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On June 26, the crowd of Ukro- fascists orchestrated a march across a small Polish town of Przemysl, chanting “Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, ale musi zginą” (Poland has not yet perished, but should die) and “Sława Ukrainie, sława herojam”  (Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes).  The slogan “Sława Ukrajini, herojam sława!” was officially accepted as a greeting by OUN in 1939 and by OUN-B (banderites) in 1941.

The former is  UPA-UNSO Bandera followers’  slogan ‘glory to the heroes!’, while the later is changed first line of Polish national anthem, which is also the beginning of the anthem of Ukraine. Just replace “Poland” with “Ukraine,” and Polish language with Ukrainian.

This line also serves as the beginning of the offensive Ukrainian song “”Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, ale zginąć musi, jeszcze Polak Ukraińcowi buty czyścić musi” “Poland has not perished yet, but must die, so another Polack will shine Ukrainian’s boots.” Polish guys were chanting, “Stepan Bandera – prostitute of Hitler.

Well, you know, the usual exchange of pleasantries and historical references between two members of the democratic coalition called the European Union.

Since we are talking here about words and slogans,  Words ” Ukraina, Ukrainec” come out in last of 19 century in Galicia. And official name of land ‘Ukraina” in 1918. “Sława Ukrajini” is slogan of Ukrainian nationalists come out 1918-1920 years ( Leaders: S Petlura, R Shuhevich)

If you don’t mind switching between Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English, I recommend you to read an unusually educational exchange of opinions in comments for this video. For instance, when a pro-Bandera commentator suggested that Ukrainians came to Poland in search for “shelter,” someone had replied: “No Ukrainians came to Poland in search for a shelter.. .Those Ukrainians looking for shelter fled to Russia, after beastly banderovci came.”

Do Polski żaden ukrainiec nie przyjechał do schronienie… po schronienie do uciekli ukraińcy do rosji przed banderowską swołoczą.

Some Russian sources reported in next day that Polls recognized a Ukrainian man who tried to chant an offensive song.  Poles also got angry with their own Media coverage  for this event, that glazed over the anti-Polish character of the demonstration.

Some voices came claiming that Ukrainian migrants in Poland were honoring the  Sich Riflemen and Petlura (who was ultimately killed by a Jew whose family his forces murdered during a pogrom), but not Bandera. If the organizers of this march expected sympathy from the locals, they failed. If, on the other hand, they tried to bring out anger and resentment towards Ukrainians in general,  they certainly succeeded.  Lest we forget that fire of hatred between European nations is being lovingly fed and so carefully spread, starting with the deceivingly naive statement, “Why do they hate you so much?” progressing by the means of the marches in memory of war criminals,  and rising to Pentagon level with general Breedlove orchestrating  a NATO military operation in Ukraine.

Assuming anything about “hate” between nations, we have to remember that our opinion of faraway places are shaped by the Media. Media of Ukraine and Poland occupied by NATO is just that: the US State Department talks to Pentagon and CIA over people’s heads.

It might do us less harm if we assume that people of different nations don’t hate each other, as some individuals do for some personal reasons.  Especially  it’s true in relation of the Slavic nations, that are all basically Russians, with some geographical variance, if modern genetic researches have something to say about it.

On May 27th, at a joint press conference of with the Prime Minister of Greece, Putin said that he didn’t know what else to do to break the wall of indifference of Europeans to NATO’s increasing activities on Russia’s borders.  He said

“… with regard to Poland. We will wait for certain actions to be taken in Poland. We are not going to do anything until we see missiles on the neighboring territory. And we have the necessary resources. You saw, the whole world saw our capabilities in terms of medium-range sea and air based missiles. We are not violating anything, but our land-based missile systems have a brilliant record.”

About a year ago, a NATO general from Poland was asked by a journalist why the Polish military was pushing to host the US ballistic missiles in Poland, inviting Russia to strike Poland and wipe it off the face of the earth. He responded, saying allegedly, ” I don’t care, my dentist lives in Brussels.”

If you ask me, it’s class warfare. This NATO general’s reply is of the same category as the German President Gauck saying during an interview:  “The elite are not the problem. The population is the problem.”  Whatever senile, evil, and idiotic Herr Gauck might be, he blurted out what they, the elite, communicate to each other. It’s hard to get rid of this notion that the Western elites are planning a “suicide by cop” for the entire European population, cornering Russia into using force.

In the meantime, to increase the level of anxiety, fear, hatred and chaos, the ruling elites use provocative demonstrations and terror attacks.

