by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated by Nikolai

Subtitled by Scott

In addition to the impotence of the European Union and the crash of western unity, the coronavirus pandemic also clearly showed that the United Nations long ago became a hostage of political games. After the USA, Britain, the EU and their lackeys blocked the declaration that Russia had proposed, our Permanent Delegation in the UN publicly expressed their contempt to those who serve the globalists.

One can only chuckle at the behavior of the EU states who crawled away into their respective burrows and refused to help their neighbors as soon as disaster came. Although, as is typical, this rift does not at all prevent the euroglobalist-grown bureaucracy from supporting the Anglo-Saxons in geopolitical issues.

For example, when there is a need to counter peaceful initiatives, introduced by the Permanent Representative in the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya. Here is the official commentary of our diplomats concerning this problem, which was issued after Ghana, Lichtenstein, Norway, Singapore and Switzerland formulated a resolution on solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus, and Russia proposed to widen the scope of the efforts.

Source: Permanent Delegation of the RF in the UN

“We welcome the resolution of the UN General Assembly on this matter that was initiated by the six states… It sends an important signal that should help pulling together the efforts of the UN Member-States and international mechanisms on this track…

“However, authors of this resolution have not taken into account considerations of other states pertaining to its text, thus leaving behind a number of absolutely crucial issues which – according to the calls by UN Secretary-General and a number of high-ranking UN officials – need to be urgently addressed.

In this regard, in parallel, Russia has put forward a draft declaration of the UN Member-States on solidarity in countering the spread of coronavirus.”

Let’s take a look at how the proposals made by Russia are different from those made by the six aforementioned countries.

The main goal was that countries were supposed to reiterate their commitment to the active principle of the UN Charter on the cooperation of states. In the conditions of the spread of coronavirus, the latter acquires an additional meaning.

Source: Permanent Delegation of the RF in the UN

“Besides, unlike the text proposed by the six countries, our text envisaged: recognizing the leading role of the WHO in combating the pandemic; consent of states to cooperate, i.a. in order to develop methods that should stop the spread and ensure treatment of the COVID-19 disease; providing assistance to the most vulnerable states, especially developing countries; rejection of trade wars and unilateral sanctions adopted without the mandate of the UN Security Council, in order to ensure early access to food and medication; countering financial speculations with essential supplies”

An important point was also made on the inadmissibility of stigmatizing countries, nations and individuals in relation to the pandemic, and on the need to distribute reliable, science-backed information about it.

28 UN-member states became co-authors of this declaration.

So how did our geopolitical adversaries react to these proposals, considering Russia had in fact offered if not peace but a cease-fire for the period of the common calamity?

Source: VestiFM+

“Ukraine, Georgia, Great Britain, USA, and the EU are against lifting the sanctions introduced without the agreement of the UN, and against helping the countries that were hit by coronavirus. Russia proposed this it in its declaration, however the partners in the General Assembly blocked the document. No one wants to help no one. Except for Russia. Right now the diplomats are waiting for explanations from the EU, USA and Britain on this matter. Nobody expects anything from the Ukraine and Georgia.”

That last point deserves to be considered especially. The Permanent Delegation of Russia not only decided not to ask anything of the shumerians (Ukrainians) and gabunistanians (Georgians), but publicly expressed contempt towards them and their kiss-ass behavior. They did it diplomatically of course, because politeness is everything for us.

“We regret that a small group of states championing sanctions-based policy appeared unready to respond to the call of the UN Secretary-General and refused to cast aside politicized approaches and interests. As a result, it will be much more difficult to give a global and solidary response to the threat of the new pandemic. A great number of people, in the developing countries in the first place, might be affected.”

Source: Permanent Delegation of the RF in the UN

“We would be very interested to hear and see in writing reasoning and arguments for blocking our draft Declaration by the EU, US and UK. We would be willing and happy to spare and exempt Ukraine and Georgia from undertaking this exercise, as their arguments, as ever contemptuous and politicized, would not add any value to the understanding by most of the Member-States.

Translated from diplomatic into Russian, it means “Yes, we understand perfectly that you are stupid lackeys and you do as you are told by your masters. So, no need for you to strain yourselves, we don’t care anyway about the explanations you will pull out of you-know-where.” This is the reality of relationships between Russia and the post-soviet limitrophes who chose the path of so-called euro-integration. There is nothing to talk about, because Ukraine and Georgia have long since stopped existing as international relations parties. There are Euro-Ukriya and Gabunistan, licking the boots of their overlords. And Russian people, who defeated Hitler, despise bootlickers.

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