Translated and subtitled by Leo.

Unfortunately, not a day goes by without negative news involving migrants or ones who come to work from republics of the northern Caucasus. Right now, the focus will go on the latest one. Which, contrast to migrants, are citizens of the Russian Federation.

I published posts on my Telegram channel of a video of the brutal beating of a Russian guy, 25 year old Roman Kovalev by three Dagestanis which came to Moscow to make money. I know for a fact that there [on Telegram] the video will not be deleted. And in general, a lot of videos on YouTube and other social medias that get banned for different reasons are often on Telegram. And my channel there (Осташко! Важное) is becoming a more and more independent source of information. I explain this all separately because I don’t know how YouTube will handle the video of the beating. We’ll try to censor the punches themselves and the pool of blood and bleep the profanities. But even after that we don’t have full confidence that YouTube won’t put a limit for this clip. The beating was definitely brutal. Already, the guy laying on the ground was getting kicks to the head – deliberate and purposeful.

*Clip starts* – 1:19

Attacker: “Move aside from here ****!”

(Attacker kicks the victim in the head 3 times hard while he is evidently knocked out.)

Onlooker: “Oh mother! What are you doing?!”

(Attacker continues to kick the victim in the head.)

Onlooker: “Why is nobody doing anything?”

Attacker: “Step away from here ****!”

*Clip ends* – 1:42

The conflict happened after Roman made a comment to the Dagestanis that were pestering a girl in the metro. According to eyewitnesses, a few phrases from Roman were enough to get the hot-headed Caucasus guys to start the beating. Herewith, they were openly threatening other passengers in the wagon that if someone interferes, they will beat them too. For the sake of objectivity, there was nobody willing to step in for Roman. In the video, the indignant screams of women can be heard. I don’t know if during this time there were other men in this wagon. I imagine that there were, but nobody really helped Roman. This is a separate and important topic to our common collective and on the quality of Russian society. But right now, the conversation is about something else.

From the moment of our video’s drafting, all three of the bastards have been detained. Two of them had to be suppressed during the arrest.The fate of the third, so far the information is not there yet. But hopefully he will also not be able to simply leave [Moscow.] The main suspect is undergoing the 2nd Article of the 213 Criminal Code – Hooliganism. They are threatened with a fine from 50,000-1,000,000 rubles ($705-$14,109), or compulsory work of up to 5 years, or imprisonment for up to 7 years. I hope that the consequences will very quickly understand that this is no hooliganism. Instead, it is attempted murder composed of a criminal group. Or as a minimum, deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm. These are more serious articles. But this is not what I want to talk about right now.

Roman Kovalev is right now in a hospital in a very difficult condition. Neither his close ones or friends are allowed to visit him. Roman is a worker at a Moscow bar. He is athletic with very positive characteristics. A decent, honest strong-willed character. He is a non-contentious, he does not even say obscenities his colleagues say. Roman, brother, you are a hero to us. And are an example of real manly behavior. We wish you health, and a quick and maximum recovery from your injuries. Neither I or my subscribers know you in person. But I am confident that each one of us has words of thankfulness to your response. Heal up and get better, we need you. Now I will speak from the heart, and with respect to the Dagestanis and other nationalities of the northern Caucasus. Which is why I want to address to the authoritative people from the ancient Caucasus, in particular to Ramzan Kadyrov and Khabib Nurmagomedov, since they are the undoubted voices there.

Ethnic Dargin – Magomed Nurbagandov from Dagestan became an example for the whole country of manifesting a steel will and iron character. Who, even after being pointed at with assault rifles, said a phrase that went into our common history – “Continue working, brothers.” Since my childhood, I was taught that a man in the Caucasus is raised like Magomed. What has happened to you, where those like Nurbagandov are becoming more rare? But more and more often, we are seeing bastards like these. Who in a trio go up and bother a lone lady, and then as a trio beat up a guy who tried to defend her. Why is it that so often, young people that are representative of your nationalities behave themselves like this in other Russian cities, not when they are at home, but explicitly in other cities, most often in Moscow, behave as washed-up scum and bastards?

Is this the result of being raised by their fathers like this? Or is this a public demonstration of their derogatory relationship to Russian people? Or maybe this is a public demonstration of the true attitudes of Caucasian Muslims towards Orthodox Christians, huh? And here is the most important question to you. What in this situation should we do? To regular Russian men, in your opinion? With respect, and a hope for some answers, from a regular Russian Orthodox Christian man – Ruslan Ostashko.

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