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Occasionally an analyst and writer gets to really enjoy his or her work. Today is one of those days. At the dawn of Cold War Part Two, and in light of the digital Gulf of Tonkin affair taking off from London, The U.S. State Department hiring idiots is a welcome comedic respite. I am talking about Twitter, and the psychology of social media campaigning. Specifically, the account of State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert. For those of you outside the United States, at this end of this lesson in social media mindsets, you’ll know what America’s intentions are.

If ever there were a more telling example of malicious intent by my country! Whoever runs this account, be it America’s hegemony cheerleader Heather Nauert of some ex-Edelman PR creep, the Twitter stream from Washington betrays our indecency, maliciousness, arrogance, and our forward mediocrity. Let me show you briefly, what concerns the public relations nasties in our nation’s capital. Let me frame for you, what Donald Trump’s clueless minions broadcast to the waking world.

The following sequence (oldest to latest) is damning orotundity broadcast by the U.S. State Department’s bubble headed answer to Russia’s sharp and pretty MFA spokesperson, Maria Zakharova. THIS, my fellow Americans, is what our leaders are showing the world.

March 28th, Nauert’s tweet reads:

“The expulsion of 151 Russian officials by US & our allies will make the world safer. From #Australia to #Canada & across #Europe, we agree that #Russia’s campaign to undermine int’l peace & stability, threatening the sovereignty & security of countries worldwide, must be stopped.”

Okay, you CNN viewers will not be able to understand because of 24/7 brainwashing. Russia has undermined nothing except the 1990s plan to privatize that nation so our elites could chop it up for profit. This is irrefutable, do your 5 years research if you need to argue. It’s our blonde bimbo announcers telling the lies, not Russia’s ministers.

Also March 28th, and as if the CIA and MI6 are really the agencies in charge, the American president is hopping on board (or leading for all we know) a WOMD 2018 charge for invading somebody. Here’s the “fake diplomacy” using the Salisbury intrigue over the alleged poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal:

@POTUS and @10DowningStreet spoke today about the importance of dismantling #Russia’s spy networks in the #UK and the U.S. The two leaders agreed that we must curtail Russian clandestine activities and prevent future chemical weapons attacks.”

Please consider these tweets are in sequence, there’s no announcements in between. Also, it’s important that the American people understand, no proof whatsoever has been shared with citizens, the Russians (who were blamed), or the United Nations and the rest of the world. Next up, the lazy U.S. State Department social media operator skips 100 other U.S. foreign policy tidbits to post this:

“The US welcomes today’s signing of an agreement concluding Phase I of Poland’s purchase of the Patriot missile defense system. This agreement will strengthen the security & capabilities of the US, #Poland, & #NATO, & it will create jobs in the US & Poland.” 

STOP RIGHT HERE! Are you beginning to get a picture? Let government employment and choking gobs of red tape seep into your consciousness. Can you imagine the social media handbook next to the keyboard of the person Tweeting here? I can see a daily agenda, a list of important statements passed down from higher up the public relations chain. And the tenor of those announcements, having been conjugated from even higher up the Donald Trump administration food chain – well, these would be from the minutes of Trump meeting with the Secretary of State. Let’s continue.

March 29th, Nauert or her mini-me minion tweet about North Korea:

“The maximum pressure campaign has forced Kim Jong Un out of isolation. We are closely linked w/ our ally the Republic of #Korea on the #ROK-#DPRK summit in April, and look forward to #NorthKorea taking real action towards denuclearization. Until then, the pressure will continue.”

This seems like a shift away from Russia, doesn’t it? Well, it’s no shift away from Washington’s ongoing efforts to destabilize and undermine any country standing outside the U.S. back liberal world order. This next tweet reminds me of a Hollywood B movie where the idiot captain of the cheering squad brags on herself to the chagrin of the girls in the squad who actually have brains.

“A pleasure to talk with @Sarah_Montague and @BBCr4today about our actions to hold #Russia accountable for its destabilizing activities around the world, from #Syria to #Ukraine to the #UK. We stand firmly behind our ally, the United Kingdom.”

Take note of the sweet little bit of ass kissing going on in this one. Then pay CLOSE attention to the #hashtags! Now ask yourself; “What kind of PR narrative would include these three crisis points?” Is it fair to say these key countries are part of an offensive plan? I think you know the answer, but let’s go forward because I really want Heather Nauert to hate my guts.

