A few boring pieces about the future, because a few important moments came to realization. Considering these important moments, we will post some forecasts foretelling the future, but only in brief, because some of the points need separate explanations.

Since we collectively are not experts in anything, and absolutely not specialists in geopolitics, it means we can’t write nonsense, but only boring, true and correct prognoses and analyses of possible deviations.

We can’t write who-knows-what and go have tea afterwards, like the experts. We would feel ashamed, unlike these experts who seem to be sleeping soundly at night.

Thus some small things that we have to outline as being a concrete realities.

We will have Trump. I suspect that some people in Germany and France (Merkel, Holland) have already realized it. Now, an approximate time for valtsmans’ (a.k.a. Poroshenkos) mind-blowing crash will start more or less with the moment Trump swears to his presidency.  It means that the John McCains of the world will have a couple months to pluck out this bloody gang from Ukraine and to save face. If they wait until Trump comes… it could be too late to start taking medicine. Trump doesn’t need some foggy, dishonest, bloody mice on his neck before the first most important negotiations with Putin.

Political genre here demands two scenarios: 1. A defeating beating, mush worse than we would administer, and a meeting with Putin as a conclusion, to prove that Trump is a reliable and trustworthy partner.

  1. Meeting first, following by a surrendering of khvascists with the roll of the drums announcing what the previous administration of democrats had done by putting khvascists in power. They truly covered the US in shame in front of the entire world. But those all are crimes committed by the previous government of democrats, and it’s all their crimes.  I was right when I said that we should build a friendly relations with Putin. The democrats are four hundred times worse than Hitler.


Trump’s team is capable of painting a horrific picture of valzmans crimes, and we will be shocked. So, if someone is not a complete idiot and won’t do anything to stick the bloody gang somewhere very deep BEFORE Trump becomes president, he will regret this much later.

Why is it so? Because, Trump is not a fool, and he ignored valzman’s (Poroshenko) visit, because Trump knows that valzman will be the first to be cast into the bonfire of friendship. Because valzman is a marked and played card. It’s someone else’s dirty trick, that bring only headaches for someone else’s cookies. That’s why all valzmans are inside a concrete block right now.

If Biden won’t take them with him… essentially, if they are not pacified right now, they will suffer worse.

It’s in Trump’s interest, to beat them up to a bloody pulp with cynicism. He doesn’t need them, but upon beating they can be handed to Putin without any headache.


So… Georgia will be sent flying at approximately the same time as Ukro-land.

It’s not because of Trump specifically, but because of the general situation. Both, Ukro-land and Georgia are deemed to be discarded and thrown out of the Western mice-sphere of interest.

It is with Trump as a president that things will go faster and simpler. Clintons, Albrights, McCains, and their entire bloody pack would still design more of the small pleasures like terror acts, sabotage, diversions, political persecutions of innocent, different kind of deadly viruses for our pigs brought by the wide pigs from Georgia’s American bio-labs, and such.

We won’t have all these with Trump. Of course he would need some time to bring the workers of the bloody slaughter house to their senses. It’s not just him coming to power. This is the beginning of new American politics. It will start with Trump, and it’s not going to be imitated, until they break everyone’s brain.

A few key points of the new US politics: the Eastern Europeans mongrels will be told to go to hell. First, they will be asked to pay much more for NATO’s presence on their territories. They don’t have any money, so they won’t have NATO. They won’t be notified, of course. There will be a yearlong consultation, after that they will follow this formula:

The UK, Canada and the US will be the main members. France and Germany will be offered to create their own European defense forces until the end of 2018; NATO will look mostly as it is today, but by that time Germany and France will complete a creation of the European forces and will decide what other countries of the EU will be members, if any.

When the European army is formed, the US will start withdrawing their bases. It’s possible that the US anti-missile system will still be in place, but France and Germany might be in need to develop their own anti-missile systems, because in 5 years the US will be a very different place. In 10 years it will be completely different world.  This world is already different, but instead-of-media, the comrades from Washington and other power players do everything they can to prevent people from seeing it and understanding it to prevent a widespread panic. Some uncontrollable processes might start. And, no one likes uncontrollable processes. They only love controllable processes.


Whom will Germany and France choose to keep?

I think that they will keep Poland. But the situation of Poland will be completely different. One moment they bark at everyone in Europe, because they have been lying under the US, who were called the most important in the Universe. [And Poland being the recipient of the largest in the EU aid.]

And, it’s completely different to try to open their mouths while being a state with a huge debt and a pool of blue color workforce. And nothing else.

Their arable lands will be bought out by the Germans for peanuts, because they just bought Monsanto. They also will get the arable lands in Romania and Bulgaria. So… Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina,  maybe Czech republic, but we will have to really think about that one.

These states most likely won’t become a part of the European Army. Instead, they will host some of our defense elements… First, most likely, it will be our emergency situation relief bases… then GLONAS stations to study mice migration in their natural habitat, after that maybe our special forces to fight hooligans, and after that our anti-missile defense systems. That’s written in stone, already.

France and Germany will become the main players in the micro-world of the Baltics, Poland, and all the other Russophobes, whose life will be very tough. As soon as Trump comes to power they will start stupidly paying for their Russophobia and hate speech.

The US can’t help them any more with the wagons of empty papers that hold matrix together. After these presidential elections, it will become clear for everyone that all the worldwide thieves’ greasy attacks on  the nations with cheap oil and gold supplies won’t work any longer.  And, it  will spell the end of them. Stock market and banks collapse, clerks jumping out of the windows, we will see all of these.


The US dollar is being slowly squeezed out of oil and gas trade in the EU. The Bay countries also are moving towards using other currencies,… that’s why dollar will become much cheaper a few months into the Trump presidency.  It’s won’t be Trump’s fault, of cause…  In essence, dollar might crush even before, but they will try to maintain it artificially, because they are all heroes and generals over there. The rodents will put a blame on trump for all these, but this is a separate story, for  latter.

Shit, this is not interesting, but I have to finish posting all that, so we could move to more interesting things next week. So, have some patience.

I will be back because… my paw is hurting again.

So… we have once again a very interesting situation, or to be correct it already took place and now we will be able to see by the consequences, what we got in exchange for this fat Pendos’ provocation.

I can see that not one expert said anything about it. That’s why we have to post more details in the order they happened from the beginning to the end. We have to tell to ourselves in millions of time that Putin is great, our intelligence is the best in the world, and our cats can make the best mousetraps.  because we have set up a true cat mousetrap, similar to what  I create all the time, because I know the perverse nature of mice. The most important to know when you set up a mousetrap is for the mice to think that they are not being watched and suspected, and that they mice if the smartest and everyone else around are idiots. Many times before I explained you how it works.

Aha… more coffee… my paw is hurting… veterinarians are losers…

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