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Comment by Larchmonter445


Nato Article 5 is a mutual suicide pact if enacted against Russia.

How will that war be waged?

Announce to the Russians that “Hey, we have Article 5 turned on, get ready for war?”

Any war plan against Russian must begin with total surprise, total nuclear, EW, apocalyptic offensive.

So, stick NATO and the Article 5 where the sun don’t shine.

Bring me a war plan that attacks Russia that Russia loses and the attacker wins.

I’ve asked for one for two years +.

People talk but don’t think through the facts.

Russia cannot be defeated. The world will end if Russia is attacked. (Unless it’s Ukies blind drunk desperately wanting to join their Heavenly Hundred. Then it will be a short firefight and no more Ukies.

You can amass an armada, all the cruise missiles and all the tanks and armor you want, 5000 airplanes, bombers, attack planes, helo gunships, whatever. Russia will destroy the West and the Planet.

Russia has just cut its military spending by 25%. You think they know they have enough defense or do you think they are idiots?

NATO, now or in the future, will never cease to lose any war, anywhere.
It is a pretend alliance. Basically, the power of the US is poised against whoever it wants to confront. Right now, Russia has everything to make the US power totally neutralised. Since that is a fact, NATO adds nothing because it is nothing without the US. 0+0=0. That’s NATO vs Russia.

Article 5 is there so the members feel they have a reason to cough up 2% of their GDP for armaments, mostly sold to them by the US MIC. It’s an extortion racket.

Again, when you think of Russia, go look at Satan I and Satan II ICBMs, the Russian triad delivery platforms, and the S 400-S 500 missile defenses, and their EW systems.

No one can survive attacking Russia. They got out ahead of the US in the last decade, and Trump can spend the US blind, the Russians will maintain the edge for decades.

Putin, Shoigu and Rogozin bought nuclear dominance, missile defense and EW advantages. The Russian people had less luxuries, less consumer goods, but they have sovereignty and the Hegemon can’t take it away. One of the greatest military comebacks in world history.

You have a much better change jumping over the Moon than attacking Russia.

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