for organizations such as NATO and the United States Department of Justice.

He is a long-time contract instructor in the practitioner education program at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point and regularly provides training and briefings to the FBI and CIA. He has a BS in information systems from Southern Illinois and an MA in criminology, and he has written various  books and included a chapter for the FBI Counterterrorism  Division textbook on comparing jihadi and street gang videos on  YouTube.”- SUBCOMMITTEE ON COUNTERTERRORISM AND INTELLIGENCE of the COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DECEMBER 6, 2011

While Weisburd was training the alphabet agencies, he was also hunting Americans online for fun and profit. 

According to Andrew Aaron Weisburd started the Society for Internet Research (will be important in a later article) and after the attack on the Twin Towers and as a reaction to the 2000 Camp David Accords when Yasser Arafat rejected the agreement. The website had the taglines “Online Counter-Insurgency,” “Confronting Islamist terrorists and their supporters online” and “Defending Israel and the Jewish people.” Weisburd’s World American Jihadi Targeting Americans in the US

Within a short period of time, he started collaborating with Israeli retired Colonel Reuven Erlich and the Israeli Intelligence and Information Center. More than likely it was through him that Weisburd was initially immersed in real OSINT tools.

After starting in 2002, Weisburd was already gaining media attention as early as January 2003. With no prior education and only a few months of web trolling experience, he was already touted as an expert by regional and national media.

According to Weisburd, it only takes a few words or images to determine a particular website needs to be taken down. “I understand enough of what they say to know they are my enemy, and that’s all I need to know.” 

In a 2007 CNN interview he further clarified his methodology “Aaron Weisburd, founder of Internet Haganah and director of the Society for Internet Research, is a fighter on the frontline in this new type of warfare. Weisburd, who works out of his Carbondale, Illinois home, describes his organization as a “global non-governmental ad-hoc intelligence network” which he’s modeled after al Qaeda’s network.

Whatever good intentions may have been there in the beginning were corrupted since the beginning. As soon as the smell of dollars hit the air, patriotism went out the window. Any wing nut with software can put you on a terrorist list today. Almost every wing nut with software is getting paid to do that.

How good are the founding fathers of inter-agency OSINT and online counter-terrorism? This effort put their skills together and was backed by former Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff through the Alliance for Securing Democracy

(Clint)Watts worked on Hamilton 68 with JM Berger, a fellow with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism who studies extremism and propaganda on social media; Andrew Weisburd, a fellow at the Center for Cyber & Homeland Security; and Jonathon Morgan, the CEO of New Knowledge AI and head of Data for Democracy, a volunteer collective of data scientists and technologists.

Laura Rosenberger, the director of the German Marshall Fund’s ‎Alliance for Securing Democracy, was brought on by Watts as the project “moved from wish to reality,” Berger told Business Insider on Wednesday.”

The online Russian influence analyzer is a dud. That’s how good today’s trainers for the CIA, FBI, DNI, NATO, or the DOD are. 

This is the SAME side of the Intelligence community that’s working to overthrow the presidency of the United States. When the office is up for grabs because private Intel operatives are controlling the information in the public sphere, it’s time to rein it in. 

Now, they see themselves as the prosecutors, judges, and juries for the state and work to get people on kill lists. And people are getting killed.

The best thing that can happen is these companies and individuals doing this are brought to justice. They are tried and serve long prison terms for their crimes. 

But, you’ll find there is plenty of room under existing laws to mount a robust self defense against private contractors. Of course, that’s only good until they change the laws again. 

Last, but certainly not least, we need to stay legal. We will need a ton of lawyers determined to make sure what we do is legal, determine what is not illegal and find ways to make them legal, and determine what is illegal.  These attorneys need to act quickly, with the interests of national security of the utmost concern, to uphold democracy and counter possible unethical, immoral, and illegal actions of both our team as well as belligerents.”- Joel Harding How do we fight a war of ideas?

Can you imagine what it will be like realizing all at once that any number of thousands of people you’ve injured might be on their way to your doorstep? Or to their lawyer to serve you civil papers? Or to have you prosecuted? 

What do you do? What do you say to your loved ones? Honey, I’m sorry. I was only trying to make a living? 

