The Empire of Sanctions [and Lies] Takes Advantage Of Its Colony Japan To Militarize The Entire Pacific.

By Thorsten J. Pattberg for the Saker Blog (Recovered Post)

Part 1. Mental Servitude And Calling Colonial People.

Top Gun’s “Danger Zone” soundtrack from 1986 is playing non stop at a FamilyMart Combini Store in Nogata, west of Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is the 24th of May 2022, and US Hollywood is finally going to release a sequel to its former classic this week: Top Gun: Maverick.

The movies are about American fighter pilots of the US Pacific Fleet killing the enemies of democracy.

All FamilyMarts in Japan have these self-serving coffee machine corners, and now Top Gun stickers are plastered left and right, and a Top Gun banner dangles from above that reads: “5.27 Only in theatres.”

Why “Only in theatres”? Do the Americans think the Japanese still live in 1986? Of course in 2022, the movies are going straight to DVD, streaming services, Youtube and whatnot.

It doesn‘t matter though, as this is an American propaganda movie glorifying the past, and Japan is past perfect. And the Americans know that our shortest American actor and lead man Tom Cruise, the US Navy force, “Iceman,” “Hangman” and their High-G maneuvers in the sky will sell once again in their favourite Asian colony.

If it’s American, the Japanese will love it—and forever. There is a Star Wars Collector shop from 1979, still in Koenji, the next station away. There is an Elvis Presley imitators’ club from 1968 nearby too. I suddenly recall the booty call culture of the 90s.

Back in the analog days, a “booty call” was when you got bored and felt like calling your ex from the past over the phone.

Call Japan: Hey Japan, I have these old vinyl records from Top Gun Danger Zone, can I come over? Subarashi—gimmi 15 minutes, take a shower!

As an aging colony, I guess Japan has gotten pretty used to getting US booty calls and American retro stuff and all.

Examples. The US Pentagon unloaded its 1969 American F-15 fighter jets to Japan only twenty years later in the late 80s. And the 2006 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets, Japan will only get in 2024. In a way, the Japanese are stuck in past memories, waiting for the Val Kilmer people to call them up for some sequel action.

Tokyo still has its old cold war cinema chains. Yes, fewer people are queuing because of the internet and because of the pandemic hoax, but that doesn’t bother US visionaries. They make some booty calls to their ex distributors from some 30 years ago and—kureiji—Tokyo is printing awesome Top Gun posters. Ticket sales’ numbers are fake anyway and mean nothing.

Having the Japanese market totally to yourself is not about the free market but about America. The real benefits are not reaped from ticket sales or cheap promotional FamilyMart coffee, but from the dependency that follows from the brainwash of the all-too-easily impressionable Japanese who can’t produce such a multi-million dollar navy movie in a thousand years, and probably were embargoed if they tried.

So the real purpose of these US Hollywood blockbuster movies and franchises is to steal hundreds of millions of living hours from the Japanese people, time they won’t be able to invest in their own cultural development. Japanese people spend maybe 80% of their leisure time consuming American goods and ideas, language and culture.

Part 2. Think of Sci-Fi JapanWhere The Future Is The Past.

I just realized that there is a Top Gun: Maverick logo embossed on my $1 regular coffee cup.

That must be some slave coffee beans from Brazil, I mean… the plastics and the prints probably cost more than the human labor. Who is paying for printing trash all over Japan anyway?

Another American top gun arrived in Tokyo yesterday—Joe Biden from the Empire of Sanctions [and Lies]. Amelika is calling for war in Asia, so in the following presentation we are having a lot of content to unpack:

When the commander in chief of the most retarded empire the world has ever seen visits Tokyo—by all means not the first time, he was here in 2019 talking about war with China—we know it‘s gonna be about the biggest Oriental mass conflict we’ve ever inflicted; it’s gonna be about gay textbooks, staving brown people, missiles embargo, aircraft carriers in the shapes of God cocks and… ZORG… sanctions [and lies], uh-eh.

