By Batiushka for The Saker

A huge and historic injustice took place in Europe in 1914, which over the next four years left many, many millions dead. Who was responsible? The power-lusting Prussians of Germany, using Austro-Hungarian imperialism as their pawn, or the power-lusting Establishment of Great Britain, using French revanchism as their pawn? Some would say that all were to some extent responsible, though the spontaneous 1914 Christmas Armistice on the Western Front suggests that this was not a War of the peoples, but of the elites. But we shall leave the debate about responsibilities to the academics. We are not concerned by apportioning blame or conspiracies, here we are concerned only by the tragic consequences.

That War, become to some extent worldwide, left millions of dead, the flower of European Youth massacred by sadistic politicians, by greedy arms merchants who also largely controlled the Press, and by heartless generals. Apart from the dead, the forces of evil left behind them a Continent traumatised, tens of millions of shell-shocked, maimed, widows, orphaned and also spinsters, who sixty years after were still dying in lonely and childless old age, as there had been no man to marry. How many hundreds of millions of human tragedies had been caused by human evil, the lust for power and riches. But it was all much worse even than this.

As a result of this first War atheist Bolsheviks seized power in the former Russian Empire. Although well over 600,000 Russian troops had died in the two and half years up until February 1917, as they, unlike the Allies on the Western Front, had faced the vast majority of the forces of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Turkey, far worse was to come. Foreign-sponsored foreigners, like the brain-fevered Blank-Lenin and the evil genius Bronstein-Trotsky, killed millions in a civil war, including the Imperial Family, and through deliberate starvation. Many more would later die in concentration camps. And unlike in the First War when the enemy never even entered Russia, in the Second War the enemy reached the very gates of Moscow, Leningrad and the banks of the Volga, slaughtering 27 million, mainly civilians.

But then there was the American flu (called for propaganda reasons ‘Spanish flu’). Beginning in Kansas, it was brought to Europe in 1917 by American troops, who had entered the First War, as arranged, as soon as the treacherous ‘Allies’ (not Germany) had succeeded in overthrowing Imperial Russia. The Americans had come to conquer Europe. After the Great European Suicide of the First War, this flu may have killed another 50 million, though some say far more. But above all, exactly as the French Marshal Foch foretold at Versailles, the ‘Peace’ of 1919 led directly to the Second Great War that broke out twenty years later. And that murdered tens of millions and in 1945 made Western Europe into a conquered and occupied province of the USA, which then set about creating a USE (United States of Europe) in its own image.

And so came the Cold War, with its MAD (mutually assured destruction) phobia, bunker-building, wasteful spending on arms, and the new generation’s social revolution of the 1960s. In turn came the next generation of 1989, 75 years after 1914 and 50 years after 1939, and the occupation of Eastern Europe by the same US colonists, sending out their proconsul-ambassadors to the client states of the ‘New Europe’. In 1991, 50 years after Operation Barbarossa of Nazi Imperialism ravaged the USSR but was defeated, the latter fell to Nato Imperialism. And in turn, 100 years after the Great European Suicide began, the Evil Empire began its occupation of the Ukraine in 2014, turning it into a dependent vassal. The whole pattern of the hundred years, 1914-2014, had the same source.

Until 2022 there had never been any hope of justice and restitution for any of this. Then on 24 February began the Special Operation to liberate the Ukraine and denazify the world. This is the last throw of the dice and the eyes of the freedom-loving world are turned to the Russian Federation. Even with all its troubles, imperfections and treacheries, we have no other hope. The world is looking at you.


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