This is really sweet: the Ukronazi crazies are now publicly turning on each other.  Today, I want to share with you a video (pretty long, 28min, no need to watch it all) with no subtitles.  I will just summarize what you will see.  A member of the Ukie Parliament, Tetiana Chornovol, decided to visit the volunteers currently blockading Novorussia to try to explain to them that if the Nazi-occupied Ukraine could not get coal from Novorussia the only option would be to purchase coal from Russia.  Keep in mind that she is a rabid nationalist and that her Ukronazi credentials are impeccable: she is in the same party as Turchinov and Iats, she married an Azov death squad volunteer who was eventually killed, she has committed plenty of crazy actions and petty crimes to publicize her politics.  On one occasion she was even viciously beaten by, apparently, thugs hired by her political opponents.  In many ways, you could say that she is a symbol of the “Euromaidan”.  And yet the blockading crazies are replying to her with screams, very rude insults, plenty of explicit language and even eggs tossed in her face.  Both sides are also accusing each other of working for Putin!

Frankly, there is nothing much to translate here, but if you want to get sense of the mood of these “proud Ukrainian nationalists” – just watch this video.


The Saker

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