This is complete fiction based on the current situation.  We post it as a counterweight to the fiction produced by the western corporate media

by rzw for the Saker Blog

I will try to keep it as short as possible.

Some context information and static basic assumptions:

Rules of targeting (NATO Standards) – Compiled after NATO interventions in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan

Valid targets in 404 (Ukraine) and NATO countries:

Military – troop and materials concentrations, logistics assets, communications, ammo dumps, fuel dumps, AA assets, runways, aircraft, helicopters, drones, radars, NATO troops, NATO assets, NATO training centres and command centres etc.

Civilian dual use – factories, bridges, civilian heating oil reserves, gas reserves, electrical network, chemical factories, refineries, civil trains, whatever we don’t like, propaganda outlets (TV and radio stations, transmitter towers). (Definition of propaganda outlet – any media which is against attacker and/or is for defender).

Political – ministries, army HQ, ministers offices, politicians residences, any government structure, embassies if it is by “honest mistake”.

Cultural – National monuments we don’t like.

Civilians – any group of more than one because they are “highly likely” armed, homes and offices of politicians, Nazi groups, Oligarchs, Maidan luminaries.

Russian supply of stand-off weapons

Long range stand-off weapons, with them Russia has covered the whole European part of NATO. Zircon is probably low in numbers for now (end of 2021) and it and Kinzhal will be used against high value targets in the first salvo. (Radars, Aegis ashore, Thaad, Nuclear weapons delivery facilities, other AA, Aegis destroyers, submarines). Second salvo with greater numbers will be slower stand-off missiles.

3M22 Zircon 1000 km range (Few tens at the moment)

Kh-47M2 Kinzhal 2000 km (probably over 200, in first salvo over 50)

3M54 Kalibr up to 4500 km (over 1000 probably even more, probably more than 100 in first salvo).

Kh-55 3000 km (few thousand, just from Ukraine Russia bought back 587. They will probably send a few back for free).

Kh-101 4500 km (At least few hundred with serial production ongoing)

Intermediate range missiles. With them Russia has covered most of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, North of Norway and Baltic’s.

P-700 Granit 500 km (probably for use against NATO ships in North sea and US, Japan and S. Korean Navy in Far east)

P-800 Oniks 600-800 km – with it is covered whole of Ukraine, even Galicia, as well as complete Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and a good part of Germany and Sweden.

Iskander-M 500 km (about 1000 rockets, in first salvo possible maximum 300. If Ukraine is target probably around 100 in first salvo, on Poland 100, 30 for Romania, on 3B 20 each) It will be used against fixed high value targets: radars, runways, bridges, fuel dumps, ammunition dumps, command posts and communication facilities.

Kh-35 Bal 300 km. It can be launched from ground launchers as well from most Russian planes and from some helicopters. It will be used for remaining troop concentration, remaining resistance points.

Short range missiles. They will be used mostly by LDNR forces at points of contact on entrenched units and on troop concentrations.

TOS1A 6 km. To break enemy lines and to stop advance columns.

TOS2 (status unknown at the moment)

9A52 Tornado 90 km

BM-21 Grad 45km

BM-27 Uragan 35 km

Start of hostilities. Russia has escalation dominance.

Wars usually start after the false flag operation or by escalating an incident. This one started one morning of 28th February at around 7 am by the Azov regiment, sending a few 120 mm mortar rounds over the front line on civilian houses. DNR forces retaliated after 8 am by sending all rounds from two launchers of Grad 122 mm rockets – 80 rounds on target which was known HQ, about 30 km from front lines. As Ukies and NATO forces have bad Karma, at that moment they had a graduation ceremony for Javelin operators. 70 Grad rockets hit ground in a circle of around 200 m. radius. Death toll was 53 soldiers, 12 NATO instructors, several colonels and two generals. There were more than 120 wounded.