Sometimes, you hear Americans or Canadians pontificating about “hatred” between Russians, Polish and Ukrainians, and all the others, and that this mythical “hatred” is the reason why European countries all together want to be in NATO against Russia. I want you to stop them politely and to inform them, that if indeed such a calamity would take place they won’t be able to sit it out safely in the North American woods.  There are things in place that will get them, most definitely. We don’t discriminate, and we are all in it together, right?

NATO Summit in Warsaw is fast approaching, during which NATO will hand an ultimatum to Russia

The Polish defense minister has been already spilling the beans:

  • NATO’s Warsaw summit will stabilize eastern flank: Polish minister
  • Bolster the military alliance’s position in talks with Russia,
  • NATO countries are expected to announce details of plans to station four battalions on a rotating basis in Poland and the Baltic states
  • Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz told reporters in Warsaw: “We are confident that this summit will stabilize the situation both in the east and south. NATO is a defensive alliance. It responds to threats.”
  • the largest NATO summit so far, both in terms of numbers and decisions [and] the breakthrough nature of these decisions. The forces of our allies will finally be in place permanently on the eastern flank.”
  • “The response which will be given on 8 and 9 July will be a sufficient response, an effective response, a response which is an effective deterrent and providing security for our countries and nations.”
  • Prior to this decision, there was no reason to talk. After the decision we can talk about how to maintain peace in the world,” Macierewicz said.
  • He added: “We are counting on these discussions leading to the withdrawal of Russia not only from aggressive steps, but also from the territories that it illegally took from Ukraine.

Multinational battlegroups

  • The NATO battlegroups expected to be stationed in Poland and the Baltic states will be multinational with 800 to 1,000 troops each.
  • Each will be deployed for six to nine months then replaced by a successor so there is no time gap in between.
  • Each of the battlegroups is to be led by a so-called framework nation, which will assume command and provide the bulk of the troops.
  • The US, Britain and Germany have previously declared they will take on such a role, while Canada confirmed on Thursday that it would head one of the four groups.
  • The PAP news agency reported, citing unofficial sources, that the US will command a battlegroup in Poland, Germany will head a battalion in Lithuania, and Britain a group in Estonia.

As you can see, every statement made by the Polish Defense Minister is bizarre, self-delusional, and almost moronic. He sounds like he is absolutely uninformed about anything that President Putin has said in the past six months, and what Russia has done in Syria militarily and elsewhere diplomatically.  It’s almost like it’s not what it seems. It almost like it’s a smoke screen for something else.

On May 11, 2016 in his speech, Antoni Macierewicz, Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland, blamed his government for trying to maintain good relations with Russia, which is not even true.

Report on the state of public affairs and state institutions as of the end of PO-PSL coalition rule (2007-2015), delivered on May 11, 2016 in Parliament (Sejm)

I cannot imagine any minister of defense throwing such horrible accusations at the elected officials. The Parliament is his boss. He is only the hired help.   But he sounds like he is ready for a military revolt, for becoming a fresh Führer of Poland

In some circles, the Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is already referred to as a “president.”

When Germany occupied the Soviet Russia, they used to organize “armies” staffed with local minorities to create  an illusion of popular “uprising” against Russians.

That’s exactly the strategy that Washington employs by scouting the European nations to participate in this  suicidal for them armed mission against Russia and its allies. Keep in mind that the president of China has just announced that Russia and China are on the way to build the most powerful defense union that will dwarf the Western armed forces.

China’s president made a statement that was absolutely unprecedented for a usually reserved Chinese government. Chinese President XI Jinping in his speech on Friday the 1st of July, noted the strategic need for an alliance between Russia and China, which he believes will determine the future world order. President XI also mentioned something about Russia – China and other countries military alliance that might dwarf the power of NATO.

It almost looks like the Chinese president gently tapped NATO on the shoulder before its Warsaw Summit, asking them to calm the hell down.


This week Kerry met Stoltenberg in preparation for the Warsaw Summit. Images surfaced of Jen Stontelberg beaming like a girl. Russians immediately created a theory of his unusual behavior. Why Stoltenberg is so happy? NATO is taking the rule over Europe?

Meanwhile, NATO Military exercises involving 14 countries has began in Ukraine near Lvov on June 27th.  During the drills some NATO countries will share experience with Ukraine, reports the Ukrainian Defense Ministry

To understand who occupies the Western Part of Russia, just look at the list of participants: the United States, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, the UK, Moldova, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.

As you might notice the absence of France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

WE have Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Western parts of Russia occupied by the US with their puppets regimes. That would do anything Washington direct them. That includes Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, all  former Warsaw peace treaty countries which are now occupied by the West in a violation of the post-WWII order.

Now, I believe that Turkey’s plans have changed in regard to Kiev junta. This leaves the US, Belgium, Canada, the UK and Norway as the countries which further drive the occupation of the Western parts of Russia. . It’s worth noting, that the UK’s militarily  participation in the occupation of Ukraine indicates the entire falsity of the so called Brexit.

