by Denis A. Conroy for The Saker Blog

America’s obsession with its role in the world is becoming more embarrassing by the week. This year saw Donald Trump performing as Lord of the Rings while addressing the Fellowship of the Ring…STATE OF THE UNION address, 5 February 2010. The occasion confirmed the fact that patriotism is an essential component in the economic wars.

As co-conspirators privileged to be included in the great-man’s-version-of-Pax-Americana…doing God’s work for the moneyed elite…there was no mistaking the sub-text that held the show together; greatness could be achieved if you trusted the judgement of the owners of the system! As the evening passed, it became apparent that greatness was synonymous with managing money…you could see it in the quiff and jutting jaw of the main protagonist, there to project the moral authority of snake-oil salesmanship. Be serious and tough he seemed to say, take the moral high ground and to hell with dissenting voices beyond the sphere of power…money!

Trump as the quintessential American immediately set about reducing all things to a good-versus-bad model for his fellow countrymen and women to follow. For one and a half hours the President of the USA came across as a highly polished one-sided coin urging the rest of the world to acknowledge America’s enlightened values and trading prowess. It was very much an exercise in projecting American unilateralism as a cultural postulate to safeguard bipartisan religious duality…Christianity and Judaism…for the purpose of giving America a heroic and credible voice in the realm of the elite. It was simple reductionism to suit Americans love of simple arguments that it could back up with military force.

A strange collection of bi-partisan Barbie Dolls from both sides of the House stood, sat, clapped and smirked as the Grand Inquisitor touched upon America’s putative role as leader of the free world. For one and a half hours, the Barbie Dolls were provided with the kind of nationalist narrative that American patriots drool over. As the evening progressed, selective self-praise guaranteed the success of exercises touting spurious achievements as prelude to greatness.

The make-America-great- again-school of thinking, whose major achievement to date has been presenting perturbation as equitableness, continued its practice of deodorizing the armpits of the zeitgeist. But given the mood of the time, their main concern was with building a wall to keep truth at bay. Nobody in the Chamber seemed to notice that American Firsters were actually first-world-actors exploiting the very people whom they were demonizing. Clapping becoming the metronome parsing the charade as the party got underway.

Soon the process developed into an uninterrupted self-congratulating paean celebrating the vainglorious achievements of the Trump team. A case of “One Ring to rule them all” or one-rule-to-ring-them-all into a fake form of bipartisanship under the control of the capitalist colossus that had the power to make its competitor’s economies scream. The messiah complex was having a field day; there were so many competitors to demonize.

But what was missing from the evening was truth-per-se. So, teleprompters were used to provide gobbledygook narratives in order to conceal the fact that the present establishment’s interests were strictly elitist. Serving the interests of pyramid capitalism would require the skills of a first-class showman like Donald Trump. Diversions had to be employed to distract the public’s attention from real economic and political issues. It was left to the propagandists behind the ‘veil’ to choose the correct data to feed into the teleprompters.

The corporate system had crafted a profile of what American exceptionalism might look like. It would become a model that defined the American spirit as an entrepreneurial one. America’s love of self-made men and women were part of the process that minted the one-sided coin that could outshine the concept of equity. So, who but Donald Trump could fill-the-bill.

The evening went on to enclose itself in a form of doggerel that had as little poetic sensibilities as a kilo of plutonium. The Donald, quiff, chin, frown and lips pressing out from an otherwise sagging face, went on to intone the marvels of America’s great values and spirit. His was the face of the American system, monochromatic in expression, pumping out platitudes and pap that caused the bipartisan Barbie Dolls in the chamber to rotate between sitting and standing so that they could better applaud his every statement.

The composite spirit of the ownership class, there to denigrate the spirit of all those who might challenge private possession, were all too keen to chant USA-USA-USA. No doubt the battle hymn of the Republic would have been sung had time permitted it. As the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, also known as “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”—using the music from the song “John Brown’s Body” is effectively more potent than Prozac. The decision to exclude it from the teleprompter was possibly a wise one considering the longevity of the collective patriots.

The hymn links the judgement of the wicked at the end of the age (Old Testament, Isaiah 63; New Testament, Revelation 19) with the American Civil War and ultimately with the war for global dominance. Remarkably, the experience of sharing an evening with Messrs Trump and Pelosi (and chamber of dolls) left one with the feeling that behind America’s castigation and ill will toward so many countries (Venezuela for instance) lurked a seething distemper. It appeared to be the case that all who dared to resist the Anglo-Zionist-American way of doing business would inevitably find themselves in the cross-hairs of myopic greed. With private banking skulduggery plus having recourse to age old religious caveats that underpin the value of private property, this formidable religious duopoly came to imagine that the globe could be theirs for the keeping.

