Saker comment: I would have preferred a “Nay” from her, but her “Present” is at least more courageous than what the rest of the Dems did.  I disagree with her vote, but at least I don’t feel that she has betrayed her oath to the US Constitution or that she betrayed her country – which is what I accuse the Dems of doing.  I forced myself to listen to some of the speeches on the floor of the House yesterday and I have to say that what I heard was the most disgusting and revolting lies, misrepresentations, obfuscations, hypocritical condemnations, etc. that I ever heard in my life.  It is my opinion that every person who voted “Yea” is a spineless traitor and should be treated as such.  As for the Democratic Party, I see it as the #1 threat to the survival of the USA.  Yes, I do want the AngloZionist Empire to collapse and wither away, but I wish the country USA (as opposed to the Empire) well and I look forward to the day when the US will become a “regular” country like all the other former empires have become.

What is taking place is a slow-motion coup d’état by one faction of the ruling elites against another one.  We don’t have to side with either faction, but it is important to denounce this illegal, immoral and illegitimate coup for what it is.  Now Pelosi is not committing to pass on the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  I wonder if she, or the rest of them, have ANY sense of shame at all… (rhetorical question, we all know the answer, don’t we?)

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