MORE News in Brief

  • Putin and Xi Jinping to successfully create an alternative world, a new paradigm based on development, based on building infrastructure, railroads, nuclear powers, space programs, collaborating with the BRICS nations, with the SCO nations that have now brought India and Pakistan into the SCO in collaboration with the Eurasian Economic Union that Mr. Putin formed.

July 01, 15:01 The resolution on human rights and arbitrary deprivation of citizenship was adopted at Russia’s initiative at the 32nd session of the UN human rights council in Geneva on June 30.

“The universal support of Russia’s initiative in the UN human rights council allows for hoping that the consolidated position of the international community will bring about a solution to the problem of arbitrary deprivation of citizenship and put an end to violations this phenomenon entails,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“This is of particular importance in the context of mass statelessness in Latvia and Estonia, where hundreds of thousands of Russian speakers, including children, have been denied citizenship for more than two decades,” the Foreign Ministry said. “We hope that Riga and Tallinn will heed the opinion of the human rights council, which backs up the earlier recommendations from international and regional human rights protection mechanisms regarding the need for the elimination citizenshiplessness in these countries.”.

Russians who lived in Latvia for generations are trying to figure out what will become of Latvia and them.



Another interesting bit of information that you won’t see anywhere, but is a sign of things to come for all those European businesses who would want to  use the Silk Road as a way for cheap and fast transfer of goods, is that Kazakhstan, that has just re-united with Russia, upholds Russian sanctions against the EU countries and Ukraine. Starting with July 1st, they won’t be able to transfer their goods though Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh Ministry of investment and development reminded that the time has come. Since the first of July of the current year, it will take much longer for the Ukrainian goods to reach consumers in Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of investments and development (MID) of Kazakhstan:”on July 1, 2016, carriers engaged in international transport from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan must organize the delivery of goods via the following routes: through Georgia, Azerbaijan and across the Caspian sea on Aktau; through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.”

Instead of through Russia directly to Kazakhstan. As a reminder, Kazakhstan is one of the few countries that still buys goods produced in Ukraine. Another reminder, the same route Ukraine will have to start shipping goods to China.


The West and its war on humanity under the pretext of “human rights’

June 27th is the 35 year anniversary of the West orchestrated MKO terror attack on the headhunter of a political party in Iran killing the Head of the judicial system, four ministers and twenty eight members of the Parliament and many representatives of the Iranian intelligentsia.

The terror group of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran or the Mojahedin-e-Khalq MKO or MEK is still comfortably located in Europe, as an “opposition.”


Congratulations with the victory! from Reza Sajjadi, former Ambassador of Iran in Russia

“My dear friends!

I want to congratulate each of you on the fact that Mr. Erdogan has apologized. If it wasn’t for the resistance of the people and government of Russia, Mr. Erdogan would have never apologized for his ill-conceived, foolhardy act, just as he still has not apologized for his policies and crimes in Syria. Once again, history has shown that if people and government are united against the enemy, they will be able to withstand and win.

There is no doubt that the attack wasn’t prepared by Turkey alone – the Americans stand behind all of these. Therefore, the people of Russia defeated not only the Turks, but also the Americans. Thereby Russians have proven to the world, that whoever committed crimes with the support of America (the Great Satan), will be later regret it and be ashamed of their actions.

Let’s pray that as soon as possible, the day comes when, due to the resistance of the people and government of Syria, Mr. Erdogan, the family of al-Saud and the king of Qatar shall feel ashamed and apologize to the Syrians for the crimes committed in their country. However, just an apology for the ongoing genocide in Syria, Yemen and Iraq is not enough. Some heads of state are due to appear before a court of justice.

At the end I will add that we all grieve about what happened in Istanbul. The terrorists who blew up bombs at the international airport Ataturk have no excuse. With people of other countries, Iranians pray for the health of the wounded and the repose of the souls of the dead. But obviously what took place is, alas, the result of short-sighted policy of the Turkish authorities, the result of the support they have given to the terrorists in Syria.”



MH17 International investigative committee is due to arrive to Moscow. The committee seeks to join forces with Russia’s Investigative Committee  in search for real culprits of the crash.  

Quiet nationalization of industries in Donetsk

Explosives specialists from the Donetsk republic that were kidnapped by the NATO special forces from the territory of the republic while they were removing mines and making the territory safe for people.  The work was done with the approval of the OSCE.

On the video that SCU posted online, we can see that the servicemen  bear all the marks of torture. It’s clearly a war crime committed by NATO.  