In retaliation Ukraine (404) decides to attack Crimean bridge with Neptune missiles. They launch a salvo of 16 missiles from 4 launchers. Distance from the launch site to Crimean bridge is 150 km and flight time is 13 minutes. Launch was on 09.15 – 9.17 AM. During launch one Neptune malfunctioned and fell to the sea. AWACS A-50U plane on patrol over Crimea alerted Pantsir S1SM unit on alert stationed on a hill above Yurkine on Ketch strait entrance from Azov sea. For a Neptune missile from that hill, the distance of detection is 35 km. AWACS also gave coordinates of the launch site of Neptunes to the Bastion-P unit. At 9.20-9.21 Bastion launched 6 Onix missiles at the Neptune unit. Distance was 200 km and flight time 6 minutes, Two Su -30 fighters on patrol were vectored toward flying Neptunes at 20 m. above sea. At 9.24 Su fighters launched 2 AA missiles each, and at 9.25 AM 3 Neptunes were splashed down. At 9.26 first 3 Onix missiles slammed at the command unit and 2 Neptune launchers. One minute later 2 Onixes hit 1 launcher and 1 support vehicle. Last Onix could not acquire a target and had chosen a similar target 2 km in shore – vehicle on ammunition dump. One more Neptune malfunctions, probably damaged by an explosion of one destroyed by Su fighter. 11 Neptunes are now just coming above the horizon of Pantsir. It acquires the first 4 Neptunes and splashes them down. Then Pantsir acquires next 4 missiles and splashes 3; and acquires next 3 but hits only 1. Last 3 missiles are inside Kerch strait. One AA gun on a patrol boat engages with Neptunes and hits 1. Last 2 are right on the bridge. One hits the north lane of the bridge, explodes, destroys 3 cars and heavily damages that span. Another one hits the island 50 m. before the bridge and flying shrapnel destroys 1 car. Everything is finished at 9.30 AM. Results are 1 damaged span of bridge, destroyed 4 cars and 11 people dead, 1 baby alive but orphaned. On the Uki side 5 vehicles of the Neptune unit were destroyed, 12 dead and 5 wounded, several vehicles and ammunition dump destroyed 18 dead and 25 wounded.

It is late February and land is heavily overcast. There is alert in the Ukrainian Military HQ and the Government and at 10 AM they meet to decide what to do. With astonishment they watch on TV news as smoke rises from the Crimea bridge and start cheering. In the middle of cheers they receive news on Neptune crews losses as well about an explosion in an ammunition dump. After short discussions and on recommendation by NATO advisers they decide to start offensive on Donbass that night at 02.00 under code name “Зимова буря” or “Winter storm”. It will start with artillery bombardment from Mariupol and toward Lugansk as diversions. Main line of attack will be north of Donetsk on line Verhulivka – Grabove – Miusinsk – Marynivka – Russian border (about 85 km) and it will start with intensive artillery bombardment at 05.00 and main attack will start at 06.00. It consists of 1st Tank brigade with 56 T-64BM “Bulat” tanks on the left flank, 17th Tank brigade with 54 T-64BM tanks on the right flank. With them will be 10th Mountain Assault Brigade, 14th Mechanized Brigade, 80th Air Mobile Regiment and different special forces, Javelin teams, Azov regiment, 8th Special Forces Regiment, Artillery units, Army aviation, Engineering units, logistics. Each unit has several NATO advisers which have their own communication gear.

CNN news headline “Breaking News, Russia in false flag destroys Crimea bridge”

Main objective will be getting to the Russian border as fast as possible (plan is 2-3 days) and then hold it and spread along it to cut LDNR from Russia and to split LNR from DNR. As they advance additional forces will be fed into the breach. As reserve to exploit breach there are 8 Mechanized brigades as well as various support units. They are concentrated in the area around Troitske.

At the same time special units will prepare false flag chemical attack near Mariupol (at Markokhim Zavod), Avdeevka (at Brevno restaurant) and Krasnyi Liman (at Krasnolimanskiy Kombikormovoy Zavod). That attack will be organized two days after the start of the attack, when first units come close to the border.

At the same time a similar meeting was held in Moscow. After considering available intelligence reports and reports about readiness of appropriate forces and assets they decided to start several operations the next day at 06.00. First one will be “Стрижка” or “Hair cut”. It will consist of Iskander-M attack on radars, airfields, Anti-aircraft rocket systems, fuel dumps on airfields, drone command centres, command posts, Satellite stations, Cell Phone operators centres, Internet nodes, Ukraine HQ, all NATO assets and units in Ukraine. There are about 100 Iskanders in the first salvo.

