First, something’s definitely up. Check out those to headlines:

I won’t go into a discussion of these articles today (but please do read them).  I will just say that I am confident that the evacuation of civilians is not, repeat NOT, the sign of a planned withdrawal (which, since Kherson is now Russian under the Russian Constitution), but the sign that Russia is preparing for all contingencies which protecting her own citizens.  Stalin moved the entire Soviet industry to the Urals and beyond, and that was not because he intended to leave any land or people to the Nazis, and the Soviet army ended the war in Berlin.  Right now it makes no sense to play prophet and make predictions since we simply don’t have the data (except for 6th columnists and “allislosters” who don’t need data to make predictions), we just need to prepare ourselves for something big happening in the near future (just look how freaked out NATO clearly is)


I also want to use this time to mention a few things about the blog.

The Saker app for Android:

Since many of you are (relatively) new readers, I want to mention here that there is a free (no cost, no ads!) “Saker app” on the Google App store which you can download from here:

The app has one drawback which is also its big quality: it only has articles, no comments.  So it really depends on what you are looking for.  The app syncs and loads articles, so that allows you to later read them without any need for an Internet connection.  And, frankly, I very much like the app’s simple and very pleasant interface.  A new version (1.5) is now out, and I want to really urge you all to give it a test run (neither I nor the developer make any money off that app, but if you want to thank/contact the developer, Zapek, you can do that by clicking here.  You can also visit his site here (please keep that in mind if you ever need somebody very capable and trustworthy to develop something for you!).

Note: there is no version for iPhone or any other Apple product and there won’t be one.

How most of you got here

Check out this graph:

What this graph shows is that the Saker blog does not care that it has been deranked by search engines and that it does not need referrals from other websites.  97% of you have either clicked on a bookmark or entered the URL by hand, which is very good as it makes us much less dependent on the Hegemony controlled corporate world!

Speaking of which: I have a small, rarely used, YouTube channel here:  Frankly, I hate YouTube with a passion and I don’t want to give them *any* traffic, no matter how small.  Plus YouTube is a “copywrong enforcer” which is another reason to ditch it.

In the past few weeks I have been experimenting with BitChute and Rumble, both are okay I think, even if they both sometimes take a lot of time to process a video.  I tried Parler, but did not like it very much.

I also have an Rutube account but, alas, Rutube still needs a lot of work and is still very buggy.

But none of these solutions are what we need.  What we need, at least in my personal opinion, is a video hosting service with the following characteristics:

  • Legally and physically located in the Multipolar Free World (aka ‘Zone B’)
  • With convenient technical capabilities similar to what YouTube is offering today
  • Zero copywrong enforcement
  • Quick upload, processing and publishing
  • Offering quick and easy download of any and all videos without the need to resort to any external websites, plugins, addons or specialized software (like youtube-dl or
  • Free to use (free as in free beer, no costs and NO ADS!)
  • Free to use, study, share and improve – meaning that it would be based on free (as in “freedom”) software.
  • Community based and supported, that is to say that that video hosting service would need to be either run by a special non-profit (like the EFF or the FSF) or by a community like the Saker community or, say, the Debian community.

To be honest, I am not holding my breath.  The truth is that video hosting requires a lot of resources and money.  So until that magic day happens (if it ever does), I shall continue to place my eggs into different baskets, so far mostly BitChute and Rumble.  But if anyone of you has some good suggestions, please share them with the rest of us!

That’s it for today for me.  I wish you all a great Sunday!


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