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Translated by Seva

Source http://peremogi.livejournal.com/10968040.html

What politician would you trust to run your country?

Yet another informational tragedy in Ukraine. It started like nothing unusual: the patriotic site “Week.ua” (“Неделя.ua“) organized a vote. Respondents were asked to answer one question: which politician would you trust to run your country?

[Original survey here: http://nedelya-ua.com/content/kakomu-politiku-vy-doverili-upravlenie-svoey-stranoy]

41,664 respondents voted. The result virtually killed the organizers: landslide victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin!

This is treason! Let’s look at the results:

  • Vladimir Putin – 84% (34,905 votes)
  • Alexander Lukashenko – 5% (2,032 votes)
  • Xi Jinping – 2% (820 votes)
  • Vladimir Zhirinovsky – 2% (708 votes)
  • Petro Poroshenko – 1% (538 votes)
  • Angela Merkel – 1% (430 votes)
  • Nursultan Nazarbaev – 1% (318 votes)
  • Barak Obama – 1% (244 votes)
  • Yulia Timoshenko – 0% (176 votes)
  • Oleg Lyashko – 0% (170 votes)
  • Arseniy Yatsenyuk – 0% (158 votes)
  • Igor Kolomoisky – 0% (150 votes)
  • Petro Simonenko – 0% (130 votes)
  • Leonid Kuchma – 0% (117 votes)
  • Viktor Yanukovich – 0% (116 votes)
  • Oleg Tyagnibok – 0% (86 votes)
  • Sergey Tigipko – 0% (76 votes)
  • Leonid Kravchuk – 0% (32 votes)
  • Viktor Yuschenko – 0% (32 votes)

According to the results, even Vladimir Zhirinovsky came out way ahead of acting (so far) president, well-advanced drunkard Poroshenko. The rumor has it that, if Vladimir Volfovich (Zhirinovsky translator’s comment) takes a serious interest in the affairs of Ukraine (for example, becomes a head of something devoted to Ukraine), then “ragules” (a derogatory term used for Western Ukrainians translator’ comment) will keep control only of Lvov, but even that only as a lease. . . Generally speaking, these numbers do not bode well for Ukrainian “patriots” . . .

One can, of course, organize an emergency meeting of the Information Ministry and tell the staff that their work is inadequate. Or claim that Kremlin bots and trolls started voting for Putin to damage the consciousness of patriotically inclined citizens, thereby forming the wrong impression in order to establish “the bloody dictatorship of the Moscow tyrant”. One can do that, but few people would believe it: this site is known only in narrow circles, and therefore is not really available to “trolls and bots”: “trash” resources like that are visited only by “patriotic fighters” of both sexes.

Now about President Putin. The outcome is hardly surprising: he is recognized as #1 politician in the world by global media. Such are the results of the “Global rating -2013”, composed by 175 information agencies and media outlets around the world. Naturally, Weak.ua” was not one of them. However, it confirmed as best as it possibly could: even in Ukraine, where the population is being bombarded by scary stories about Russian president 24/7, this rating stands. So, the nationalistic Ukrainian idea of “the end of Putin” hammered by Ukrainian propaganda is being roundly defeated.

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