Second salvo, one hour later, will consist of another 100 Iskanders and another 100 Kh-35 launched from aircraft and helicopters on remaining radars, Anti-aircraft assets which survived the first salvo, as well drone operators, communication and command centres. Additional strikes will be done as needed.

Next operation will be “Oбморок” or “Fainting” it will consist of about 200 missiles – Onix, Calibr, Kh-35, used against individuals and their assets which have organised and supported genocide on Russians i.e. CIA assets, American Embassy, Marine compound (embassy protection), NATO representatives, prominent Azov and Right sector individuals, Oligarchs, Zelenski, Ministers. This operation will start at 07.00 and will be finished when all targets on a list are hit.

Operation “Tуман” or “Fog” will use EW assets to suppress remaining electronic assets of NATO and Ukraine as well to provide targeting data to finish them off.

Operation “Забор” or “Fence” will consist of 4 Special forces teams with a task to protect Nuclear Power Plants from sabotage and selected objects and bridges. There are 4 NPP sites – Rivne, Khmelnitskiy, South Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia. First two will be approached from Belarus, the other two from Crimea. Some bridges over HPP will be secured.

Operation “Отражение” or “Reflection” will consist of Aircraft patrolling over Black sea and Norwegian sea (Mig-31K, Tu-23M3 and TU-160) with Kinzhals and Kh 101/102 in such position that they can launch missiles 2-3 minutes after receiving order and targeting information. In the first salvo they need to have at least 6 Kinzhals to be able to hit 4 DDG destroyers, aircraft carrier and missile cruiser. From that position over Black sea Kinzhals cover the Mediterranean up to Gibraltar. Flight time at average Mach 8 for 2000 km is 15 minutes. Reserve forces will be in Syria -2 Mig-31K and 2 Tu-23M3 on 5 minute alert.

In hours up to the start of the attack Uki forces had observed strict radio silence using only ground lines and couriers to dispatch orders and operational plans. NATO advisers used their satellite phones to stay in contact with NATO HQ and US Pentagon. They used encrypted channels toward US Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites in geostationary orbit. Russians were able to detect those signals but not to decrypt them. Just analysing intensity and spatial distribution told them that some big operation is in preparation north of Debaltseve and north-west of Troitske. Also A-50U and IL-20M observed that a lot of Uki units are concentrated behind Troitske.

At 20.00 in Moscow, using the new Intel information, it was decided to activate operation “Молоток” or “Hammer”. Its main purpose is to allow Uki forces to enter in the territory 10-15 km then to block them and to cut the retreat route and obliterate them in place. It was assumed that the main line of attack will be between Debaltseve and Brianka as there are no big settlements which can be established as strong points. The plan is to move out personnel from first and second lines, remove civilians from small settlements on line of attack, and form blocking strong points in Horodishche and Fashchivka and line to Debaltseve and Brianka. After the attacking forces are stopped or slowed down, massive artillery, missile and frontal aviation attacks will hammer Uki forces.

Operation “Окуривание” or “Fumigation” will start at 02.00. It will consist of attack of one Iskander-M with a thermobaric warhead on each site with mercenaries preparing a false flag chemical incident. Main purpose of thermobaric warhead is to incinerate chemical weapons.

1st of March – Unraveling

Exactly at 02.00 Uki artillery started it’s bombardment of front lines in front of Novoazovsk and lines in front of Luhansk. Artillery bombardment should last up to 05.00. At 02.05 there were 3 big fireballs one over Mariupol (at Markokhim Zavod), over second one Avdeevka (at Brevno restaurant) and third one at Krasnyi Liman (at Krasnolimanskiy Kombikormovoy Zavod). Operation “Окуривание” was a complete success. Out of 125 mercenaries, only one who was AWOL to the local cathouse.

At 05.00 Intensive artillery bombardment started on the front 3 km wide between Rozsadky and Veselohorivka. It lasted 50 minutes and completely obliterated 2 lines of defence, Even most of the deep hardened bunkers were heavily damaged. Defenders lost only 2 of the pickets who were in front of the first line of trenches, all other personnel were removed before the start of the bombardment.

