did they expect us to treat them with any respect?
they can polish their medals and sharpen their
smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for a while
boom boom, bang bang, lie down you’re dead
Roger Waters

By now most of you must have heard about the “mysterious” missile strike which hit Poland.  If you missed it, here are some articles which show how this non-event was developed by the media:

It is actually quite interesting to see how this story “developed”.  First it was presented as a Russian attack.  Of course.  What else could it be?

Then it became pretty obvious that the missile was a Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile.  Now I should tell you that the Ukronazis have accused Russia of using old S-300 against ground targets.  However, there are no Russian S-300 within range of the location in Poland where the missile landed, only Ukrainian ones.  And, as Gonzalo Lira pointed out, a Polish farmer really did a great thing when he photographed the debris of the missile.  I would note that Lira is wrong when he thinks that a Russian missile could only come from the East.  Russian standoff weapons use satellite, inertial and terrain following guidance to follow a carefully prepared track to bypass air defenses and they very much can fly around a target before hitting it from “behind”.

Very predictably, the usual gang of nutcases demanded a UNSC meeting and a NATO meeting.  The Ukies were especially vociferous, and it is pretty obvious why: Ukronazi S-300 have been hitting buildings for quite a while now, and each of these explosions was, of course, blamed on Russia (or even personally on Putin).  There are videos on Telegram of Ukrainian air defense missiles taking off, making a large curve and either exploding in mid-air or, worse, hitting the ground.  The exact same thing happened during the Gulf War when US Patriots failed to intercept Iraqi SCUDs and actually killed people on the ground.  Kiev’s attempts to conceal the real origin of this missile by loud hysterics about “Russian aggression” did not work out too well this time.

Initially, it appears that some Polish politicians wanted to immediately use this incident to create even more tensions, but the rather tepid reaction of the US sent them a clear message: the US is not interested in participating in what would be a truly ridiculous (and potentially very dangerous) PSYOP or false flag.

The Poles got the message and soon they also agreed that the missile was Ukrainian.

The only “consolation prize” the Poles and Ukies got was a flaccid US statement to the effect that Russia was “ultimately responsible”, which is about as meaningful and interesting as a wet firecracker.

Still, the Hyena of Europe is trying hard to show its prowess by fighting “little wars” since their US masters do not allow them (yet!) to trigger the big war that this hyena desperately needs to, yet again, bite off some land from the defeated Ukraine (just as it did during the partition of Czechoslovakia with Hitler’s help in 1938).

The latest Polish victory is their “defeat” of Roger Waters whom they have now banned from performing in Poland.  Roger Waters was already listed as an “enemy of the Ukraine” on the infamous “Mirotvorets” hitlist.  Now he has been upgraded to the status of “enemy of Poland”.

Yet another confirmation that Nazi Ukrainians, the Latin Poles and Zionist Israelis have the same “enemies” in spite of their, comparatively minor, differences in ideology.

To be fair, the UK, Canada, Banderastan or any of the three Baltic statelets are no less hyenas than Poland – they too only show courage when protected by the US overlords.

So yes, this time around, the Ukronazis and the Poles could not use an indisputably Ukrainian missile to try to strong arm NATO into attacking Russia.  But what will happen the next time if not photos are available (the Ukronazis have already banned the making of photos or videos from any location hit by any missile!)?

So where is this all heading?

Simple: first, the Poles hate the Ukrainians just as much as they hate Russians.  The Ukrainians, by the way, hate the Poles no less than they hate Russians (and Jews). The only difference is that the Polish anti-Ukrainian hate is laced with contempt whereas their anti-Russian hate is laced with fear.  Add to this picture the Brits with their own imperial phantom pains and sense of racial superiority over the “continental” Europeans (“fog over the channel, Europe isolated“) and you quickly see that there is plenty of hate going around amongst these “allies”.

So what we are dealing with is an entire pack of hate-filled hyenas.

The Poles and the Ukies have one main thing in common – they want NATO to wage war on Russia: the Ukies want this to simply survive and the Poles to grab a piece of the Ukraine.  Some political parties in Poland even want Ukrainian refugees to pledge their loyalty to Poland! Truth be told, the Ukronazis have passed laws which, in essence, allow Polish nationals to have the same right as Ukrainians.

