The Strategic Culture Foundation, a Moscow-based geopolicy think thank, sponsored a conference in Belgrade, Serbia, on 17 April 2016 entitled “What has ‘democracy’ imported from the West brough to the Former Yugoslavia since 1990?” Among nearly twenty distinguished participants was Andrew Korybko, Sputnik talk show host and frequent commentator on world affairs on RT and other analytical outlets. The conference was opened by Aleksandar Pavich, director of SCF Serbia office, and Anna Filimonova, the head of SCF’s Moscow branch.

This is the transcript of the speech made by Andrew Korybko

Hi everybody, and thank you for coming. Before I begin, I’d also like to thank the Strategic Culture Foundation for inviting me here. I originally wanted to talk to you all about how the US’ Wars on Yugoslavia and Serbia were the test operations for perfecting the sort of Hybrid Warfare that is currently being deployed in the Mideast and elsewhere, but then I was inspired by my friend Stephen Karganovic to talk about something a little bit more pressing and which directly affects each and every one of you.

Serbia right now is an historic crossroads, it’s literally straddling the East and the West, but unlike during the Yugoslav period, it’s impossible to stay on the fence any longer. The US and its EU henchmen just won’t allow it, and like they did to Ukraine, they’re going to try to use force and intimidation in bringing Serbia over to their side. The West will never accept that Serbia is a Slavic country with close fraternal and full-spectrum pragmatic ties with Russia. By the simple fact that Serbia is what it is, it’s identified as an enemy and targeted for socio-political elimination, which is occurring step by step with the variety of so-called “non-governmental organizations” that are running wild throughout this country. Even worse, these groups and their foreign sponsors have seized control of most of Serbia’s media, so it’s very difficult for the average Serb to get an accurate idea about the dire position that their country is in.

At this moment, Serbia is more subjugated to NATO than it was to Nazi Germany before Hitler’s invasion. The latest agreement with the very same bloc that bombed this country 17 years ago is unbelievable, I never would have thought that Serbia, proud Serbia, the heart of the Balkans, would capitulate like this, and the worst part is that nobody did anything about it. Thank God there are the anti-NATO protests going on, but this is just a beginning, it’s not the full answer, but rather just a peek at what needs to come. Serbs are awakening, it’s taken some time, but the time is now, the historical moment is such that Serbia can no longer dither around and hope for its situation to change. Things will get worse before they get better, the country is on the brink of falling completely into the West’s lap and becoming another Croatia – indebted, weak, deindustrialized, and directly colonized. It’s happening, it’s already started, the process is underway and it’s only accelerating, but it can be stopped.

Unlike before, the West isn’t biding its time anymore either, it’s determined to destroy Serbia once and for all and irreversibly bring it under its boot. For the first time in Serbia’s history, it’s being courted by two world-changing Great Powers, Russia and China, and each has its own respective multipolar transnational infrastructure project that it’s pursuing in the region. Serbia has a unique chance to play a leadership role in Russia’s Balkan Stream gas pipeline and China’s Balkan Silk Road high-speed railway between Budapest and the Greek port of Piraeus. In both constructions, Serbia will play a pivotal and central role, and this will be to the benefit of all Serbs, finally giving your country the regional leadership position, pride, and respect that it historically deserves. It’s for this reason that the US has dedicated itself to crushing the Serbian spirit of independence and turning the country into another puppet state like Croatia and the others.

Right now they’re just employing subterfuge, total media control, and the utilization of some puppet politicians to get their way, but if they don’t succeed soon enough, they’ll definitely end up scaling the intensity of their destabilizations all the way up to Hybrid Warfare. As we can already see, they’re using Sarajevo to destabilize Republika Srpska as an indirect attack against Serbia, and the Immigrant Crisis was partially hatched as a means of throwing the entire region into socio-political chaos. The US will do whatever it can to sabotage Serbia, it’s not your friend, and neither is its proxy organization, the EU. They want to stop Serbia from playing a role in the emerging multipolar world order, and it’s your job, as patriotic Serbs, to stop them from doing this and to protect your country to the best of your ability. You need to do whatever is best for Serbia, you need to listen to your heart, to the suggestions of trusted experts, and do what you know your patriotic duty is.

