Dear friends,

The civilians of the LDNR are being evacuated from the towns near the LOC (line of contact).

The Ukies are bombing the LDNR with artillery and mortar fire along the full LOC.

The city of Gorlovka has lost power.  The city is under tank fire.  The only road between Donetsk and Gorlovka is under Ukronazi fire.

The cities of Dokuchaevsk,  Staromikhailovka and Belaia Kamenka are under mortar attack.

It appears that the Ukronazis want to cut through the defenses between Lugansk and Donetsk.

That’s what I just caught myself.

Now I am, once again, creating an OPEN THREAD to share information about what is taking place.  Please try to stick to factual information and not post your opinions.

I will be back later once the picture becomes a little clearer.


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