I can’t say that I am ‘surprised’, but still, I am.  That he would actually do this really makes reality even weirder than fantasy.  Check out what The Donald posted today:

I think that if I was a kinder person I would probably be embarrassed for him, but I cannot muster enough kindness in me for that.  To me, he looks like one delusional and pompous ass with a serious narcissistic personality disorder to boot.  To think that he actually controls the US nuclear arsenal (at least in theory) is outright frightening.

I suppose that these “tweets” are this idiot’s idea of communicating a message so I will place this in the “speeches and statements” section and nevermind that “tweets” are something which is associated with bird and, hence, bird-brains.

I really wonder what his IQ must be.

I can barely imagine the contempt in which is clown must be held in Moscow, Beijing or Tehran…

Reagan at least was funny.  This clown does not even have that.

So yes, Hillary would have been worse, but that’s truly the best I can say about the man.

If that is what leads the Empire, expect the latter to tank very fast.

The Saker

UPDATE: Who thought that the Iranians had no humor?  Check out this “reply” from no less than Major General Qasem Soleimani, commander of its Quds Force and 2017 “Saker man of the year”:

According to RT, Soleimani also wrote “Come! We are waiting, I am your enemy. Quds Force is your enemy. You start this war, but we will finish it.”

Sure look like The Donald is not scaring anybody in Iran :-)


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