Sure looks like Poland wants at least some parts of Banderastan, which are being prepped for an eventual fusion into one entity.  Boy, if that really happens, the EU will have a big and very ugly problem on its hands :-)

And, of course, NATO leaders would love to defeat Russia in a major war, but they know that they simply don’t have the manpower to do so, hence the US “caution” and talks about “deconfliction”.

Some are contemplating some kind of “coalition of the willing” or an “alliance of democracies” but all these pretty sounding concepts provide neither manpower nor firepower.  That approach failed miserably everywhere it was tried, and it will fail again.

Attacking Russia when Russia is weak, or already under attack from other enemies, in a time-honored Polish tradition and their national hero is a psychopathic leader who seriously wanted Poland to become a European superpower by seizing all the land between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.  God knows they tried enough times to know that this simply won’t happen, so the next best thing for the Poles is to grab as much of the Ukraine as possible.

The other “sophisticated” strategy of the Poles is to be the most abjectly subservient poodle in the “Anglo Eurokennel” with the hope that what Rumsfeld’s “new Europe” (aka Poland) would replace the “old Europe” (aka Germany and France).  Remember how they wanted a “Fort Trump”?  There were even willing to pay (mostly with EU subsidies) for the “honor” to house US forces!

That is how Poles want to become an “EU superpower”.  No kidding!

The same goes for the Brits whose centuries old foreign policy can be summed up in once sentence “set fire to Europe by triggering wars and revolutions”.

Unsurprisingly, the Brits and the Poles are currently having something of a love fest (in spite of the British sense of superiority over this wannabe European superpower).

Their biggest problem is that neither country has nukes and they both need Uncle Shmuel’s go ahead not only to use nukes, but even to organize a (comparatively) minor incident or false flag.  And while the Poles have been (and still are) arming themselves like crazy, the British military is mostly a joke.  And there is simply no way the Poles would muster the (admittedly suicidal) courage to attack Russian forces by themselves.  The three Baltic statelets would gladly contribute to such a noble cause, but their military capabilities are really puny and their geography a death sentence should they attack Russia.

That is not to say that there are no Poles fighting in the Ukraine.  There are at least several thousands Poles currently fighting in the Ukraine but, just as the rest of the NATO personnel, they are officially either “volunteers” or “advisors” or “aide providers”.  By the way, the “old Europeans” are also well represented in the Ukraine with French, Spanish and Italian units also present.

But these numbers are nowhere near the kind of numbers needed to take on the Russian military directly.

Be as it may, the truly insane policies and attitudes of both the Poles and the Ukrainians are slowly bringing about the realization of the fact that the expansion of the EU to the East was a huge and fatal mistake.  Not only are countries like Hungary and Poland not willing to obey every command of the Eurobureaucrats, the infinite arrogance of the Ukrainians who are constantly demanding, not asking, that NATO and the EU support them no matter what are now resulting in to something of a backlash (still very demure, most EU politicians are still unable to openly defy the US).  As the Western economies further sink into an economic abyss, the arrogance and sense of entitlement of both the Poles and the Ukrainians will trigger more and more pushback.

Sooner or later, the rest of the EU will get fed up with these crazies.

Some, such as the very popular Tucker Carlson, are already mighty fed up with these ugly clowns.

Even some US politicians, including liberals and conservatives, are objecting to the total US support for regime in Kiev.

Will those voices ever add up for a return to sanity?  I honestly don’t know.

The future of the European continent will be largely determined by the ability of the, shall we say, “sane EU countries” to rein in and contain the hardcore crazies of the 3B+PU+UK gang.  Right now, the 3B+PU+UK have the total support of the USA, which is extremely dangerous as it encourages them to further engage in truly dangerous and even reckless actions.  The US Neocons are at least as hate-filled towards Russia as the 3B+PU+UK gang, so we can only pray and hope that there are enough sane minds in the Pentagon and elsewhere to urge caution (which is what, apparently, happened in the case of the “mysterious” missile attack on the Polish tractor).

