Note by the Saker: In my commentary to Trump’s speech yesterday I wrote in a sidebar “There are plenty of highly-educated officers in the US armed forces who understand history and who know that money brings corruption, not victory. But they are mostly kept at ranks no higher than Colonel and you will often find them in military teaching institutions and academies“.  Today, I am posting the example of one of such officers, Lawrence Wilkerson who, sure enough, retired at the rank of Colonel and who does not mince his words about the utter stupidity and incompetence of the generals surrounding Trump which he illustrates by the absolutely ridiculous notion of Mattis that the USA can attack North Korea and not have South Korea suffer terrible consequences.  Wilkerson worked as an assistant to Colin Powell during the first Iraq war, so he is not exactly my kind of anti-imperialist.  But what he is is a competent officer and a true American patriot.  He is an illustration of the fact that the USA, as a country as opposed to an Empire, and the Americans, as a people as opposed to a ruling elite, are not necessarily enemies of the rest of the planet.  If Trump had appointed Wilkerson as Secretary of Defense instead of that Mad Dog character we would not be in today predicament.  But listen for yourself:

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