At 06.00 first forward units started to approach the first defenders lines. There was no fire from completely destroyed trenches and bunkers. At 06.05 first units were over the first line and reported that there was no resistance. All units on the first echelon were on the move forward. At 06.10 they lost contact with HQ but because there was no resistance they rolled forward. At 06.30 they were already 8 km along the way but had no contact with HQ. At 06.55 forward units came under fire from Horodishche and they started to bypass it. Also side units started to come under small arm fire which is mostly ignored. From behind Horodishche came strikes from multiple TOS-1A launchers on forward units of the Uki column. Effect was that everybody stopped in its tracks. At the same time death started to dance on the rear of forces with strikes from Debaltseve and Brianka. From the Russian border a flight of Su-34 attack planes sent over 30 Kh-31 Anti-radiation missiles on active radars in breach and on staging areas around Troitske. By 08.00 the attack completely stalled and degenerated into a typical Cauldron Donbass fight. Donbass forces started to pick out vehicles one by one with Coronet ATM and Krasnopol KM-1M precision artillery. Battle will be waged for two days until the last Uki soldier is dead or surrendered.

Troupe concentrations around Troitske were at 06.30 first attacked with several Kh-31 missiles on anti-aircraft radars, then three Iskander-M with thermobaric warheads on communication centres and operation HQ. After that individual units are pounded with different MLRS systems. At 09.30 most units had serious losses and started to retreat in the direction of Bakhmut- Sloviansk.

At 06.05 first Iskander-M with thermobaric warhead hit the southern part of Yavoriv Combat Training Center, at 06.06 another two hit the middle and northern parts of the compound. 10 minutes later four more Kh-65 missiles launched from Tu-22M struck on different parts of the facility. Results were known only several days later when roll-call NATO and Ukraine documents were reviewed and total loss was established of around 190 Americans, 50 British and 100 other nations instructors as well as over 500 Uki soldiers. Most of the bodies were newer recovered.

At 06.05 first Iskanders-M from the first salvo started to hit 25 different fixed radars. Another 20 hit HQ of Operational Command East, West, North and South as well different HQ of army and aviation units. Another 30 hit different communication centres, TV towers, Another Kalibr destroys most rabid TV in Kiev (according to NATO standards bombardment of TV Belgrade).

Mobile networks main towers and several land telephone exchanges. Final 15 hit Government House, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, SBU, 2 CIA safe houses and 5 runways in and around Kiev.

At 07.05 second wave of Iskanders-M have hit remaining radars, anti-aircraft units, runways, fuel dumps, ammunition dumps, military bases, remaining communication centres, After Iskanders 10 minutes later started to rain 200 Onix, Calibr and Kh-35 missiles hitting Ukies elites, which helped to organize Maidan, Azov and Praviy sector HQ and leaders. By mistake a few miss-targeted Kalibrs destroy the American embassy in Kiev. After a mistake one KGB operative is sent to Yakutsk and 6 others are reprimanded and fined 1000 Rubles. The Ministry of Defense of RF uses the following template in the Briefing for the press in accordance with NATO standards.

( ).

Putin apologises to Biden. (Check the apology of Clinton to Chinese). MoD RF does not need to invent any explanations, just use templates from NATO. They should prepare them in advance because all of the action should be over in 1 or 2 days. (NATO Kosovo, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria).

Also, a missile hit a British embassy which had missed Foreign Ministry of Ukraine across the road.

Also in western part of Ukraine certain infrastructure objects were hit like some bridges, power transformers on high voltage transmission networks, even some pylons at high power lines connecting Ukraine with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania. By 11.00 west of Ukraine was without any electrical power, land lines, internet and mobile phones. (Also it is according to NATO standards, check attack on Yugoslavia). Most of the oligarchs, high officials and Ukronazi leaders were dead or wounded with the rest on the run.

Spetsnaz units for Operation “Забор” or “Fence” managed to land in each NPP and selected objects and bridges. Uki protection units gave weak resistance and by 08.00 Rosatom specialists joined Russian protection forces. They immediately started to shut down reactors except one in each NPP. Other teams took 5 bridges over Dnieper river at Nova Kahovka, Kherson, on Samara river Novoselivka, on Oskil river at Senkove and at Kupjansk.

By noon -12.00 DNR artillery starts to pound front lines. At certain front segments Uki platoons kill or detain their officers and hoist LDNR flags. Complete front line of Uki forces starts to open like a zipper.

