by Auslander

Ukraine is dead, dead on 02 May 2014 in Odessa, the coffin nailed shut a week later in Mariupol.

Ukraine as such means nothing to USA or EU, 404 is simply another weapon to use against ‘The Russias’. The enemies of Russia thought they had a weapon to plunge in to the throat of Russia, instead they had a weapon that dealt an off arm wound, serious but not fatal and already healing rapidly.

The ring of conflagrations along the south Mediterranean coast again mean nothing to US/EU, they were and are nothing but more weapons to be used to give ‘The Russias’ the Death of a Thousand Cuts. That hasn’t worked either, in spite of tens, hundreds of thousands of deaths from the fighting. I would aver that on the official spread sheets promulgated in Pentagon those deaths, grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and fathers, children, young women and men meeting a hideous death, lives torn asunder, entire cities reduced to rubble and very old cultures totally destroyed, are listed as collateral damage.

Lovely term, ‘collateral damage’. I don’t know who came up with that term but whoever did and those who promulgate that term to the general populace should be commended as loyal servants of the Dark Lord living in his hellfire kingdom. The Wikipedia definition is thus, and I use Wikipedia at the moment because our server that provides other sources is down yet again:

‘’In military terminology, it is frequently used where non-combatants are unintentionally killed or wounded and/or non-combatant property damage results of an attack on a legitimate military target.”

I will not explain to you in graphic detail exactly what ‘collateral damage’ is, what it really looks like, many of the readers of this blog could not stomach what they would read. The reality is hideous, families destroyed and in many instances totally wiped out, kiosks, shops, flats, streets, infrastructure totally destroyed.

This entire conflagration, spreading from Tunisia east to Syria and now Turkei beginning to show cracks in the facade and Ukraine totally destroyed, Irak and Afghan more than totally destroyed, is one and the same campaign, hatched and executed from Langley and DC with the knowing and willing assistance and connivance of EU and their satellites including Australia and Japan.

My question to them is what is wrong with you people, you ‘leaders’ of what are touted as the most advanced, educated and prosperous civilizations the world has ever seen? Are you insane? Are you hallucinating? Are you mentally ill? Are you willing to yet again risk destroying the entire world and cultures in your implacable desire to destroy ‘The Russias’? You must be one of the three if not all of them.

However, here are a few odds and ends for you ‘leaders’ to contemplate, assuming you are capable of such a mental process. If you are not capable of such mental exercises perhaps some of your citizens are.

Late summer 2015. President B. Assad, the legally elected president of the sovereign nation of Syria, after almost four years of fighting had his back to the wall, he and his loyal citizens were within two weeks of total destruction and he personally, along with his family, would be killed. He and his small army had fought against and held off the entire might of NATO and their minions but the Syrian Army was at the end of its ability to defend the country. To be blunt they were losing and losing badly as NATO licked it’s chops in anticipation of the long sought victory of their overriding chant of the last four years of ‘Assad must go’.

After a flurry of conversations and visits President Assad invited Russia to step in and help the SAA and Syria. President Putin gave the order to the Armed Forces of Russia to do so. Since the war in Syria started with the now usual ‘color’ revolution, each and every piece of military hardware and ordinance sent to the budding ‘revolutionaries’, each and every attack or aggressive action by NATO and US forces inside the borders of the Sovereign State of Syria, has been in gross and flagrant violation of Lord knows how many UN regulations, treaties and promulgations, EU, their satellites, USA, Australia and Japan having signed and agreed to abide by each and every one of them.

On 30 September 2015 Russian air force units arrived in Syria and immediately started a very successful campaign against the openly terrorist armed units attacking and on the cusp of winning the war against Syria.

After increasingly bellicose warnings and threats from NATO/EU/US et al and numerous serious provocations that could have instantly widened the war, those provocations not being ignored by Russia but addressed diplomatically, a little noticed fleet of river patrol ships, very small ships in the overall scheme of weapons, on 07 October 2015 launched a salvo of 26 Kalibr cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea, each and every missile traveling over Iran with Iranian permission and each and every missile hit within ten meters of its target among the terrorists fighting in Syria 1500 kilometers from the Caspian Sea. Tactically there was no need to do so, nor was there any need for missiles and precision guided bombs to be dropped from Russian strategic bombers flying from as far away as Murmansk and Belbek Aerodrome in Russia nor any need of Kalibr missiles launched against the terrorists from Black Sea ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Strategically the launches were a masterpiece. In one stroke President Putin made two things very clear. One, that, far from being the rusting and archaic armed forces the west had deluded themselves in to believing, the modern Armed Forces of Russia had proved they are a force to be reckoned with, a force to be ignored and denigrated at your own risk. Two, it showed with unequivocal thoroughness the commitment of Russia to the defense and preservation of the government of President Assad and Syria.

It did not take a rocket scientist to look at a map and understand that no country in the world was now immune from conventional weapon attack if Russia is pushed to war.

What does this have to do with the events in Ukraine? Everything. Through his words and actions in defense of eastern Ukraine and Krimea President Putin sent very clear messages in regards to the obedience to international law and respect of the civilians, both legally and physically, in both areas. These words and actions were ignored by NATO/EU/US as their plans for the complete subjugation of Ukraine to US/NATO were pushed to the maximum and their plans for massive NATO bases on the very borders of Russia seemed to be coming to fruition.

Their plans for a huge strategic and tactical naval base in Sevastopol and large conventional bases in Krimea came to a sudden and positive halt as the citizens refused to allow a coup installed government in Kiev rule them and have NATO/US bases on their soil.

The US Navy and Marine Command plans to use the Russian Navy compound fronting on Chelyuskintsyev Street on North Side in Sevastopol as their HQ were known beforehand and brought to an instant halt as the small group of US/NATO functionaries were summarily invited to leave, being quietly taken by bus to the Ukraine Border just north of Armyans’k on the E97. Their plans to turn the area between the Russian Navy Compound on north side were also known, the plan being to turn the area northwest of the base, sloping gently down to the finest beach on the Black Sea in Sevastopol, in to a piece of American Suburbia, private land owners be damned.

The reality is the US/NATO plan was, indeed, for the complete subjugation and occupation of Ukraine including Krimea. Any resistance was to be ruthlessly exterminated, be the resistance in Ukraine Proper or the Krimea Peninsula. As we all know the citizens resisted in east Ukraine and Krimea. Krimea was successful in avoiding the fate of Donbas, for that fate was in the plans if Krimea resisted. Donbas did not avoid the resultant war and carnage of their resistance for many reasons although their resistance did stop the Ukraine Army from totally occupying Donetsk and Lugahnsk Oblasti, albeit at horrendous cost.

Russian Armed Forces have not, to the best of my knowledge, physically intervened in the war in Donbas although they have supported the NAF to the hilt. They have obviously taken a page from the US/NATO playbook and used it against US/NATO with great success.

The war for Donbas is not over and will not be over in the near time. More will die on both sides, more civilians will pay the ultimate price of their resistance, but in the end the citizens of Novorossiya will persevere and achieve their freedom from what is now the rump state of Ukraine. Ukraine itself, a cobbled together patchwork of different cultures and regions garnered from the various wars and governments involved in what is known as Malarus, is already dead. Ukraine died on 02 May 2014 in the massacre of almost 300 citizens in Odessa. The twitching corpse was put in its coffin on 09 May 2014 after the Mariupol Massacre. It remains to be seen when the coffin is finally buried but nothing can change the fact. Ukraine is dead, dead of her own hand with the active connivance of US/EU/NATO.




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