So, what did the telecast project; perhaps an impression that within the walls of this chamber, the suits and ties and cosmeticized dames there present were essentially a spirit unto themselves, neither enlightened nor patriotic. They conveyed the impression of a class of people rumbustiously slipping into obsolescence as the tectonic plates of history move them to one side. Meanwhile, the spirit of all those they have crushed appear not to be mouldering in their graves after all, but very much alive and active beyond the reach of closet capitalism.

The spirits of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Hugo Chavez, Patrice Lumumba, Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro, to name but a few are not likely to disappear into the margins of history anytime soon. Nor will the memory of the tens of millions of civilians across the globe…Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, the Middle East and elsewhere be soon forgotten. For only those who lived under the shadow of American arrogance and self-righteousness can legitimately identify terrorism. Millions of people across the world have been bombed- back into the stone age with missiles bearing the “Made in America” logo.

It is the deadly geopolitical wars that seeks to advance the passage of America’s own private banking system that are of the utmost concern. Attempts to acquiring suzerainty over every foreign central bank and colonize them is the objective of the Western Banking system. It goes without saying that more and more resistance will emerge to combat this ugly practice. Blood will continue to flow until public banks replace private banks. Whole countries will be destroyed only to arise again, and…

“When the country falls into chaos, patriotism is born”. Taoism.

Time and time again these people of power involve the commons in wars to advance their own private interests. Such was the case when Trump belligerently alluded to Venezuelan socialism…Bolivarian…as something despicable. But the truth is elsewhere. No matter that the intentions behind the Venezuelan revolution were to redistribute wealth accruing from oil…the profits from this natural resource were firmly in the hands of an oligarchy who accepted the fact that dollar holdings would be conducted in ways that enabled US interests to control the lucrative business of processing the oil. Chavez sought to restore a mixed economy to Venezuela using its government revenue to develop infrastructure and direct spending to health care, education, employment and generally raise living standards. But US banks had him over a barrel.

American manifestations of belligerence are routinely packaged as noble causes. They quietly circulate through the American political system as virtues while commending America’s strength of character as a force (invincible) for the good. But sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. The unequivocal message emanating from Trump’s State of the Union address was one which stated that the USA is a unilateral banking-led system and will never allow public interests to challenge this position of pre-eminence.

But something simply didn’t gel. American-firster Trump could only use the teleprompter to choreograph a litany of ninja-like sentimental vignettes for the purpose of vaunting his own style of pragmatic…dealership…morality. What he succeeded in doing was to look like a veteran boy scout warning the world about stranger-danger in politics. However, his sentiments were well received in the chamber simply because his audience seemed to regard life beyond the American fold as strange, if not primitive.

But given the limited perspicacity of the President, it is not surprising that he would resort to using cheesecake imagery on his teleprompter, with bedimmed beings attesting to the fact that it was American Armed Forces that liberated Europe from the Nazis and not the Russians. The historic perspective that Trump holds is probably the one that most Americans turn to when verifying facts, namely Hollywood…the source of fake history.

Gimmick after gimmick was used to present the USA as a force for the good. Ironically, the evening ended with a story about a holocaust survivor who was saved by an American soldier. He was heard to say “that American soldiers proved to him that God existed”…at which point in the proceedings President Trump demonstrated his profound insight into the ways of the Lord by nodding four times.

To Trump…like most Americans…the Lord would surely have turned a blind eye to the suffering caused by depleted uranium dropped on Iraqi citizens in Najaf, Basra or Falluja. He would have looked the other way as not to see the damage that agent orange did to helpless Vietnamese, or Libya being devastated by American airpower by way of humanitarian intervention. As most Americans allows themselves the right to exclusive clauses of judgement, namely Old Testament, Isaiah 63; New Testament, Revelation, it is not surprising that they end up believing themselves to be a righteous force for good…not the kind of intellectual property China would be interested in!

As the evening reached a conclusion, it became ever more apparent that selective memory had done its bit to allow Americans to wallow in sentimentality and self-glorification. Bipartisan American-firsters expressing themselves through their first world alter egos were everywhere in denial. Alongside their other accomplishments, these fake patriots had developed the means to bleach away the blood their foreign policy had had on their hands and minds. The State of the Union address showed no sign that American Foreign Policy had, or would ever be, taken to the cleaners.

Denis A. Conroy
Freelance Writer

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