Now, when the Russians respond to the unjustified expulsion of their diplomats and to unsubstantiated allegations, the United States of America’s latest bobble headed liar spits this out on from her Twitter account March 30th:

@PressSec: #Russia‘s decision to expel American diplomats only further deteriorates the US-Russia relationship. The US responded appropriately in the expulsion of undeclared Russia Intel officers after the deadly attack in the U.K.”

Then, before the shift at the State Department was over, and without missing a beat:

“Today #India welcomed the first shipment of U.S. liquefied natural gas #LNG as part of a 20-year contract with @Cheniere. This is a great example of how U.S. energy exports are helping our allies and partners diversify their energy sources and strengthen their energy security.”

I know the symbiosis here may seem a bit subtle here. But, for any analyst who’s fought in these world chaos trenches, correlating the #hashtags and their sequences alone spell #hegemony and #energy #war. Wait though, it gets batter.

March 31, right after morning coffee and reading the daily social media instructions passed down from Jr. Assistant Bozo Bob (APCO boss Margery Kraus herself?):

“Ambassador Nikki Haley: “The approval of this historic #sanctions package is a clear sign that the international community is united in our efforts to keep up maximum pressure on the #NorthKorean regime.”

STOP AGAIN! I know it is not just me taking note of the fact US foreign policy seems to be all about really nasty stuff with joyful high spots. Again, it gets better (or worse depending). This next Tweet is a bit more subversive and Machiavellian. It’s almost as if someone with an IQ above 100 interjected the idea the U.S. gives a shit about Ukraine’s people. But in reality, there’s Rothschild bankers and privatization pirating in the air over Ukraine:

“Ukraine’s asset declaration system should hold public officials accountable, not place unnecessary burdens or pressure on #civilsociety. The United States strongly encourages the government of #Ukraine to repeal this legislation. 

Last, but not least, the girl whose face Donald Trump stamped onto American foreign policy raises her pom-poms in beguiling protest to the murdering going on in Gaza. Just before the end the shift Friday:

“We are deeply saddened by loss of life in #Gaza today. We urge those involved to take steps to lower tensions. Int’l community is focused on taking steps that will improve the lives of the Palestinians and is working on a plan for peace. Violence furthers neither of those goals.”

My God. This is all I can come up with to convey how sad it is to see the end of the world taking shape. The Israelis imprison the Palestinians and turn their prison into a hell hole. The Zionists steal land, legacies, and hope, and then stamp out the lives of Palestinians, and the Trump cheering squad cries crocodile tears. A vision of a fake Miss America begging for world peace invades my mind here. Tanks and jets, rockets and drones, rubber bullets and real ones were deployed against 30,000 unarmed prisoners of war! And the people who have armed Israel and who’ve helped set the Middle East on fire call for peace. What debauchery.

I hope I have laid it out for you effectively this time, the dark and dastardly inventions emanating from Washington (and London) out into the watching world. Some people will say “Twitter is just a chat channel,” but the most powerful people in the world chat on it don’t they? Look at the thread of communication, my friends. Examine the #hashtags, and imagine what kind of soulless public relations clinician must have instructed in their use. What does this account tell you? There is no USAID message of feeding those starving in Africa, South America, or across Asia. There are no sorrowful tweets about the expanding Sahara Desert disaster or the devastating Papua New Guinea earthquake. And no, the U.S. State Department cares less about the one million people in Burkina Faso expected to need food aid in the coming months. Instead of a dozen key crises Trump’s White House could be addressing, there’s a hegemony pep talk from another of America’s talking head news girls. I’ll leave you to ponder all this, but in case you’ve not the time or inclination, here’s the #hashtags in sequence – the social media symbolism that matters in Washington. After the tags, answer the simplest of questions.

#Australia, #Canada, #Europe, #Russia’s, #Russia’s, #UK, #Poland, #NATO, #Korea, #ROK, #DPRK, #NorthKorea, #Russia, #Syria, #Ukraine, #UK, Russia’s, #India, #LNG, #sanctions, #NorthKorean, #civilsociety, #Ukraine, #Gaza.

What are the foreign policy goals of the United States of America?

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