They said the same thing at the Nuremburg trials. I was only doing my job. Is threatening women journalists and children their job? 

Is the success of US or EU cyber security predicated on making civilians afraid in their homes? These are supposed to be the people our heroes protect. The problem is this isn’t limited to one or two or ten. Soon, they want to add millions more to their ranks.

If you leave a monkey in a room with a hand grenade and a nuclear launch button, only one of two things is going to happen. Monkey goes boom or we all do. Boom. 

The Tallinn Manual II is important to this discussion because a) its acceptance and b) it defines all the moving parts including non-state actors and politically motivated volunteers doing unpaid work on behalf of a nation-state. This is important because working with or for NGOs and third parties are not exemptions to the rule.

What’s more, these criminals weighed in on how it was written and how they would be excluded. That sounds like something I could have fun with. OK, I did have fun with it pointing out the loophole I needed them to close. And they did. 

Most of the people shown above and below are terrorists under this auspice. They, themselves, should push Congress to legislate protections and limits for civilians. The reason is simple. Along with thousands of other Intel community players like them, they caused financial, societal, physical, and political injury to people across the globe. 

The cyber terrorists wrecking people’s lives today train today’s Intel managers across the agency spectrum and have for more than a decade. They jump between private and public service, getting paid by foreign governments to attack and harass protected classes of people and protect people from being harassed. 

Should terrorists attacking citizens get a free ride at your expense because they teach NATO, CIA, FBI, DIA, ODNI, DOD, and allied nation states OSINT, Intel, and cyberwar today? 

As a brief example, when you see a graph like this which looks like nothing and spend a few minutes investigating one of the people, it turns into this. In this case, we now have 100 people that potentially influence 52,000+.

From there the geolocation work begins. In reality, they are targeting over 1 million people worldwide. Like the human rights activists he learned his trade on, most of these people cross lines on what he would call interests. The same people that support the Occupy Movement are also likely to support human rights around the world. In Weisburd’s words, this makes them good targets.

These same people have developed boots on the ground capabilities. More and more they are acting on their own. 

If you take the work of people like Andrew Weisburd, victims multiply into the hundreds of thousands quickly because he takes a whole network approach and uses Al Qaeda methods (his words not mine) to dispatch them. This approach was used when Andrew Weisburd helped build out Myrotvorets, Ukraine’s murder for hire website.

Because Weisburd attacks classes of people when he does these actions, it is a war crime or crime against humanity (civil suit) because he is working for Ukraine or the Ukrainian Diaspora. The numbers in the class add up quick. This has been ongoing since January 2015.

This is who the US Congress, law enforcement, News media, and Intel agencies listen to? Look close, this is who they learn the craft from.

According to Weisburd‘s definition of what he is doing- “Im just trying to do my part to help make bad things happen to bad people who are in the service of the Kremlin. And for the record, I’m not an army of one. I’m more like a one man intelligence service.”

Who is he going to do damage to? Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, come on down!

…turnabout is very definitely fair play. More than a few of the Kremlin’s trolls currently operating outside of Russia and or allied nations are likely acting as Russian agents in the strictly legal sense of the term (agent, not be confused with intelligence officers, the latter being those who recruit and run agents).”

Against these criminals, industry regulation and personal protections should be easier for Congress to pass than to explain why Congressional members regularly hire these people for their campaigns when they already know the damage they are doing. Why is the US Congress protecting criminals that attack their constituencies? That destroy free speech? That hack citizens bank accounts? They attack other congressmen, senators, and even the presidency?

In their own words, you are about to see how these heroes that publically don’t know each other are grouped together doing this for the Ukrainian Diaspora and Ukraine. This group is primarily American.

The spies attacking US

The rest of this article shows graphically these trainers that consult with the US agencies under the ODNI are attacking citizens and journalists. They are terrorists that must be stopped for democracy to survive. These deep state elements have been working with rogue government officials to overthrow the US government and suppress the rights of the people. The articles following this one will detail that.

What happens when someone has oversight and teaches the various agencies methods used to spy, commit espionage, or generate Intel, turns around and uses the same state sized resources on journalists or the general public? 