Ah, for starters it is about the war against Russia first. Russia is the biggest country, and has its head in Europe but its shins over China and its arse over Japan. Study the map.

Weapons for Ukraine. Embargo on Russian everything. Containment of China—‘Ere we go. Militarization of the South China Sea, blah. Unfair trade treaties to dominate the rest of the Pacific? Brutal oppression of anti-war critics. More US soldiers for Japan‘s 30+ US bases?

I live in Tokyo and got used to hearing US helicopters flying low-altitude, usually Black Hawks. They look like war helis from Vietnam, but are copies done by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is owned by Toyota Group, which basically is half of Japan if you think about it.

American Black Hawks were also those multipurpose choppers that occasionally killed sand people in the Middle East in the 2000s. There are also heavy-attack Apache killercopters by Boeing, but those don’t fly over Tokyo proper, thankfully, because that would make 10 million apato dogs bark violently.

There are a lot of train spotters in Japan. It is a national obsession. But there are also plane gazers. The biggest chopper traffic is over the islands in the south, where I saw a couple of times those large twin-rotor transport helicopters. Japan has exactly 100 of them in service, from Kawasaki transport manufacturer, and they are always a sight to behold—like flying public buses.

Thousands of complaints are filed each year to the Ministry of Defense over noise harassment. Who cares, US Colonial Command says it instills a sense of security in the people. There are thousands of ads in Japanese newspapers that tell the Japanese people how secure and safe they feel because of the US occupation.

In the West you will never hear about the insane militarization, but Japan really looks like Iraq or Germany. There are US military posts everywhere. I once went to the US Navy Neghishi Housing Base in Yokohama for a friendship festival. They are really called “friendship festivals”—not making this up. I also attended the friendship festival at Yokota Air Base in Western Tokyo.

There are smaller US army facilities that are urban camouflaged. I once went to a German Beer Festival in Aoyama in central Tokyo. And right behind the beer hall and all those pretzel and bratwurst vendors, we spotted a US army intelligence unit—complete with guards, heliports and offices.

How can the Japanese live like this? A US colony for over 75 years now, and no end in sight but in fact total US supremacy.

The general public is aware of it, but is powerless. There are so many US-Japan joint military exercises these days, they are hard to ignore. The last big gun fest was in 2021, spanning all sea-lines from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north.

The next war games are scheduled for autumn 2022 by the way, the largest-ever bilateral drill this beaten nation has ever seen. How many more?

Well, Nikkei Asia news reported that its journalists know of 49 bilateral exercises in 2020 alone, but there could always be more because much of sea warfare is classified.

For example, the US and Japan played war-games in the Bay of Bengal in 2021. That was during peak corona crisis, and we recall that the Japanese public was told there was a deadly virus going on, and that the people should lock themselves up at home and breathe through filter masks and get jabbed four times with that genetic US Pfizer goo.

Had the media reported that those 80,000 Japanese and foreign soldiers were immune to the virus, the public might have questioned the lockdown mandates—but who can tell how people react when reality falls apart.

Part 3. Living In A Deadly Pandemic That Deads Noone.

To keep everybody scared, the government would rather not have foreign leaders walking about in Japan maskless, not even Imperator Joe Biden.

In general, the new shogunate is always quite nervous when the people from Washington stop by, because Americans are rather erratic and unpredictable, and they could force the Japanese regime to make a complete policy U-turn on a day‘s notice.

Example. Since the end of 2019 the Japanese shogun people, by decree of the WHO-people, told their peasants that in-person meetings are backward and totally unnecessary, because cool Japan people of the future will all meet via Skype or Zoom call or on WhatsUp online, or they will work remote and so on.

But now the Americans come in person and make a complete U-turn—it is true! So at the Foreign Guest House in Tokyo on May 23, Imperator Biden himself stepped on the podium and told everyone that [quote] “in-person meetings are essential for good work and relations.”

