by Uncle Vania

translated by Vox Populi Evo

On May 22nd, Turkey will have a new Prime Minister instead of the current leader of the Cabinet of Ministers — Ahmet Davutoglu. On May 5, 2016 he was forced to resign his post as a head of the ruling Justice and Development Party under pressure from Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As a result, he steps down as Turkish Prime Minister.

About the reasons for Davutoglu’s resignation, any doubts have disappeared after Erdogan’s words that “Davutoglu should not forget how he got to his post”. It is no secret that Erdogan does not tolerate independent and liberal politicians in his environment such as Davutoglu. Recently, the Prime Minister, who is by the way one of the ideologists of “Turkey’s rebirth as a global power”, has begun to take part in international affairs. That aroused Erdogan’s jealousy who considers geopolitics and international relations his main priorities. Erdogan does not need allies; he needs puppets to use them and to rule with their help.

turchia_14_MGZOOMIn these voluntaristic decisions Erdogan looks like “Ottoman Hitler” – the authoritarian ruler who does not tolerate different opinions, is ruthless to national minorities and very aggressive to external wars.

So, Erdogan‘s attitude towards national minorities, whether the Kurds or the Armenians, leaves much to be desired and looks like genocide. Erdogan does not admit the genocide in the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian people in 1915 (what the whole world already knows), but continues “glorious” traditions of his predecessors.

The active phase of the civil war with the Kurds lasts already about one year. The cities in the east and south of the country are exposed to total mop up. There are recent examples of such clashes and police-military operations in the town of Cizre and other places of compact residence of the Kurds in Turkey. Moreover, this campaign results in an all-out war considering the fact that the number of the Kurds in the country exceeds 20 million people. Thousands of the Kurds die. That is why we observe a lot of terror acts in Turkish cities. The conflict is at its zenith.

Armenian—Turkish relations are developing rather dramatically, despite the fact that Armenia is not a part of the Turkish state. Nagorno – Karabakh is not just one big headache for the OSCE “Minsk group” but also a chance for Turkey to put pressure on their enemy, (the Armenians) and to create problems for Russia. It is no coincidence that Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev regularly take a consultation of his “elder Turkic brother” Erdogan who will get a lot of benefit from a new war on the borders of Russia.

The level of hypocrisy in foreign policy of Ankara is not incomparable to Berlin during Hitler’s reign. So, in the mid-2000s, Erdogan said that Syria and Assad were “close friends” of Turkey and were ready to establish a free trade area. But then, almost overnight, Assad in the eyes of Ankara “has made” outstanding and acrobatic somersault to get access to Syria oil reserves and became “an implacable enemy,” a tyrant and “a fighter with democracy”.

The same thing happened in the relations with Russia. At first, it was a “great economic partner”, and then Turkey began to shoot down Russian gunships, to sponsor radicals of Crimean Tatars for a new war in Donbass.

Not surprisingly, if Erdogan as by the way still acting Prime Minister Davutoglu “predicted” abandon the idea of Alliance with the United States in favor of the revival of a new Ottoman Empire in the Middle East.

But the most hypocritical thing is the fight against “Islamic state” that sells oil to Erdogan and lives on this money. On words, the Turkish President is “the most principled fighter” with Islamism in Syria, he allegedly expended some efforts to kill thousands of militants (it is a pity but nobody can confirm that, especially the Syrian Kurds fighting with the Islamic state in Syria and killed by the Turkish fire).

And the parallels do not stop. Erdogan is merciless to his surroundings. Previously, he jailed almost all the generals suspected of the coup. Two years ago, he started purging security services, police, armed forces and his party to identify real and alleged supporters of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is living in the United States. This Turkish “Trotsky” is like a thorn in Erdogan’s flesh. For more than 10 years Erdogan has been unsuccessfully trying to exchange him but the United States needs Islamist to blackmail the President. So, Davutoglu is the last but not the least victim of Erdogan’s purges.

One more important parallel is Erdogan‘s willingness to violate the territorial integrity of former partners in favor of his interests and desire to capture near-by territory. The same thing happened with Iraqi Kurdistan where Turkish troops feel at home. They do not need the approval of Baghdad to invade there to catch some rebels with the PKK.

The same was with Northern Iraq‘s Mosul area, which Erdogan is going to grab first and not to give the Kurds or the Iraqis themselves to establish control over these oil—rich areas (well, is not it the sample of the Czech Sudetenland in 1938!?)

Only Russian troops in Latakia and Tartus that can give more serious resistance than the Syrian Arab Army to prevent Turkey from aggression against Syria.

If the EU and the US do not fathom the severity of the situation in Turkey, the great war in the Middle East cannot be avoided.

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