Dear friends,

Today I want to draw your attention to a group of people which I sincerely regard as true heroes of Novorussia.  There are three theses which I have been repeating on this blog over and over and over again.  They are:

1. Russia and the USA are already at war

2. This war is 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% military

3. Russia does not want, but is ready, for a 100% military (shooting) war

To these three major theses, I will add a minor one:

4. Whether Russia will have to go to a 100% military war or not depends largely on the outcome of the informational war.

This makes sense.  There are two ways in which Russia can find herself forced to fight a 100 military war: a deliberate attack by the AngloZionist Empire and a local incident rapidly spiraling out of control, escalating, and resulting in a full-scale war.

To get away with a major attack on Russia the 1%er plutocracy which rules over the AngloZionist Empire needs to get the anti-Russian propaganda to a state of boiling rage and fear, to get the general public of the West in such a condition of frenzy and hysterics that an attack on Russian forces would appear if not reasonable, than at least inevitable.  Likewise, for a local incident with high escalatory potential to happen, what is needed is some reckless posturing by AngloZionist forces, typically right on the border between Russia and a NATO occupied state.  But to appear credible this sort of incident also has to be “sold” to a zombified public to achieve the required mobilizational effect.  Let me give you an example: if a French fighter mistakenly shoots down a British fighter this would never be a cause for war, but what if the shooting fighter was Russian?  The point is that even “technical” incidents need the “correct” political climate of hysteria and hostility to set-off a war.

So we are right back to the crucial importance of the informational war.

I strongly believe that there is no better “weapon” in this war than the full translation of Russian articles or videos.

First, contrary to the western propaganda, the Russian media is extremely diverse and anti-Russian or pro-western ideas are richly represented in it.  I would even argue that these pro-western ideas are grossly over-represented since the pro-western “non-system opposition” (a Russian term meaning “too small to even get one deputy in the Duma) is supported by less than 5% of the population yet their views are discussed on a daily basis. Folks like Navalnyi, Sobchak, Khodarkovskii, Kasparov, Kasianov, Ponomarev truly represent *nobody* or, should I say, they represent only themselves, which, in essence, is the same thing.  In fact, the Russian media is so “diverse” that mainstream TV talkshows regularly degenerate into long screaming matches and sometimes even fist fights!

As a result, the political debates are not only interesting, but even fascinating.  I wish I could share with you all the TV debates were I have seen the correspondents of foreign media ripped into shreds by their Russian colleagues accusing them of lying and distorting the truth.  Even pro-junta Ukronazis are regularly invited to speak on Russian TV talkshows (even the most famous ones with the biggest audience) where they are often confronted with representatives of Novorussia.  Amazing stuff, I assure you!

Second, there is a lot of excellent analytical articles posted in Russia, written not only by journalists, but also by various professionals: lawyers, generals, economists, governors, astronauts, etc. they all love to write and express their point of view.  While in the West such technical experts write mostly in the specialized media (the average reader’s attention span and vocabulary mandate short and primitive articles), you can very often find such detailed technical analyses in the Russian general media, including newspapers.

By Russian standards most shows on RT are actually rather dull and tame.  Clearly, RT is aimed at a western audience and it is effective, hence the anti-RT hysteria in the USA, NATO and EU.  But RT completely pales in comparison to the Russian media: when is the last time you have seen Ishchenko or Starikov on RT?  How about a representative of the Donbass?  Exactly.

So the language barrier is still the most formidable obstacle in countering the AngloZionist propaganda.

All this long introduction is to make a simple point: the volunteers to translate texts and subtitle videos into English and other languages of the West are real heroes of Novorussia and Russia, at least as much as those fighting in the trenches of the Donbass.  Sure, our translators do not risk their lives, but they cannot count on the close support of comrades, they cannot count on any recognition, their work will never be considered as heroic by those who have never struggled late at night to get a translation done while trying to catch enough hours of sleep to go to work the next day.  A lot of these translators are also anonymous, often for very good reasons, so their work will not even get them a tiny little bit of ego satisfaction.

I can tell you that some of them have family members or spouses who do not approve of their views, nevermind their efforts in defense of Novorussia and Russia.

And yet their efforts are crucial.

To me these people can only be compared to illegal (no cover) spies who fight their entire struggle in complete loneliness.  And even they can one day hope to be greeted back at home with the words “thank you for your service!”.

Our translators are all struggling in their own way and what they are doing for Novorussia, Russia and, I would argue, the entire planet is absolutely heroic and they all deserve our most sincere gratitude.  Even if by their efforts they reduce the change of a shooting war by just a couple of percentage points – that would already make them heroes and much more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than that bloodthirsty clowns which usually get this distinction.

Past wars have resulted in monuments for the unknown solider.

One day I hope to see one for the unknown translator.

To all of them – my most sincere and deepest gratitude!

The Saker

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