This is an historical moment, there is no going back, it’s either the declining West or the rising Multipolar world, Serbia must choose, it can’t sit on the fence anymore. The international geopolitical situation has considerably worsened for Serbia, and this is a critical time that necessitates urgent action. It’s time to decide Serbia’s future, to set it on a trajectory for the coming decades. Never before has Serbia been more enslaved, yet never before has it been more free to choose its destiny and future. Russia and China are sticking their hand out, finally, Moscow is ready and all that Serbs have to do is say yes and the multi-generational dream can be complete. Finally, after so many years and generations of waiting, the two brotherly countries can build the joint future that they’ve always known is possible. The time is now.

There is no middle ground, no more sitting on the fence. Serbia is not Yugoslavia, it doesn’t have the capabilities to balance like during the Old Cold War. The world has changed and Serbia’s leadership mustn’t try to mechanically emulate the past when it’s no longer possible to do so. They’re selling a dream that’s special to all Serbs and resonates in each and every one of your hearts, but it’s just not possible anymore. Don’t believe them when they say that the West can be trusted and is Serbia’s friend. It’s not, and just look at what they did to you since the 1980s when they put you in debt, the 1990s when they viciously tore you apart and bombed you in Bosnia and then in your own borders. They took away Kosovo, they stole it and raped it and are continuing to defile it with each and every single passing day and hour. Churches are being destroyed, history is being spit upon, and some politicians are still trying to say that the West is Serbia’s friend? Unreal! Serbia needs to resolutely make its decision and stick with it to the end, the time is now.

I have Yugoslav heritage and am more proud of this than anything else in my life, and it really hurts me to see what is happening to Serbia, the living, beating, proud heart of Yugoslavia, and I honest to God want to help. Serbia must make a choice, Serbs must wake up their fellow compatriots, it’s now or never. Really, it’s not to be dramatic or anything, this is real life, it’s your life, it’s Serbia’s life, it’s the life of your civilization. Everything is at stake. The time is now.

Us Slavs understand each other and know when there’s trouble. It doesn’t matter where we were born, what matters is how we were raised. No one else can understand it or learn it, you have it or you don’t. You can’t fake it, you can’t engineer it – it’s either real passion or it’s not, and this is real. The anti-NATO protests are a good first step, long overdue and heartily welcomed, but now we need to reverse the actual NATO agreement itself and free this country from becoming the NATO colony that the US and its allied politicians here want it to be. Serbia is worse off now than it was on the eve of the Hitler invasion after the Nazi agreement. This is unacceptable and needs to be reversed immediately. Pride and freedom must be restored.

We are the core of modern Balkan history, we set the trends, we affect the regional zeitgeist, we have the power and the influence. It’s in us, it’s in this beautiful country called Serbia, in our land, in our people, in our religion, in our history. It’s in every single one of us and always will be. If you’re Serbian or you love Serbia like I do, then it’s your patriotic duty to save this country before it goes to the dogs. There’s a bright and shining future ahead of us, it’s here, Russia and China have stuck out their hand and are just waiting for Serbia to accept. Everything can be different, the pain and suffering of the past couple of decades will never go away, but with this promising future, at least it your sacrifices won’t be in vain. The time is now.

We saved the Southern Slavs once during World War I and freed them from the Austrian-Hungarians, we saved them twice during World War II and freed them from the Nazis, and God willing, we will save them a third time from the US and NATO! The time is now, Serbia, the time is now to get off of your knees, earn the respect that you deserve, make a resolute choice, and stick with it. Be brave, choose a new future, break free from the bad habits of the past two decades, and courageously walk with your head up and stare into the horizon towards the future that lies ahead of you, the future that you earned, that your family and ancestors have earned, and that your children will live in. The time is now, Serbia, and it’s about time that you realize your strength, wake up, and take control of your destiny!

God bless you all and God bless Serbia!

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