America’s Intel Community is turning US and EU citizen’s private information over to foreign states which make them targets of opportunity. Because I am a journalist, I am a wanted criminal in Ukraine.

It starts by trying to label someone as a Russian troll or influencer as is happening to many of my colleagues. Once they smear your name enough, they feel free to do as they feel regardless of the legal issues involved with publically accusing people of working against their own country from a position of influence or authority.

In 2017-18, I wrote another series detailing the mechanics of how all this worked together from a bottom up perspective. The EUvsDisinfo website had published three Danish newspapers were disinformation and Russian propaganda sources. What’s dangerous about this is it is an official EU source smearing legitimate publications.

Within a week after the series was published, the news publications in the Netherlands sued the EU Information Operation for slander and the EU expert website folded its tent right away. It had no legal ground to stand on. The listing was illegal.

If you look behind the EUvsDisinfo website, you’ll find the experts are connected to the same people that Stratcom COE is. These are government and Atlantic Council connected private sector experts. They are also some of the terrorists I’m writing about.

Propornot is a Michael Weiss- Atlantic Council production. The infamous propornot fake news site list made its debut at the Washington Post was plagiarized from Andrew Weisburd and Joel Harding.

Propornot lists changed the media landscape forever. They took Weisburd’s Russian influencer list comprised of conservative and progressive news and commentary websites and called them the sources of fake news on the internet.

What you notice is no matter what side of the manufactured Russian issues, coup, push to war(s) you look at, the pool of actors remains pretty close to the same. Russian influence and DNC hacking have the same Intel community miscreants labeling everyone and everything. Source fake news and you’ll come up with the same people behind the effort. A deep state coup against the presidency, it’s the same technicians behind it all.

So, tell me, why are all of these superstars teaming up to find me? I wrote about how they are taking advantage of you. 

The end result was what you‘d expect. I was put on another Ukrainian nationalist death list but the interesting part was the information was given to foreign extremists by Intel community seniors that testify in front Congress. They work with the agencies including the ODNI, CIA, FBI, NSA,TSA, DOD, NATO, and foreign governments.

They added my relatives for good measure. They gave them everything down to my mother’s obituary and my wife’s political donations as far back as 2005. They threatened my family so they could continue to threaten yours. They tried to look up my wife’s relatives. This is going on as part of a seek and destroy political strategy designed by nationalists to destroy democratic values.

They involved the Ukrainian hackers I’ve written about that work with the Atlantic Council and Bellingcat. The day before the hackers contacted me directly to gloat; they used the same method they used for the Podesta hack on a family member and emptied their bank account. 

What they did violates existing stalking laws in the US and I’m sure around the world. What they do falls into the realm of psychopaths, not the gatekeepers of international security.

Photographs can be photo-shopped, so can videos.  Eyewitness accounts are suspect.  Reporters stories are only as reliable as the news sources and that means they are not reliable. Even if the most reliable person in the world says something, their word can always be branded speculation, biased or that they are a paid troll, be it Russian or otherwise (although I really don’t know of any others).” – Joel Harding Aug 31, 2014

Until they are stopped, they will continue to do it to you. They will continue to try to overthrow the presidency and western democracy. They are adding 3 million more untrained software users that are not regulated to their ranks. Will they succeed?

Starting it off is the Michael D Weiss-Atlantic Council production called @propornot and the man that writes Ukraine’s information policy and guides their Inform and Influence Operations.

Harding’s pedigree reads like you’d expect for someone who wrote the white paper behind US cyber security. 

Joel spent 26 years in the Army; his first nine years were spent as an enlisted soldier, mostly in Special Forces, as a SF qualified communicator and medic, on an A Team. After completing his degree, Joel then received his commission as an Infantry Officer and after four years transitioned to the Military Intelligence Corps. In the mid 1990s Joel was working in the Joint Staff J2 in support of special operations, where he began working in the new field called Information Operations. Eligible Receiver 1997 was his trial by fire, after that he became the Joint Staff J2 liaison for IO to the CIA, DIA, NSA, DISA and other assorted agencies in the Washington DC area, working as the intelligence lead on the Joint Staff IO Response Cell for Solar Sunrise and Moonlight Maze. Joel followed this by a tour at SOCCENT and then INSCOM, working in both IO and intelligence. Joel retired from the Army in 2003, working for various large defense contractors until accepting the position with the Association of Old Crows. – US Psychological Warfare in Ukraine: Targeting Online Independent Media Coverage Global Research

Following the next set of articles on Bellingcat and its relation to the Atlantic Council and the DNC hack and InfoOp story, a group that works with Bellingcat and the DNC jumped in. This group works to dox and discredit everyone either group deems a nuisance. 