In the afternoon Donbass forces aided with volunteers slowly start to advance and liberate its territory which is at the moment occupied by Ukies. (Mariupol and the rest of the territories of Donetsk – DNR and Lugansk – LNR). Most Ukrainian units start to retreat after receiving artillery strikes, unable to report and receive commands from upper Hqs. Any radiation from Radars and transmitters are recorded by flying A-50U planes, location relayed to Su-34 and attacked with anti radiation missiles. That provided to complete disorganization and lack of coordination of Uki forces. Units with predominant Russian speakers started to join LDNR forces. Some polite green men attached themselves to converted Uki units.

Now Russian Air Force VVS has complete air supremacy. Over Ukraine they managed to suppress planes by damaging runways. Helicopters were still able to fly but have been hunted down. Some managed to escape to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Now Su – 34 and Su-24 and Su-25 started systematically destroying the infrastructure of the Ukrainian Air-Force. Over 100 raids were made during the day with the loss of 2 Su-24. Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 managed to shoot down 5 Uki planes, 6 US and NATO drones and managed to force RC-135 to land on Zaporizhzhia International Airport. They had to departure runway at high speed because the runway was already partially damaged. In one hour after landing the heavily damaged aircraft was destroyed by its crew. Later during the afternoon flight of Su-25 destroyed over 30 planes on the ground.

The HQ of Ukrainian Air Asault Forces in Zhytomir and Ozerne Air Base were heavily attacked from the beginning. After Iskander-M destroyed radar several missiles damaged the runway and taxiways stranding planes on the ground. After several Kh-31 on any radiating source Su-24 and Su-25 destroyed HQ, over 15 Aircraft and 102nd Material storage with more than 150 transport vehicles.

Ukrainian NAVY tried to go on sea. Frigate “Hetman Sahaydahniy” was hit by Onix 5 km from shore at 8.34. Missile boat “Pryluky had several officers thrown overboard when 10 km from Odessa, hoisted Russian flag and radioed to Sevastopol for help. They got help in the guise of 2 attack helicopters and a few Spetsnaz guys which repelled from heli.

When night fell there was utter devastation of the war infrastructure of Ukraine. Fixed assets as radars runways, ammo and fuel dumps destroyed, communication centres destroyed, in west Ukraine total darkness, no land lines, internet and mobile phones. NATO communication jammed or destroyed, several reconnaissance satellites overflying Ukraine blinded or jammed, 6 drones lost.

Good part of state apparatus – ministries, Hqs heavily damaged, key personnel dead, wounded or in flight.

During the night from 1st to 2nd March a lot of things started to happen. Mysterious helicopters were flying from Belarus along the west borders of Ukraine deploying Spetsnaz teams on roads and blocking them. Spetsnaz hunts for remnants of Ukronazis in western parts of Ukraine. In towns and villages of East and South Ukraine, militia units were formed. Lot of army units detained officers, killed NATO advisers, and organised defence of their positions. Some polite green men attached themselves to converted Uki units.

The Pentagon and Brussels were in shock. From the trickle of information received, picture of the catastrophe started to emerge. With most assets they have lost contact. Out of more than 8000 NATO trainers, advisers, spec forces they have had reports only from few and that was only bad news. They decided to risk some more Global Hawk drones with a planned flight from Poland over Kiev and then along the Dnieper river to Odessa and to Romania. They lost contact as drone crossed the Ukraine border.

2nd March

During night any radiation emitter that appeared on the screens of A-50U aircraft on station, depending on position and distance, was suppressed either by Iskander-M, Onix or Kh-31.

Spetsnaz teams in NPP had few skirmishes with small groups of Ukies. All reactors except one on each NPP have been shut down.

Spetsnaz teams blocking certain bridges were attacked more fiercely but were supported by Su-24 and Su-25 as well as attack helicopters and repelled all attacks during night with only light losses.

Teams on west borders started to interdict the flow of refugees and started to detain all men at 18-50 years of age. They managed to filter and arrest several Praviy sector individuals.

During the night several transport and attack helicopters with over 100 paratroopers and engineers landed on unused Lymanske airfield in Odessa region. After engineers assessed runway condition, a paratroopers brigade started to arrive in transport planes. Also by early morning S-400, S-350, Buk, Tor and Pantsir anti aircraft systems arrived and deployed.

