Wow, Eric Zuesses’ article really elicited a fury the like of which I have never seen, at least so far.  Right now there are seventy-fire (75!) intercepted comments sitting in my “trash bin” to review and either clear or terminate.

Got to take my trash out…

And, just to add even more misery to an overworked Saker (and exhausted moderators!), I am about to post another article tomorrow which will, no doubt, infuriate the “other side” of the “antisemite vs philosemite” (I am using these categories tongue-in-cheek, relax!) debate.  So help me God…

Anyway, regardless of what happens tomorrow, I just want to assure non-trolls commenting on this blog (the vast majority of commentators indeed) that the “Saker war on trolls, imbeciles and other pests” is on and that I hope to bring a set of proposals to our community by the end of the week.

Until then, stay put, hunker down and expect the crazies to show up in force tomorrow.  Let them get their last hurrah, why not?  :-)


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