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Located in the Cherkasy region, the Ukrainian city of Smila with 88,000 people is on the verge of imposing a state of emergency. The reason is that the heating has not started in the settlement for the upcoming season.

The further away the heating season, the thicker the “European integration” is, that’s what we’re being told by the “sly trolls of Putin” that look for Ukrainian “accomplishments”. Here is recent news from the fields:

“In Smila, Cherkasy region, they are preparing to declare a state of emergency. 80,000 residents of the city have no heating. Including hospitals, day cares, schools. That’s alright though. You guys have visa-free access to Europe. Then later you’ll be in NATO.”

The number of residents was exaggerated. In fact, there are 68,000 people. But otherwise, this isn’t a fiction created by Kremlin propagandists. If you go to Ukrainian websites, for example, the RBC Ukrainian news agency, it is easy to verify that the information is reliable.

“It is reported that the heating season in the city has not started due to debts to gas suppliers. Thus, with a strong fall in temperature, educational institutions of the 68,000-strong city may close for an undefined period. It was noted that Open Joint Stock Company “Cherkasygaz” stopped supplying gas to boiler houses of the city last year. The supplier demanded that the authorities of Smila repay the debt of the private servicing company “Smila Energoinvest” in the amount of more than 200 million hryvnias ($7.1 million). In 2010, the city council transferred to it the rights to city boiler houses and heating plants.”

This is a very interesting moment. The city council transferred boilers and heating plants to the “efficient owner” back in 2010. But until February 2014, until they overthrew the cursed Yanukovych, there was no problem with heating in Smila. And as soon as the final “European integration” began, the soul flew to heaven. Let’s hear what Alexey Tsybko, the mayor of Smila, is saying about this, trying (with difficulty) all his might to speak the Ukrainian language.

Clip plays

“Why did ‘GazImpex’ come to us, which are not able to accept subsidies and subventions in any way? Why, in what way, does the heating season process rise in a unilateral order? Raising this trade at 800 hryvnia for the price of gas, without having been agreed on, not with any sessions, not with the Smila council, these intentions were not voiced. It was inclined in an unapproved order.”

Clip ends

I think that’s enough. So, what have we learned from this stream of patriotic tongue-tied speech? That the new Maidan government, headed by the government of which is the Cherkasy neighboring countryman, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, gave the gas supply to some new legal entity called GazImpex. Information about this office is publicly available:

And from there it is not difficult for us to find out that these are refined Ukrainian “patriots”, whose head office is located in Ivano-Frankivsk, on Hetman Mazepa Street. Yes, and by the way, do you know the size of the authorized capital of this company, which is terrorizing the city of 68,000 from turning off heating? 1,000 hryvnia ($35!), basically not more than 2,000 rubles.

However, perhaps we are talking about another company with the same name, registered in Dnepropetrovsk, it is absolutely unimportant. Something else is important: the market decided. That is, the problems of Smila are consequences of the accession of the “European integration” in Ukraine, which opened the gates to animal capitalism not even in the style of the 90s of the last century, but much worse.

The higher the price of gas for the population, as required by the IMF looming behind the gas companies, the more situations like in Smila will happen in Ukraine. And the more we will see on YouTube the mayors who are trying to put words together in Ukrainian, that no one has coordinated the price increase with local councils.

And why would this opinion of local councils worry the people who came to power over the corpses of Maidan sheep activists? How many people from Smila drove in 2013-2014 to Kiev, on the Maidan? Or maybe to support the Berkut? (Riot police that withstood militant protesters for months.) And the ones that supported the Nazi punishers of Donbass?

Continue eating now, before you choke. Or maybe you have enough spirit to announce the Smila People’s Republic? There’s plenty of weapons circulating in Ukraine, huh?

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