During the night several transport and attack helicopters with paratroopers and engineers landed on unused Artsyz airfield in the Odessa region near Komsomolec. After engineers assessed runway condition, a paratroopers brigade started to arrive in transport planes. Also by early morning S-400, S-350, Buk, Tor and Pantsir anti aircraft systems arrived. By noon there were about 2000 troops at and around the airfield.

At noon Russia proclaimed the no-fly zone over Ukraine and Moldavia. Also they announced that all planes at less than 100 km to Russian, Belorusian and Ukrainian borders have to identify itself.

Military planes will be shot at.

At 07.00 amphibious landing of the 810th Naval Guards Infantry Brigade was performed on the beach south of Chornomorsk. After securing beachhead troops advanced on Chornomorsk harbour helped by the 881st Air-Assault Battalion.

People of Chornomorsk helped Russian troops by pointing out the remnants of Ukrainian forces. In Odessa People Militia of Novorossia has been formed and helped to secure city. By afternoon Odessa was secured.

During night and in the morning more People Militias were formed in Izmail, Odessa, Kherson, Mikolaiv, Nikopol, Kriviy Rog, Zaporozya, Poltava and Slovyansk.

In Harkov People Militia with help of some ex-Ukrainian units stormed some armouries and workers of the Harkov armour repair plant organized a Militia tank unit. They had to repel some hard core west Ukrainian units but after a short hard battle most of Harkov was under control of militia.

The People Assembly of Harkov invited Russian forces to help them to clean the territory of west Ukrainian forces.

By evening most of the Ukrainian forces loyal to the Kiev government on territories east of Dnieper either changed sides, surrendered or were heavily degraded. C3I Ukrainian systems suffered near complete damage and were not functioning at all. NATO instructors were deliberately targeted with heavy strikes with artillery or missiles. Any radar emission was immediately targeted and destroyed in 5-10 minutes.

CNN headline “Heroic Ukrainian soldiers are giving bloody nose to Russians”.

Surrounded Ukrainian and NATO forces near Horodishche were eliminated one precise artillery strike on tanks, APC and vehicles at a time. By late afternoon most of the Uki forces were either dead, wounded or surrendered. Only a few stubborn Ukronazi units like “Azov” refused to surrender. Azov was taken care of by TOS-1 thermobaric projectiles. By the end of the day there was only sporadic fighting and mop-up operation had started. Out of over 300 NATO advisers by end of the day only 20 survived and only because they surrendered early in the battle.

Mariupol was surrounded by DNR forces from the East and Russian forces from Crimea on the West. Resident “Azov” forces refused to surrender. Late afternoon their strong points started to be picked up by precision artillery strikes. By midnight most of the fighting stopped. People militia of Mariupol started to form and take all important buildings and positions.

West of Kiev two Russian attack helicopters intercepted two Ukrainian transport helicopters and escorted them to Sescha Air Base, Dubrovka, Russia where all passengers and crews were arrested. Ukrainian president Zelenski and 5 ministers were immediately charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

3rd March

Dawn was witness to a new reality in Ukraine. All bridges over Dnieper were under control of People Militia with help of Spetsnaz. On other bridges over rivers were also set up checkpoints. Most of the functionaries of the Kiev regime were arrested. Check points allowed people to pass after checking the documents. Known members of Ukraine central and local governments, Azov and Praviy sector, and other extreme organizations were arrested. Any foreigner was also detained as a potential member of NATO forces. South Ukraine -also part of Novorossia was similarly organised. Check points were organized on all bridges and all roads leading to central and west Ukraine. Militia units are sent on the borders of Novorossia towards Ukraine. In west Ukraine there were still no telephones, internet and mobile phones. Electricity was available only 4 hours a day.

NPP on territory of west Ukraine Rivne and Khmelnitskiy were under control of Russian forces which protected them from sabotage. Their reactors were shut down for safety except one reactor on each site which is idling.

In Novorossia NPP South Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia started to activate shut down reactors and the situation with electricity started to improve. Also Russia and Belarus started to supply Novorossia with electricity and gas.

Some NATO planes from Poland tried to approach the West Ukraine border. After interrogation by the Russian air controller and receiving no answer anti-aircraft radars illuminated them. After that planes returned to the west. NATO gave up on further incursions.