Do you realize how awkward this is? For over 30 months, the Tokyo government was preaching to its 27 million salary men that “in-person meetings were medieval and basically extinct,” and to its 60 million households with elderly that they should not meet in person “because everyone is gonna end up in the emergency rooms,” and to the 2.5 million students that “in-person lectures were a thing of the analog lost world.” And now comes Imperator Joe Biden himself and states the exact opposite. It is hilarious.

But the Imperator of Man is 1000 years old and makes mistakes, right? So the Japanese shogun people begged the Biden administration before his visit, “please have this old man and his entourage ALL wear plague masks, PLEEEASSE—because we told the Japanese peasant people for 30 months that they must wear plague masks all the time or else die from pneumonia.

The president’s controllers zoomed okay and seemed cooperative in advance of two days to Sunday, and Imperator Joe first visited Seoul in South Korea on Saturday and wore a scary-face black terror mask.

But then, oh the horror, he took it off in front of all the guests, right there at the foot of the stairway, and was greeted by waiting US security people from another plane—all not wearing masks.

Some even shook hands with Koreans, which in Japan is an offense. Again, that was in foreign Kimchiland, and the Japanese tuna brigade turned off their cameras immediately. But what if Joe Biden acts the same in Japan tomorrow—what are we gonna do? He will make us look like retards!

And can you guess what happened on Sunday? Biden did exactly the same in Japan. He arrived at US Yokata air base in Tokyo and emerged from Air Force One with his black terror mask. The curator people from the shogunate rushed in with their props and crisis actors and about 100 security guards all wearing masks, and about 2,000 jubilees all wearing masks, and the reporters and flowers girls all wearing masks—and everyone just prayed Imperator Biden got the memo and wouldn’t take his damn filter mask off! Of course he did.

Just later. Indeed, just when all seemed to work according to the big lie, as soon as Biden and his throne guard people stepped into the international summit center and met with other waiting international guests from India and Australia and from London by the Thames… What can I say—they all took their masks off and chatted and laughed and had the jolliest of times. They made team Kishida and its curators look like liars, manipulators and false flag conspirators.

Anyway, how to switch back to the in-person society again? How to perform such a ridiculous U-turn in Japan? Has Biden gone completely mad?

Part 4. GLOBAL NATO From Ukraine To Taiwan, And With India And Korea And Japan Too.

Washington defends its takeover of the entire Asian Pacific with its two favorite slogans of “shared values” and the “rules-based international order.” What a lot of bullshit. The conquest goes only one way. None of the Oriental countries has military bases, nuclear submarines or aircraft carriers in the North Pacific—not a single one.

Consider this: In all of those Pacific nations, the US is controlling not just the military, the financial markets, the foreign policy, trade and education and travel and media, but also all culture, communication and technologies.

America now has about 2 billion Asians addicted to US technologies. The Japanese for example spend 16 hours each day on their iphones and on Facebook, Apple and Google apps. Digital drugs are the new opioids. If only the Asians could see themselves… how they hunch over these devices like heroin addicts. And neglecting their children. They are already dead—brain dead.

What Joe Biden is proposing to Kishida in Tokyo is truly terrifying. The two governments plan on cutting up Russia and China.

Japan is to seize control over parts of China once it disintegrates, and to gain access to Russian ports, which means control over the trafficking of natural resources such as oil, coal, wheat and fish.

For pro-American Kishida Fumio, the NATO alliance and the G7 club of industrial nations and the US-Japan Security Alliance are the golden opportunity to sit at the West‘s children’s table, no sweat over not being offered chopsticks. Japan is the only yellow man at the table of Western imperialists, just like back in 1839—banzai!

We come back to 19th century imperialism in a minute, but first we must discuss Kishida who won’t be prime minister next year, as the Japanese shuffle leadership positions among the top families so as to make their government less vulnerable to regime change. That, and the US selects new Japanese leaders so that the regime never changes.

Kishida is Washington’s remittance man. He had been Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense—both US colonial posts. His critics in Japan call him the colonial Demonlord of N’Hon—from certain angles he has those evil eyebrows and a triangle shaped face with a pointy chin, just like a Disney villain or some classic yokai demon.

