So the much advertised NATO summit in Warsaw finally took place.  It was a total success, at least if the criterion is that the outcome matched the expectations:

  • Poroshenko and Nadezhda Savchenko were invited and treated like a respected guest
  • Russia was condemned for her “aggressions” in Georgia, Crimea and the Ukraine
  • The Poles plastered Warsaw with posters saying “ACHTUNG RUϟϟIA”
  • The Balts each got one NATO battalion to deter the Russian Bear
  • Russia was condemned for not abiding by the Minks2 Agreement
  • Enough hot air was released to worsen global warming by at least 10 degrees

Frankly, I don’t feel like commenting on all this idiocy.  Besides, all these pseudo-decisions never were the true purpose of this summit.  This summit had a totally different objective and that objective too was fully achieved.

The real purpose of the summit was to force each western political leader to chose between reality and ideology.  And they all made the correct choice, of course.  They categorically rejected reality and enthusiastically embraced ideology.

This is why Russia was accused of not complying with an agreement she is not even a part to.

This is why Russia was accused of “aggression” against Georgia even though even the EU concluded that Georgia had started the war

This is why a non-existing Russian threat was denounced

This is why the Russian armed forces were declared deterred by a few NATO battalions

This is why the Russian invasion of the Donbass was denounced

This is why the 100% legal referendum in Crimea was completely ignored

The unanimous determination of all the western leaders to ignore reality and to firmly and publicly hold on and proclaim ideological nonsense as truthful was, in reality, the expected goal of the summit.

AngloZionists love to “send messages” and here several messages were sent loud and clear.

Message to Russia: you dared to oppose us and you thought that being in the right might help you.  Well, Russia, screw you Russia,  and screw reality!  You either are with us (i.e. under our control), or you will be treated like a pariah.

Message to the European people: least any of you consider defying us, we are showing you a united front.  A united from of the parasitic superstructure ruling the EU on behalf of the local 1%er comprador elites of Russia and on behalf of the AngloZionist Empire.  So don’t even think of being independent, free or any other such nonsense.  We run the planet and you obey.

Message to the rest of the planet: don’t even think of joining or even supporting Russia because if you do, we will snap you like a twig.  We run the planet and we make and break anybody.

Last but not least,

Message to themselves: we are in control, we will prevail, the Russians will have to back down, we are invulnerable.

I would submit that this last message might be the most important of them all.  Because, of course, the AngloZionist leaders are afraid.  Afraid mainly of Russia, of course, but even more by what Russia represents.  They are afraid of a Dollar which is sustained by nothing, not oil and not even USN aircraft carriers.  They are afraid by the growing realization that less and less people out there are afraid of them.  They are afraid by countries such as Russia, Iran or China daring to openly declare that they will follow another economic and civilizational model.  But more than anything else they are terrified by the growing realization that “their own people” (at least theoretically)  hate and despise them.

The most pathetic thing about all this is how the AngloZionists are misreading the Russians.  From a Russian cultural point of view, everything the West and NATO has been doing as signs of weakness.  Why would a strong alliance need to engage in meaningless threats (NATO battalions or ABM systems)?  Why would a strong alliance seek safety in numbers?  Why would a strong alliance act is if reality did not exist?  From a Russian point of view all that saber-rattling and grandstanding amount to a gigantic admission weakness and they are totally unimpressed.  And they are not shy about expressing their contempt for what they see as a pathetic display of incompetence by a clueless western leadership.

That is not to say that the Russians are not worried.  They are.  Very.  Because they also understand that for all their pathetic lack of political vision and even basic professionalism, the AngloZionists are still very dangerous.  It does not take a great deal of intelligence to trigger a nuclear war.  So while the Russians are now openly contemptuous of the Empire, they still realize that it is precisely the lack of competence of the West which will require a tremendous amount of caution and patience from the Russian leadership to “softly land” the Empire without triggering a planetary nuclear war.

You could say that Russia fears the US/NATO/EU weakness a great deal more than she fear the US/NATO/EU strength.

Finally, many Russians realize that the Western civilization is as discredited, morally bankrupt and, basically, dead, as the Soviet civilization was by the late 1980s.  There are no more “western values”, at least not in any quality other then as the object of jokes and disgusted sneers.  Everybody pretends, but nobody really believes any of it.  All the grand conceptual building composed of notions such as ‘democracy’, ‘human  rights’, ‘freedom’, ‘justice’ has come crushing down and is now beyond repair.  The good news is that this collapse is not final, and just as Russia eventually re-discovered herself after 2000, so will the West, both in the USA and the Europe.  I can easily imaging the people of the West eventually turning back to their ancient historical roots, but they will do that in a new, modern way.  Just like the Russia of 2000-2016 is not the Russia of before 1917, so the new West will emerge as something new, but with roots in the distant past.  But before that happens the West will have to undergo a painful and very dangerous process of disintegration similar to what the Soviet Union went through between roughly 1980 and 2000.

Dmitry Orlov is absolutely correct.  The collapse of the West is inevitable and the study of the collapse of the Soviet Union yields many interesting lessons.

But for the time being we are stuck in our current reality.  A world split in two with, on one hand, a dying, delusional and weak Empire and, on the other, pretty much the rest of mankind.   In this dying and unstable world, the NATO summit in Warsaw played the same role as the XXVIth Congress of the CPSU in the Soviet Union in 1981: a touching show of unity in the face of an inevitable collapse.

If we remember what happened to the USSR and Russia in the following two decades we can only conclude that we are about to enter a most difficult and dangerous period of history.

The Saker

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