They also work with Ukraine which is evidenced by their information being used by Ukraine’s Ministry of Information site Myrotvorets, Aaron Weisburd, Clint Watts, Joel Harding, Adam Parkhomenko, Michael D Weiss, the Atlantic Council, the Ukrainian Diaspora Alexandra Chalupa, and Andrea Chalupa.

I currently have a vehemently rabid anti-Western, especially anti-American, troll (me) trying to smear a group of Russian troll chasers I work with.  He also published several stories blaming us for all his woes.

The difference is I have been professionally trained on how to mess up somebody’s life, permanently and forever.  Yeah, we were trained in Special Forces more on weapons, explosives, communications, intelligence, operations, tactics and medicine, but being trained in Unconventional Warfare does give one an advantage when one desires to get nasty…  Just last week a friend (Andrew Weisburd) wrote “You’re evil…” when he asked for suggestions on how to deal with this one particular troll. – Joel Harding

My question is since these guys are the deep state, why aren’t they held to any ethical standard. This threat against me resonated. Anders Umland, political analyst and erstwhile contributor at the Atlantic Council approved the threat at Harding’s site and reposted it on his own.


Why do they need to geolocate me if they had no plans to engage me directly? This ISN’T a rare occurrence and if the laws don’t get ahead of that fact soon, political murders might become the norm on the streets of the US and EU.  Harding posted this advertisement to scale up the war against you.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone in between.

I am building a database of planners, operators, logisticians, hackers, and anyone wanting to be involved with special activities I will call ‘inform and influence activities’.

I have received a few different suggestions to help organize operations – of all sorts – against anti-Western elements.  No government approval, assistance or funding.  This skirts legalities.  This is not explicitly illegal and it may not even be legal, at this point. That grey area extends a long way.

I am only trying to assess the availability of people willing to participate in such efforts. Technology, equipment and facility offers are also appreciated. If you would like to be included in my database, please send a tailored resume to joel_harding at  In your resume, I am more interested in actual skills and experience.  If you have hands on experience of a less than legal nature, you might not want to admit illegal work.  If need be, I will contact you for clarification of your skills.”- Joel Harding

Although I’m writing about it under a different title, the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are using the same terrorists to squelch political and social opinions. 

They share in the guilt and condemnation. Hmmhmm, are there any lawyers in the house?

Parts of this deep state are involved in an ongoing coup attempt against the president of the United States. Whatever side of the isle you are on that needs to concern you. The alternative is that every presidency from this moment forward is under threat. America loses. The world loses. 

Is this the kind of mentality you want running your world? 

Or is this?

Hello George Eliason,

Joel Harding ( has sent you a message via your contact form ( at Russia Insider News.
If you don’t want to receive such e-mails, you can change your settings at
It’s been fun following you!  I hope you’re having fun in Donbas. So sorry NovoRossiya is being dissolved.
I’ve been looking forward to you publishing some more articles. But I’m curious, two months and nothing?  Did you change names?
I know your bandwidth there is limited, this is probably costing you many Russian rubles.  Oh yeah, I hear they don’t take Ukrainian Hryvnia.  The good news is that Luhansk and Donetsk will both remain with Ukraine, Russia can’t afford it.
By the time you return to the West, I should be in Kyiv, waiting for you.  You have a date with the SBU.”

The same people trying to destroy the office of the president and western democracy are doing so by attacking the people. It’s time to stop them through legislation or simple self defense. If pointing your-finger gun is threatening today, how much more threatening is 3 million more of them?

Next up, an inside look at the Information Operations going on in the US and how they’re geared to determine the outcome of the next election.

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