When I saw this, I could not believe my eyes.  I found the source, and I am sharing this with you now.  Check out this “icon”:

Ukie Nazi pseudo Saints

The page where I found this abomination, helpfully lists the people represented on this “icon”.  Here I quote:

Modern icon of the Intercession of Virgin Mary, showing figures that contributed to Ukrainian statehood from the 10th century onward

A modern icon of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary embosses another view at the Defenders of the Fatherland, one that takes us on a journey through episodes of Ukrainian statehood going from the medieval state of Kyivan Rus with its center in Kyiv  and spanning large extents of modern-day Belarus and Russia (figure 2 – Volodymyr the Great, Prince of Kyivan Rus) and its western counterpart, the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia (5- Prince Daniel of Galicia), going through Kozak times (6 – Kozak leader Bohdan Khmelnitskyi and 7 – Ivan Mazepa), and continuing through Ukraine’s struggles for statehood in the aftermath of WW1 (leaders of the Ukrainian People’s republic, a Ukrainian political formation that struggled for independent statehood after the demise of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires: 15 – Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, 17 – Simon Petlura; figures of Sich Riflemen, the first regular military units of the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic: 16 – Dmytro Vitovskyi) and during WW2 (leaders of the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement OUN: 13 – Roman Shukhevych, 12 – Stepan Bandera). Such a continuity of historical tradition is detrimental to the concept of the Russian world, in line with which historical facts are being twisted to suggest that Ukraine does not have a story of its own statehood, and thus belongs under the wing of mother Russia.

Friends, this is not a joke.  Petliura, Sukhevich and Bandera are now “saints”…

Notice the key sentence:”Such a continuity of historical tradition is detrimental to the concept of the Russian world“.  That is, I suppose, the extend of Ukronazi “dogmatics”.

The Saker

Ukie scriptPS: to illustrate to what degree these Ukronazis are pathetic, I want to point out a small, but telling, detail.  The text which is held right under the “Ukrainian trident” is written in…  Ukrainian!  This might seem normal to you, but you need to realize, that if somebody wants to imitate the style of a real icon, any text typically shown, would be in Church Slavonic, not in a modern language.  Furthermore, the use of Church Slavonic is not a “Russian” thing, but a common element to all Orthodox Slavs, including, of course, Ukrainians.

In other words, these Ukronazis are not even aware of their own historical and spiritual heritage.  All they care aboutn is being an anti-Russian and, therefore, anti-Orthodox and, at that, they are really good indeed!

Also, on a personal note, my wife happens to be a direct descended of saint Vladimir, who is described in this pseudo-icon as “Volodymyr the Great, Prince of Kyivan Rus“.  It always makes her sick to her stomach when she hears him presented as “Volodymyr” and as a “Ukrainian” since both that pronunciation of his name and the very word “Ukraine”, did not exist in his time.

The sad reality is that modern Ukronazi Banderastan has nothing, absolutely nothing, in common with the historical Kievan Rus’.  In fact, Banderastan is only an anti-Rus’.

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