The Emergencies Ministry workers examined 250 hectares of farmlands and 0,8 hectares of the coastline of the pond located in the area of the mine “Komsomolets Donbassa” (Komsomol member of Donbass) in Kirovskoye.

It should be noted that last week bomb-disposal experts of the Emergencies Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic discovered and defused almost 200 explosive objects on the territory of the state.

While NATO generals are screaming about non-existent “Russian aggressions” their troops are methodically killing, kidnapping and torturing Russian people. It’s not just an offensive song, like in Poland. And it’s not just a ban on transfer of goods.  It’s pre-planned genocide of all persons, who happen to be outside of the Russian jurisdiction, and who happen to speak the Russian language and to be Russian

He, together with another “maidan freedom fighter” Igor Radchenko, is being accused in organizing an illegal armed formation, murders and robberies. Aidar death battalion has served as a driving force behind Maidan revolt and it brought international junta to power.  Aidar was generously financed by the oligarch Kolomoysky. It also allegedly received financing from European and American governments.


As a reminder, a documentary made by the Lugansk People republic news channel about death battalion Aidar ethnic cleansing of the village Novosvetlovka in summer 2014. Aidar militants used artillery against the peaceful village, hand grenades, shoot people on the streets.

SCORCHED EARTH is what’s left of Novosvietlavka”

“The village lays burned, with all its houses and buildings. The aqueduct, the House of Culture, the church, the school. On the ruins of the school, near the carcass of a yellow school bus riddled with bullets, stood the remains of a large sign, with pictures of happy boys and girls under a sign: “These years of school are the most beautiful years.” Words that sound dramatically ironic in this setting. Also the hospital has been reduced to a pile of rubble. Vladimir Nikolai Svarievski, deputy mayor, tries to compose himself, apparently ashamed, though it wasn’t he that was responsible for the devastation. But he gives up the attempt and his eyes fill with tears, his mouth fills with the words of an account of the horror that seems to have no thought of coming to an end. “The militia of the Aidar battalion came through here. Lootings, shootings, mass graves, corpses desecrated.”

However, don’t believe your eyes or the witnesses. Believe instead CIA  and the State Department funded alternative history site Wikipedia, “Novosvitlivka, Luhansk Oblast


Bandera followers never change their colors: black and dark red.

And their methods of ethnic cleansing: murder everyone from babies to old people.

Also, they like to jump up and down and sing

High school students in Ivano-Frankovsk, historical Stanislawow, a capital of Galicia  perform song “We are all Banderovis”


Personally, I think that the Supreme Commander  Stalin was a brilliant strategist, but he made two big mistakes after the war. He agreed to organize Israel, and he absorbed a hotbed of Nazism Galicia to be a part of Ukraine. Stalin saved Galicians from the justifiable Polish wrath.  If Galicia remained a part of Poland, Poland would be pro-Russian now, all Bandera followers would be six feet under, and the Western part of Russia would remain the Western part of Russia.


An opinion poll in Ukraine caused a huge controversy with 51% of responders saying that they want to vote for “separatists’ like  Zakharchenko to be members of the Parliament.

Alexander Zakharchenko is the head of an independent Donetsk People Republic.

71.5% of responders answered “no, because it’s stupid” to the question “will you boycott products of companies that recognize that Crimea is a territory of Russia?

69% of responded answered “no, because it’s useless and it’s hurting Ukraine” to the question “ Do you support the blockade of electric power supply to Crimea?

66.1% refused to have their passports issued in English, rather than Russian language.

When asked about the use of a red poppy flower as a Victory Day symbol, 67,1% answered that a poppy flower is not a symbol for the Victory Day, with 21% saying that they don’t use any symbols to celebrate.

When asked about May 9th, 92% responded that it’s a Victory day of the USSR in the World War II.

Question “Do you support ban on Soviet symbols?” 75.5% said “No, it’s our history.

The poll was conducted by the Ukraine TV channel NewsONE.

The results of this poll have became known instantly across Ukraine and Russia, and even caused Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, to issue a message on his facebook page to Matvey Ganapolsky, an organizer of this poll. His message is absolutely  hilariously funny and impossible to translate.  It is about 10 sentences of despicable obscenities, with  Gerashchenko promising to catch  Ganapolsky and to break his bald head for damages that he had done to “democracy” by publishing people’s opinions.

“Does this mean that 51% in Ukraine will vote for Zakharchenko? Are you out of your mind?” Gerashchenko also offered Ganapolsky to move to “Mordor,” wherever this is.


My guess is that Anton Gerashchenko is a closeted Tolkien fan, which explains his unusual for a man body fat distribution:  visceral, subcutaneous, central, gluteofemoral, and what is generally known as a fathead.

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