On the territory of Novorossia over 50000 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered, about 20000 were wounded and more than 15000 dead, mostly from the west of Ukraine. Out of about 10000 NATO soldiers, less than 1000. Most of the dead NATO soldiers were hit by thermobaric munitions so there were very few bodies to be recovered.

CNN headline “Russians barbarically massacred NATO advisers”

4th of March

By morning, shootings on the territory of Novorossia mostly stopped. Over 10000 officials of the Kiev regime were arrested, some resisted and were killed. Electricity was gradually restored on the territory, telephone and internet services also came online. Mobile services were still patchy because main exchanges were on Kiev territory.

In the west of Ukraine there is electricity for only a few hours a day. From time to time big explosions were heard when another ammunition dump was hit, or some forgotten military unit or object was hit. Small arms fire was also heard when Russian Spetsnaz units found some of the hunted war criminals. Attack helicopters were protecting units on NPP as well blocking units on border points.

The Pridniester assembly voted to join Novorossia. Each regional assembly voted to join Donbass and Lugansk and form independent Novorossia. They decided to have a referendum on forming independent Novorossia on 9th of May. Also they requested help from the Russian Federation to bootstrap the economy and help in maintaining security and order on the territory of Novorossia.

CNN headline “Russia annexes Ukraine and Moldavia”

Collective West rages and raves but does nothing except trash talk of some sanctions.

They threatened NS2, but as they retreated Ukronazis destroyed part of the gas-pipeline. Something similar happens on the gas-pipeline through Poland. Russia promises to continue supplies of gas as per contracts through Turkish stream and NS1 and NS2.

5th of March

Novorossia announces that it takes full responsibility for security on its own territory and asks Russia for help in policing borders and air space. Also announces that it will enforce a no-fly zone over west Ukraine, until a provisional government is formed on that territory.

Russian border blocking teams start to evacuate from west borders as well as Spetsnaz hunting teams. Only teams protecting NPP in west Ukraine stay until order and provisional government is established.

Protection forces are also on Dnieper on both sides of the river at bridges and HPP.

Ukronazis are arrested, dead or in the EU. NATO troops are dead, in captivity or they have heavy headaches or Havana syndrome.

CNN headline “Russian terror continues in east Ukraine”

6th of March

All Russian forces have returned from western Ukraine territory. On request of Lavov Mayor, one more reactor in each NPP. Some more technicians and engineers have reported for work in NPP. Situation with electricity is marginally improved in west Ukraine.

The International Red Cross sends delegates to help with bodies retrieval of NATO personnel.

OSCE representatives are in mental breakdown and have requested evacuation. Novorossia forces allowed evacuation of foreign nationals, without any equipment, computers or documentation. Locals employed in OSCE were detained as material witnesses.

Any relief flights due to the no-fly zone have to land in Minsk or Tiraspol for inspection and getting armed guard for protection. Also all of the runways in west Ukraine are damaged and not repaired yet. Only useful runways are in Borispil International Airport which has one runway repaired and is under control of Novorossia forces. Another one is Lymanske Airfield but it does not have much capacity.

CIA operatives in Kiev are dead or croaked. Nuland is out of cookies.

CNN headline “Russia is dismembering Ukraine”

7th of March

Several CIA trained “Guerilla” fighters came forward in Novorossia and started to show new authorities where safe houses, cashes of arms, ammunition and equipment. They also identified CIA handlers and other members of “Guerillas”.

The Temporary National Assembly of Novorossia had its first session in Poltava. It was confirmed that a referendum will be held in Novorossia territory on 9th of May. In parallel with referendum polls for delegates for the Constituent Assembly will be held. International community was invited to send observers to the referendum.

The Elected National Constituent Assembly will start work at 8th of July at Poltava.

Another decision is that the International Court for prosecution of War crimes in Ukraine will start work in Mariupol at 29th of August. It will prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity of Ukrainian and International actors. Prosecutors will be from Novorossia and judges will be from countries which suffered similar atrocities from the USA, UK and NATO. (China, Vietnam, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Serbia, Libanon, Palestine etc).

It also asked Russia to help Novorosia protect its borders, its maritime borders as well its air space.

CNN headline “Russia establishes Kangaroo court against West”

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