Dear friends,

I have a few IT questions I would like to submit to you.  Please keep in mind that I only use GNU/Linux, never Windows or iStuff.  Here are my questions:

First, is there a way to quickly obtain the embed code for a video posted on Telegram?

Just to clarify, I do NOT want to embed an entire channel or even a single post.  I want to be able to QUICKLY (time is always critical) find the embed code for a video posted on Telegram and then I want to repost it here, on the blog (which – FYI – runs on WordPress).

Frankly, YouTube is becoming useless and, besides, I hate their guts.

Even other video hosting services are canceling, banning, demonetizing and God only knows what else to limit the information coming out of the Ukraine.  Telegram is, so far, not censored and all the “good action” is on Telegram.  There are TONS of videos on Telegram which would never ever make it to YT – so why bother?

Telegram is, for the time being, THE solution, and I need quick access to their videos.

Is there something like this available out there?

If not, I would argue that to create a special page for Telegram (similar to this one for BitChute ought to be a top priority for all software developers who oppose the censorship of the Empire of Lies! (add some ads to that page, if you like that, and you can even make some money from this service!)

Next, I know plenty of ways to download YouTube videos (I prefer to use youtube-dl from the CLI in Linux), but I need a way to download a video from YouTube while hard burning the subs into it.  Is there a quick way to do that?

Can you suggest a good solution for these two needs (especially the top one!)?




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