In March he met with NATO Chief-of-Staff Jens Stoltenberg in the capital of the EU, Brussels. If NATO really was about the Atlantic, why indulge the US dog Japan in the Pacific?

So maybe, just maybe, this current NATO eastward expansion went too far when it now perfectly rests in Taipei and the Kuril islands? Never mind.

It either is the North Atlantic now expanding into the South Pacific, or it really is just one GLOBAL NATO and that’s all there is.

And no matter which one it is, the next consequential move is going to be a 21sth century sequel to the 19th century’s Cutting up of ChinaMaverick. And I’ll be damned if America didn’t dial Japan in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 already for another get-together.

For those of our new graduates who are unfamiliar with the West‘s First Opium War, or the Second Opium War and the Unfair Treaties, those are usually considered historical events that compounded to what is commonly known as Orientalism: The west’s subjugation of the east.

The most remarkable fact about the Western “cutting up of China” from 1841 to 1912 was that Japan was a Western ally. Japan betrayed its own Asian race like Jake Sully did in Avatar, only that the human Jake Sully wanted to become an exotic Na’vi, while if Japan was a Na’vi, it definitely wanted to become Jake Sully.

The Japanese of the 18th century were basically exotic Mongols, and had largely borrowed their culture and traditions from Cathay, today’s China. So the Western generals seduced the shogunate in that they should be raiding greater China together—”you know, you will be returning to your ancestors’ homelands and taking back what‘s rightfully yours!” Which they did. In fact, the Japanese became the most violent imperialists of all western imperialists.

Part 5. My Treaty, Our Treaty, Everyone’s Treaty—The Treaty Wars.

The “unfair treaties,” or sometimes called unequal treaties, is a figure of speech for horrible capitalism in which Western negotiators stroke a deal with a lesser Oriental country. Such deals always stressed the concepts of fairness and equality, thus alluded to a same level playing field for both the masters and the slaves. Needless to say, it is kind of fair and equal for the masters to rule over the slaves, isn’t? I mean, ask your boss if you could be his boss. So all those treaties in the past between a conqueror and the conquered were usually bad deals for the Orientals.

It didn‘t help their attraction levels that Oriental people often had no gunboats and no concept of contracts or the rule of law; instead they probably believed in honor and, in the case of China, reciprocity.

The West however is the destroyer of ‘the other’. Let me explain how it works: The British arrived with their gunboats in Beijing and took over the port. The Chinese wanted ‘face’ and signed any treaty the British desired on the spot, because China is harmonious and is huge and has many ports, and what is a piece of paper against the wisdom of sages who adapt and change like water?

Unfortunately, there were Dutch traders, German protestants and Italian Jesuits on the boats, and many more Portuguese and French and American ships around, and the word spread fast back in Europe and America that the Chinese now shared Western values of fairness and equality. So all those Western powers now demanded equal fairness and fair equality and total access to China.

Western negotiators would arrive and demand the exact same favorable conditions as the British, based on “equality” and “fairness” and “all men being born equal” and “human rights” and what not.

Example. After British George Elliot signed unfair treaties in Zhoushan and Hong Kong in 1841, the French signed unfair treaties in Guangzhouwan, the Japanese in Kwantung and Taiwan, the Germans in Jiaozhou and… all imperialists together signed more unfair treaties and made China much fairer and more equal in those extraterritorial foreign concessions in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hankou and many other strategic key ports.

And that first period of the “unfair treaties” lasted from 1842 to 1912. And that’s why the Qing Empire ultimately collapsed. All those imperial powers in China had been more equal than the Chinese. Civil war had to break out. Hence the Chinese collective memory of the Western “cutting up of China.”

How are the Western powers + Japan going about the new cutting up of China in 2022? Well, they are going about it with new unfair treaties—which they call fee trade agreements in this day and age. Of course, those trade agreements are totally unfree.

Let me explain this. For example, the US-Japan Free Trade Agreement or FTA grants its signatories equal rights to plunder and exploit non-signatories.