The bottom line is this: unless the adults in the room can keep the various “EU hyenas” on a short leash, sooner or later one of these hyenas will trigger a potentially cataclysmic chain of events. Keep in mind that the folks who put the Nazis in power in Kiev are the same ones who federated the Takfiris in what became known as al-Qaeda (thank you Zbig!).  That was over 40 years ago, and the world is still paying a huge price in innocent blood for this “brilliant” CIA plan…

Right now, I don’t see any “adults in the room”, but maybe that will change over the course of this winter?

We shall soon find out.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with three interesting items:

First, what appears to be declassified materials from the CIA which show deeply the CIA was involved with Ukronazi nationalists.  I cannot vouch for the authenticity of these documents, but I asked a friend who would know, and he told me that it looked real to him.

Second, make sure to check out Andrei Martyanov’s commentary about this “missile false flag”.  I fully agree with him when he says that (most) Western journos are war criminals.

Third, I leave you with a very interesting interview of Col (Ret) Douglas MacGregor, a superb US military analyst and a man who has been saying the truth about the war in the Ukraine for a long time now.

I can just hope and pray that folks in the Pentagon and the letter soup listen to what MacGregor has to say!

The original interview is on his YouTube channel:

But, just in case YouTube decides to remove it, here is the same interview uploaded to BitChute:


Finally, as each week-end, I want to leave you with some good music.

John McLaughlin, Shankar Mahadevan and Zakir Hussain interpret “Kabir”

This is how this (Is That So?) album is reviewed on Amazon:

Six years in the making, Is that So? is one of John McLaughlin’s deepest and most profound musical collaborations with prolific Indian composer and vocalist Shankar Mahadevan. Joining the duo is their life-long friend and musical brother Ustad Zakir Hussain on the tabla, who has been collaborating with John since they founded Shakti in the early ’70s, acknowledged by most to be the first groundbreaking crossover East-West musical group. ‘The idea for this album appeared in my mind early 2013. Shankar and I had been touring with Shakti and I was constantly inspired by his superb voice and gigantic talent. Even though I had studied the theory and practice of Indian music for years, I remain a ‘Western’ musician and one aspect of Western music is the magic of harmony’, says John. ‘From the outset in the early 1970’s, I constantly researched the possibilities of integrating harmony into the traditions of North and South India while at the same time keeping as close as possible to the melodic rules of the Raga system. However, the idea I mention above, was to abandon the rules of the Raga system completely and apply my own Western harmonic liberty to the amazing voice of Shankar Mahadevan. ‘Before concerts, John and I used to dabble with free improvisations using Indian scales (Ragas) and different harmonies backing them’, says Shankar Mahadevan. ‘The whole texture, color, feeling and the canvas of the music excited us as harmonic content does not exist in Indian classical music. In the beginning it was just a fun experiment, but it soon became larger than life and we knew we had to record it. When Zakir Hussain, the great tabla Maestro himself agreed to play in the improvisational sections we knew this would take our recording to a new level. We could not have asked for more. Is that So? is a a new concept in the meeting of musicians, singers, percussionists and the musical cultures of the East and West and takes us into unexplored musical horizons.


Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden interpret “Cinema Paradiso”


Giorgos Dalaras and Al Di Meola interpret “Hasta Siempre Comandante”


Shadia Mansour interprets Assalamu Alaikum

Translated Lyrics:

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you
I present you with greetings
From me to you
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you
I present you with greetings
From me to you
Hear me
Bring the boys and the girls
Let them smell the mountain air for free
We don’t want anyone to end up with nothing
Oh no
Raise your glasses
is Hamas [i.e. resisting the Israeli military occupation of Palestine]
Raise your voices, let’s break the glass
Break the glass
I want everyone
From all the countries
Muslims and Christians
No difference
Between me and you
Where are you?
Raise your hands
Where are you?
Leee leee leee [sound made traditionally in Arabic weddings or other joyous occasions]
Where are you
Spread this word from me
Peace be upon you
Help me
This is the Andalous [Islamic Spain] dance
The Palestinian Dabke [line dance performed at weddings & other joyous occasions]
Increase the Lebanese
100 out of 100
It’s educational
And appropriate
And cultural
Truly Arabic
Anything Western
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you
I present you with greetings
From me to you
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you
I present you with greetings
From me to you

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