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“No loyal American worth his salt would ever question the basic goodness of dropping bombs on foreigners. Any foreigners (the darker the better), any time, any kind of bombs (the bigger the better), no valid reason required. ” Jeff J. Brown

Miracle of the week

  • Russian bombers perform flight to stratosphere

Russian Eastern Military District Sukhoi Su-34 pilot crews have performed flights to the stratosphere, the upper layer of the athmosphere, the head of the district’s press service, Alexander Gordeyev, has told TASS.

According to the official, the crews also trained night flight navigation and drilled bomb attacks against ground targets at one of the local test ranges.

The Su-34 two-seat frontline bomber is capable of operating equally efficiently day and night and in any weather conditions. The Su-34 dubbed as Fullback under NATO classification is designed to deliver missile and bomb strikes against ground objectives and destroy an enemy’s aerial targets.

Discovery of the week

As is by now well-known, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s previously classified 2012 report on the origin of the Islamic insurgency against Bashar al-Assad was released to the public on 18 May 2015, and it revealed the Obama Administration’s knowledge, at least since that time, that «the Salafist [Saudi-backed fundamentalist Sunni Islamic], the Muslim Brotherhood [Qatari-backed fundamentalist Sunni Islamic] and AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria», and acknowledgement that «the West, Gulf countries [Saudi Arabia and Qatar mainly], and Turkey support the opposition [to Bashar al-Assad], while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime», so that the U.S. Government is, in fact, allied with Al Qaeda there, to overthrow Assad.

This pro-Al-Qaeda position was news, however, to America’s military personnel in that region.

Economy of War

TurkishStream is synchronized with The Termination Of The Contract On Gas Transit Through Ukraine in 2019

Military to Military

Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

Q. Why Does Russia Need a Base on the Chukotka Peninsula?

A. Because it’s close to the US West Coast.

In August Russian Defense Ministry announced plans on creation a unified  coastal defense system from the South coast of Primorye to the Arctic to solve important issues such as control of heavy rainfall zones of the Kuril Islands and the Bering Strait, to cover routes of the Pacific fleet deployment in the Russian Far East and Northen sea areas, and to improve the combat stability of naval strategic nuclear forces.

Looks like US getting ready for a major war. US Base at Diego Garcia so loaded with planes, parking them on roads!

According to information from a government contractor, the US has deployed “More planes than I have ever seen in nine years” to the Military Base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.  Specifically, this contractor wrote to say:

I rotate thru Diego Garcia every 6 weeks to pull maintenance on uplink equipment as a private contractor.

Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than any time in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the National Road. Barriers have been set up around the aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up everywhere. A tent city full of AF and Navy maintenance personal has also been set up.

I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time. Actually I have never seen more than 1 there at a time.  Now, there are very many.

Security is nuts I had to show my id at least 8 times a day.

My coworker is former AF and said they are like that when nukes are around.

We counted over a dozen air refueling tankers on the ground. The airfield had a takeoff or landing every 1 minute, very busy. When we flew out we waited in line for quite a while. We never had to wait in the past.

The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.

There were a bunch of B-52’s coming in that were painted flat black. I have’t seen that before.”



  • Putin, Oct 11th 2016: Canceled Paris trip, How to fix Syria, Refugee Crisis, Terrorism [ENG VO]



China’s Influence on World Stage, BY Kim Petersen

Part 3 of 3: What Does the Rise of China Mean for the Rest of the World?

The US

US blackout for new Nuland push on Cyprus president Anastasiades


Israel’s Nuclear Man: Shimon Peres, A Brand without Substance


Past two weeks we can see a coordinated info attack on Turkey’s stability and Erdogan personally with the threats to kill him by the Israeli and European based media.


Conflicting reports of the terrorists leaving the East Aleppo through the humanitarian corridors created by the UN, and also East Aleppo being on lockdown, civilians blocked off from govt-controlled areas by the terrorists

India and BRICS

Sand sculptor Pattnaik creates world monuments celebrating BRICS summit

Sand sculptor Sudarsan Pattnaik said on Saturday that Russia is represented by the onion-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral and South Africa by a sculpture of Nelson Mandela.


ALEPPO, SYRIA (7:17 P.M.) – After a series of significant advances in the northern sector of the rebel-held east Aleppo districts reaching the perimeters of the Haydariyah Youth Housing Complex north of Hnano district.

A military source exclusive to Al-Masdar News revealed that the advances were launched from government-held positions in the Breij Hills capturing the rest of the sawmills, Majbal, Kassarat, and the Agricultural College which lies inside the Inzarat district.

The advances breached a 1 km front of jihadist defenses with a depth exceeding 1 km killing a confirmed 42 insurgents while injuring over 30 in sporadic clashes across the embattled city.

NATO members ships are following the Russian group along its path towards Syria, accompanied by the predictable hysterical reaction of the “free’ media


  • NATO War on Syria: how it’s all started

In  2008 Sarkozy told to Bashar al-Assad : “We will burn your country to the ground”

EXCLU – Sarkozy à Assad : « On va mettre la Syrie à feu et à sang ! » (Rochedy)

[I have heard this story of a “pipeline” as a reason for NATO war on Syria many times, and I don’t believe it at all.  The real reason is to have a US controlled territory for attack on Russia.  Just one look at the map and you can see that they could build this pipeline by bypassing Syria. The real reason for this war is to divide Syria into parts, to divide Turkey into parts and to divide Iraq to establish the US controlled fake state of the “Kurdistan.” This would let the US to  create a sea accessible land corridor toward Russia. Also, bombing the Arab nations into dust to de-populate those territories and to guarantee that they will never never resist Israel and US control over the region.

Plus, recently some “experts” in Israel  started distribution of claims that Kurds are a “lost tribe of Israel” and that all it takes is just a gentle nudge to lead them to embrace their historical heritage.  Scott]

Iran’s Tasnim News has reported that a high-level Turkish political delegation will meet with Syrian President Assad.

The report claims that the Turkish delegation will be led by a cabinet minister that will soon travel to Syria.

This would be a breakthrough in contemporary Syria-Turkey relations considering Turkish President Erdogan has been adamant, even in recent times, that Assad must not rule at all costs.



  • MH17: Bundeswehr-retired general accused Ukraine of mass murder

Bundeswehr-General a.D. verdächtigt Ukraine des Massen-Mords (D., ENGL.)

  • Ukraine: Kiev Svoboda, Right Sector march on 74th anniversary of UPA founding

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