It is basically a ganging-up against the surrounding Pacific nations, especially China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on. The US and Japan are planning on cutting up the Asia Pacific, so to speak.

At the same time, Japan is clearly only the junior partner, not the superpower. The FTA thus makes Japan lose over time against the much stronger American overlord. That said, in the short and medium term, the FTA makes the entire world lose against the combined powers of Japan and America.

So, the first thing Japan is gonna do with the FTA agreement, says Kishida, is “to launch maritime tracking of illegal Chinese fishing” and “to screen Chinese students and scholars to prevent technology leaks.”

Next, Japan will declare all its agricultural products superior, all its qualifications higher, and all its patents universal, so that all Pacific standards will lean on Japanese standards, from rice cookers to doctor training to jurisdiction.

In effect, holding such an unfair treaty in your hands is like pretending to be your own mini-World Trade Organization—a Pacific Trade Organization so to speak, with a co-seat in Tokyo. Imagine the entitlement.

On the other hand, just like in 1841, Japan will always be taken advantage of by the Western powers. Take the 2019 Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement or TTP, for laughs:

This really happened. Japan’s Toyota Group always wanted to sell more cars in America, right? But America said, Enough we don’t want your tiny ethnic cars—and besides, the house is full, sorry.

That of course is perfectly legit. Just like the owner of the hottest nightclub in town, when the house is full, you raise the door fee exorbitantly. In trade, the door fee is called the import tax.

The ethics in this are pretty straightforward: If America really wanted more Toyota cars, it would just let them in, believe it. There are no door fees for the hottest model in town. But really, America doesn’t want more Toyota cars, sorry. They are cheap, yes, but tiny and kind of we want our own cars here, nothing personal.

In the TTP negotiations, however, Tokyo demanded a lifting of import taxes on Toyota cars and car parts. You can see where this is going. Trade agreements are completely obnoxious. Washington meanwhile observed that Japan eats too little meat, so it obliged Tokyo to import more US beef. Tokyo snapped back and said okay, but we have premium beef in Hokkaido that we can sell more expensively to North Americans, so please lower import barriers for Hokkaido beef.

Three years later, the following situation emerged: Washington did not lift the import embargo on Toyota cars and car parts—sue me! Washington also did not buy Hokkaido beef, what for? Tokyo meanwhile imported lots of American beef with lots of healthy proteins, but finally banned American beef again because nobody would buy homemade Hokkaido beef anymore.

Therefore, any US-Japan (unfree) trade agreement is senseless, unless we see them as the continuation of the unfair treaties from the past that were designed to team-up against the non-signatory nations, China in particular.

Then, those trade agreements or shall we call them unholy pacts make sense. Tokyo and Washington can now go to China and say “we freely and fairly trade Toyota cars and Hokkaido beef, why don’t you?” Once China falls for that scheme again, it will start the vicious circle of unfair treaties and collapse all over again.

Part 6. Japan As A 2022 US Simulation.

Let me briefly explain what’s on the menu for Japan‘s coming war with China. Washington wants to embargo Russia and China, make their very existence illegal, unlawful and illegitimate. Everyone who associates with Russia and China is an enemy by association—North Korea and Iran for instance.

Here is Japan‘s and America‘s call to action during their Asia Pacific summit 2022:

On March 19, Kishida issued a warning toward Beijing that “the Japanese people will not tolerate China’s actions in the South China sea.” [Note: history repeats itself here—talk about the Nanjing massacre and Nippon-Manchuria. Taiwan was once a Japanese colony too.]

On May 23, Biden threatened Beijing with war: The United States will wage war against China should it attack Taiwan. [Note: the Japanese in the room nearly fainted—he could as well have said, sure Japan will land in Taiwan.]

The Japanese people are now politically entrapped—cling together, swing together— in a Western scheme to inflict pain, misery and war on the Chinese.

On May 27, Kishida approved an additional 8.6 billion dollars budget to host even more US military troops in Futenma, and this won‘t cut it. In August 2022, it could be as much as 40 billion dollars. Just wait and watch the news.

Three more alliances were furthered in Tokyo this time: The IPEF, the QUAD and AUKUS. Why so much and why so many? Well, this is deliberate, and the beginnings of an impenetrable world bureaucracy that cannot be understood by individual actors. It‘s like trying to figure out who owns blockchain. You are going mad.

Biden thus announced a 50 billion dollars budget for the newly launched ‘Indo-Pacific Economic Framework’ or IPEF. Nobody knows what this is, probably money laundering from the corona winter when the Western federal reserve banks created 8 trillion fiat dollars or euros that nobody ever saw again.

Next is the Trilateral Security Pact for the Pacific between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States or AUKUS. You may wonder why this nuclear submarine alliance has been brought up, again-and-again since September 2021, here in Japan, and why Washington insists that Japan and Taiwan, but also India and South Korea, are roped in as non-signatory allies.

It just goes to show that treaty names are deceiving and acronyms mean nothing anymore, as I hope we have sufficiently demonstrated with the examples of NATO, FTA and the TTP and, perhaps we have not said it but meant it: the very deceitful acronym of US or USA—which denotes a place but really means the planet.

Prime Minister Kishida has perfected the art of anticipatory obedience and is, from the impression we get from the favorable global media, a real pleasure for the White House to work with; although it seems rather striking, I do have to say this, that nothing he’s saying or doing is in the slightest improving the living conditions of the ordinary Japanese—nothing.

I guess the best thing that could be said of Japan’s government is that it is so bad, for Mr. Kishida seems to get his next brilliant reform ideas straight off from cancel culture or the Youtube trending pages.

Here are some popular examples of that nonsense:

On May 20, Kishida urged all Japanese companies to disclose their “gender pay gap.” What is that, and why? It is because his government will be able to either close this gender gap by taken away salary from the males and give it to the females, or by paying female workers more for being female, or—simplest solution—by hiring one men and one women for every salaried post in that company, and split the salary in the middle.

He even has a brilliant slogan for killing the gender pay gap. It is called bridging the gender pay gap, Kishida explained.

This could dismantle Japan‘s meritocracy and competitiveness once and for all, but Japan really has no ceiling here anyway, cannot grow anywhere, so we might as well call the ships to port, right?

What else could Japan dismantle or dispose of, sink and scuttle? Its own submarines, maybe? That’s right! Warned Kishida on Nov 15 in 2021: In order to build international momentum for a world free of nuclear weapons, “Japan must make global disarmament a goal in Japan.” Note how Japan cannot and didn’t say it wanted to take away our nuclear submarine boats. It only would take away its own nuclear submarine boats, presumably, if it had any.

Ok well, does he have a new slogan for this as well? Indeed he has. He calls it ‘New Capitalism’.

Japan is willing to roll back its economy and ruin its people because its leaders could then be promoted to Western stewards of US-Japan.

Kishida grew up in New York and couldn’t get into Tokyo University later. And when everyone stopped talking with him about Amelika, he taunted them that he was from Hiroshima.

Last Part. It’s Over For Japan. Not Even A Client State.

If I had to sum it up, I would call Japan 2022 a bottomless recession. The Global Summit in Tokyo of so many strong-minded world leaders ended on May 25, 2022, with the finding that [quote from the White House Government]:

“The United States is an Indo-Pacific economic power, and expanding US economic leadership in the region is good for American workers and businesses.”

That was awkward. So brutal. So, Japan and the Indo-Pacific are about US leadership and the expansion of the American people? If you didn’t see the role of the Japanese people in this, that’s because it isn’t always about them I guess.

President Kishida walks a meter behind Imperator Joe. Watch the footage. And Joe, well Joe looks like a teacup. My oh my, why do the Japanese all have full black hair, is that shoe polish or toupees?

Never mind. Back to the US Yokata air base. Enjoy your Top Gun movie, folks! And find the scene where Maverick wears Taiwan and Japan country flags batches.

…Call you, later.


The author is a German writer and cultural critic.

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